March 1, 2007

Loving My GH!

Admittedly, my passion lies with solely GH right now, so in keeping with the EOS motto of “If it’s not fun, it doesn’t get done,” my writing will likely be GHcentric as well.  It’s a shame, truly, because both OLTL and AMC have taken turns holding a golden place in my heart.  Now, it’s a challenge just to watch them and I do so purely out of historical affection; definitely not because anything that is happening catches my interest.  I’ve wrestled with this for a while, but the fact is that I just don’t really have anything to say about the other two that is worth reading.  For that matter, I might not have anything interesting to say about GH that is worth reading, but at least I can have some fun writing it. 

Watching the show come off of sweeps is like afterglow.  It was good while it lasted, but now I’m tired and I want some cornflakes and to go to sleep.  It’s still interesting in that “fulfillment of the story” way, but now it has gone from barreling along at 90mph to something a bit more pedestrian. 

The acting in particular has taken the value of the show through the roof.  The actors really gave it their all this time and I’m re-impressed with all of them.  Even Maxie won my heart for a few minutes in the safe.  She was vulnerable at all the right times, penitent at all the right times, cute and flirty at all the right times and even a little bit smart at all of the right times. 

I am pleased that Georgie and Dillon broke up.  It was a mature and reasonable decision that they reached together and one that was way overdue.  Dillon’s future is fairly obvious since he’s one of LuLu’s Three Wise Men, but I wonder what is in store for Georgie?  Will Professor Pete finally get a story and come into focus with a strong romance? As nearly as I can tell, that’s about her only pickin’s unless she decides to May-December it with Noah Drake (Katrina disappears for a moment, lost in a private thought). 

How many columnists can preach at length about their obsession/affection for the unlikely supercouple of Tracy and Luke?  Add another one to the pile.  There is absolutely no scene that the two of them share that doesn’t leave me with even more appreciation for this dynamic team than I had before. Whoda thunk it? As I look at the other couples in daytime, I’m not even sure that any of them love one another as much as do Luke and Tracy. 

Jane Elliot turned in her usual powerhouse performance in the scenes surrounding Alan’s death.  As soon as Scott Clifton started to screw up his little face into the pretty cry when Tracy told Dillon she loved him, I was gone.  The tears were just flowing.  It was a given that Jason was going to make me cry, but this one was a real kicker. 

Seeing Tracy take so seriously her surprising role of (let’s face it) LuLu’s custodial parent has been an amazing experience.  She has progressed at a very believable pace from reluctant and downright hostile stepmother to lioness protecting her beloved stepcub.  With a chronically absentee father and a (theoretically) absentee mother, LuLu might find her stepmother lacking in warm fuzzies, but I really don’t think she could do any better in terms of dedication.  Around the time of the abortion, something clicked in Tracy that allowed her to pull LuLu into the fold and whether she realizes it or not, that was probably the best thing that could have happened. 

Today made me smile for several reasons.  Sam was hilarious as Jason was explaining his grief and guilt to her.  Her reaction and advice?  “Yeah, well, get over it.”  Identifying that it was what she had to do when she lost Danny and her baby girl does really make the attitude of, “Well move ON, already!” work, especially about 2 minutes after he’s died.  Her explanation to Alexis a couple of scenes later definitely demonstrated that not only does she not know Jason, she doesn’t know much about people in general.  She was working from the perspective of “he doesn’t remember Alan and therefore, shouldn’t really be grieving him” which was a fairly cold and insensitive approach.  Of course, the other side of that is, “Since I LOVED my baby any my brother and got over it, what the frig is your problem??

Since Jason isn't supposed to have emotion and we all know he does, that says that there is a lot more going on in that gorgeous skull that the doctors know.  Without Tony Jones around to sort out the puzzle pieces, it might not be addressed, but could Alan's death be a trigger for memories to return?  Sam is really downplaying what Jason is feeling and if the Quartermaine muffin that's baking in Elizabeth's cup isn't the deal breaker, I'm thinking this might just be.

Carly surprised me today.  Of course, she should be hitting herself in the head with a baseball bat for opening the door babbling about Sonny and sex, but Carly has been making a lot of sense lately and explaining to Jax that she slept with Sonny because she was post-traumatic-stressed and because he stayed away too long without calling was a bit lame.  Was she never informed that Sonny has a long and successful history of coldcocking Jax the Cuckolded when it comes to TheLovesOfTheirLives?  He must have slept with, kissed and felt up Brenda 100 times while she was still with Jax.  For that matter, I think that he was kissing, feeling up and sleeping with Brenda more when she was with Jax than when they were actually a couple!  For THAT matter, I’m thinking that as soon as Brenda became involved with Jax, Sonny didn’t want Brenda because she was The Most Beautiful Girl in Port Charles, not because she was crazy and Lord knows our Sonny loves’em crazy, not because she’s bubbly and passionate, not because her pretty little girlthongs rode up her buttcrack and flew bidden or unbidden out of her precious little low-riding jeans.   No, I think he wanted her because Jax wanted her. 

Jax is the antithesis of Sonny.  It’s not just that Sonny is short and wiry and swarthy while Jax is tall and stacked and blonde and basically the wet dream of the entire Aryan Nation.  Jax is legal.  He’s organized corporate crime, but what he does is perfectly, 100% legal and admired.  Sonny grew up on the streets in poverty while Jax was raised in a life of privilege.  Then there is the unavoidable fact that Jax just can’t seem to stay  away from Sonny’s sloppy seconds.  Even in friends, Jax inadvertently but immediately went after Lois Ashton, Sonny’s pal since childhood.  The competition between these two guys was already at a boiling point long before Sonny and Carly said their first set of “I do’s.” 

Now that Jax has returned from trying to save Jerry from the Russian Mafia, you can bet that he’s going to want to be with Carly.  The gloves will be off and the street fighting will begin.  Why?  Because what’s the fun in just walking away and letting Sonny have her?  Oh no.  This game has just begun (renewed). 

I do feel for Rick Hearst because the best he can be telling himself right now is, ‘Hey, I came back from chaining a pregnant woman to a wall and drugging my own wife!”  He is painted as a man wicked and self-centered enough to rob a mother and baby daughter of what literally might be their last weeks together.  Let’s face it, whether she ultimately licks it or not (and I have wondered if, contract or not, the powers that be are using the cancer as a way to control Nancy Lee Grahn), at this point the known state is that Alexis ain’t doin’ so great.  He attacks her for availing herself of absolutely the only relief available to her and doing so in a responsible way.  He must know that taking Molly will be devastating to Kristina, who is just coming back from suffering a tremendous mental trauma, proving that he has no interest in his stepdaughter’s well being.  I keep trying to imagine that Ric believes he’s doing the right thing for Molly, but I can’t escape the idea that Ric wants what Ric wants and coming out of this divorce with no Sam to bang, no Alexis as a friend and no trophy daughter is definitely not what Ric wants.  He doesn’t want his daughter, he wants to win.  That being the case, I really don’t see Ric coming back from this one and I think a whodunit murder is on its way.  Did he not hear about Alexis on the balcony with the steak knife?  If the wigs she's wearing to hide her hair loss from chemo start to take on a red tint, he might want to get real nice real quick.  I definitely laughed when Alexis started shrieking at Ric to “get out” when Ric was leaving.  Yelling, “GET OUT!!” to someone after they’re out the door doesn’t elevate your badass quotient. 

With Jax now engaged to a married woman, I have to wonder if he will marry Alexis again (hence the walk down memory lane today) to give the illusion of a more stable home. 

Admittedly, Ric had some good points about why Alexis isn’t a particularly distinguished hallmark of motherhood right now.  If a judge who is hearing the custody fight gets a sound account of Ric’s prior history, in the real world, he’d be kicked to the curb.  Well, in the real world, he’d hopefully still be in prison.   Kidnapping isn't taken lightly.

Spinelli, my sweet, fine, young man!  I am amongst the throngs of Spinheads who were irritate as hell by him at first, but now can’t wait for his scenes.  Whether he’s cracking “Stone Cold’s” rocky demeanor or ruffling “The Godfather’s” feathers or worshipping at the altar of “The Blonde One,” that boy just wins my heart.  My hope is that his shtick doesn’t go cold and his value lose momentum with the powers that be.  I think he is a wonderful addition to the cast and I look forward to the prospect of meeting him at the next GH Fan Club Weekend (Debbbiiieeee…are you listening?). 

What makes me the most excited about the GH that is now is that for the first time in a long time, I can’t wait for the next episode!  I even watch the episodes in repeat on SoapNet sometimes.   


It’s a good ol’ world, isn’t it?   How can I NOT love this show?