February 15, 2006

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There is so much I could talk about with this show!  I could expound upon my appreciation for how the blast was handled.

"Is anyone alive?"  That's what we were all

I could talk about the drama that is going on in so many different corners:  Ryan running, not walking, to blow up Zach and Kendall.  Then there's Dixie skulking around like she doesn't really want to be discovered when we know she does.  There's Babe and JR back and forth with their kindergarten style courtship, "I'm not signing your prenup!"  "Well, I'M not signing YOUR prenup."  "Fine."  "Fine!"  "FINE!"  "Harrumph."  There was Janet, crazy as a shit house rat, trying to keep Amanda away from the impending explosion.  One of the best moments with this one:

This was the one moment in AMC history when you know Erica was actually thinking, "Well holy shit."

Drama, drama, drama, THEN came the deafening (and well presented) explosion that brought the mansion to its foundation and a pile of rubble.  THAT would be plenty to discuss at length, but what we really want to talk about is how everyone was dressed!

You will get the full report (if I was informed correctly), in this weekend's version of Kate's AMC Spoiler Commentary.  I don't even pretend to be a poor man's Kate when it comes to an All My Schmattes commentary (for those who do not know, a schmatte is yiddish - extracted from the polish language - for a ragged old garment).  It is not to be missed.

My comments are just the appetizer.  Hers are the main course.

Damn.  The award for "The bomb
was just NOT good to my fashion
statement" goes to Olivia.  It's sad
when you can't tell if a woman is
wearing an elaborate necklace
or a cervical collar!

Opal was a close runner up, the main
difference being that she looked the
same both before and after she was
blown up.  (hideous)  Is Disney missing
a villainess?

But hey. she's tappin' dat, so who am I to judge?

Finally, Krystal actually looks like a
Carrington... I mean a Chandler.
I could do without the cheap loufa at the
bottom, but overall, she looks chic
and glamorous.  Whoda thought?

Best dressed award goes to Kendall
who made pregnancy looks tres' sessy.

From the waist up, she reeks of elegance
but from the waist down, she looks like
Alice in Wonderland's nightmare.

From fish...

...to fowl (most foul!).  Fish of a feather suck together.  Uproarously vomitous.   (David doesn't
need to go slumming with Julia.  I'll even cook for him!  How about pheasant under

Photo disaster!  Janet looked lovely, but do I see
boob leftovers in the back?  Ick!

Proving that Brooke has gone from
resident vixen to Phoebe Jr.

Anita said, "I'd like a gown in a lovely
toast color and I'd like it to make my
ass look really, really huge."

Poor Lily was so shaken by the blast that she looked like an entirely different
person.  She also has the most unique hair do of sweeps week (a man's
head coming out of the back).  Olivia post-blast was almost a winner.

Only Erica would coordinate her gown to the
color of debris that might fall around her should
an explosion occur.  If you squint, doesn't it look
like she's climbing naked over the wall behind her?

Glad to see Dr Dave still has his maniacal



And for the younger men, what to do (left) and what not to do (right).

Back soon with OLTL and GH commentary!  Don't forget to check in on Kate's column this weekend!


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