March 11, 2008

Borrowing from my dear old friend Tracy's now defunct column...

Miscellaneous Thoughts and Shallow Observations.




Krystal, Krystal, Krystal.  Oh honey.  Doesn't she realize that bringing up the time Adam left her suffering and laboring in the floor and step right past her indifferently came after Krystal made a conscious choice to cheat on Adam with Tad and pass off their baby as Adam's for months, allowing him to glow in the excitement of the pregnancy and plan and dream for this wonderful family when it was all built on a lie?  Her lie?  I'd follow Adam's advice if I were here and stay in the here and now rather than venture back to the past.  You just can't pull that stringer out of the ice without all of the fish being attached.


Ryan seems very confident that he has a lot to offer Kendall.  I realize that his memory is shot concerning a few years, but he's met Zach, right?  Zach is the kind of man that makes other men put their hands in the air and say, "Pfft, my bad."  He's the Bill Braski, the Chuck Norris, the Every Woman's Hero of Pine Valley.  Have I made my point?


It's not that Ryan isn't a handsome man, but there is a different kind of confidence about Zach that makes women feel safe.  Plus, I can't get out of my mind the fact that Ryan so selfishly drove his motorcycle off a cliff and allowed Greenlee to believe he was dead when more than anyone, he knew how much she suffered when Leo died right before her eyes.  To fake his death was heartless, cruel and the epitome of selfishness.  I think she let him off easy when he came back, myself. 


Cheers to the continuation of Jesse and Angie's story!  I love that these two are being given the space to tell this story at a comfortable pace rather than rushing to complete it now that the "real" writers are back.


Erica's last night as "a civilian" was exactly as it should be, especially with teasing Jack that she was "packing for prison."  Out of all my seven husbands, I've had the best times with you."  Is there really any soapier line than that?