December 19, 2007

Twelve Days of Christmas; 12 Important Soap Facts




1).  I have informed Eric that should he ever be missing for a month with no sign of life whatsoever manifesting, despite my fervent effort to find him whole and intact, and should, after such effort, some random hot British guy show up to convince me that my beloved husband is, indeed, dead and that I need to face that fact and should, as I am hysterical with grief and despair, said hot guy should start kissing on me, I'm sorry.  I'll just have to accept the fact that I'm a widow who needs to move on with her life as of right then and there.


2).  If I don't have Opal's outfit:



...right here, right now, I'm just going to die an unfulfilled woman.  It is just the coolest thing I think I've ever, ever seen and I must have it.


I simply must.


3).  For reasons I can't explain because I do not feel a particular affinity to either one of them, everything Adam is doing seems to make perfect sense and everything Tad is doing makes him look like a jerk.  I love that because Tad is a jerk to him and JR is a jerk to him, Adam just picks up his information football and goes home.  HA!  THAT's how you get to be a mogul.


4).  Jackson is almost appealing without Erica clinging to him like a barnacle and I am rooting for a Jackson-Julia pairing.




1).  Dammit!  OLTL was just interrupted for a newsflash saying that the family who got themselves lost looking for a Christmas tree has been found with a little hypothermia, but otherwise, OK.  Don't these news assholes know you NEVER interrupt a soap for GOOD news?  Idiot.


2).  If I were Marcie in hiding, I would not make myself look like that.  If I walked into a diner in Paris, Texas and saw Marcie there as is, I'd say, "Why the hell is that waitress in disguise?"  She should go to Macy's and get a make-over so that she looks better instead of worse.  Kathy Brier is really cute, but OLTL always makes Marcie look like a dog.  Now they're really amping it up.


3).  While I can appreciate Natalie taking the opportunity to sleep with moody, grieving, hot John, I think I would also be researching the legalities of sexing up one's uncle.  Given Natalie's track record with love, I would suggest that if we are only looking at a social stigma here, she should promptly get herself sterilized, drag him into that big ol' house by the hair of his head and have groceries delivered for a few years until people forget who he is.  Uncle or not, they aren't as icky as Nash and Jessica.  


4).  Judging from the spoilers, I expected that Talia was just being bitchy when it was reported she was going to go off on Antonio for his reaction to her kissing him.  In actuality, she made perfect sense for ripping him to shreds for knowing that she was crushing on him and not letting her know he wasn't interested, just letting her pine away while he maintained a friendly, promising intimacy with her.  At the very least, he should have stealthily worked into conversation that he is not ready for a relationship, even should the right woman come along.  Now I'm back to thinking he's a dim bulb...a hot bulb, but dim.




1).  How is it possible that dead Emily is even more intolerable than live Emily?  She's so completely Stepford that there's no way in hell she's not a figment of Nikolas' broken brain.  I also find it completely implausible that the Injured Bride has nothing to do with this, despite Tyler Christopher's denial that such is the case.  I think HE just doesn't know.


2).  Wow... Just... wow.  Georgie's death is bringing out an acting caliber from the performers that blows away the acting we saw with Emily's death.  It's either ballsy or stupid to kill off 2 main characters within a month of one another, especially when there is such a dissent between how the two deaths are handled.  From the minute Spinelli started freaking out through Mac's fury through Maxie's breakdown, it has just been spectacular.  It's a bummer that Lindze Letherman has been let go, but since they weren't writing for her anyway, I'm grateful that her exit catalyzed such excellent work!  Another point is that unless she was pretending to not think Cooper was the killer, Georgie's reaction pretty much guarantees that it was not Cooper who killed her.  I'm sooo hoping that it's Nikolas.  That would be some awesome drama!


3).  I am one of the few GH viewers who really appreciated Luke's heart attack scenes.  Having worked in hospitals for years, it's been my experience that his performance carried an eerily accuracy to what I've seen people really look like when they are having a heart attack.  Eyes bugged out, chest clutched and dropping like a rock.  I did not, however, dig on his journey into hell.  That was just stupid. 


4).  OK, I'm in the club.  Consider me duly initiated.  I wait with baited breath for every single one of Attorney Diane Miller's scenes and I think she's the best thing to happen to GH since Steve Burton took off his shirt for the first time.


And that's all I've got to say about that.