March 8, 2006


Direct advice to residents of Pine Valley:

Kendall:  Girl, it's winter, put some clothes on!

Janet:  Honey, I love you, but take a pill.

Babe:  Don't ever turn your back on the crazy person, you dim little thing.

Krystal:  Just kiss him already!!  The gravy train is at the station and you're running the other way!

Trevor:  Give us all some comic relief, thaw your ass out and crawl out of the deep freeze!

Zach:  Stop with the bullshit posturing and marry your woman already! (and give her a sweater, fer chrissakes)

Amanda:  Just give it up and find a new town to haunt, sweetie.

JR:  For the love of God, boy, just shut up!

David:  C'mon over here t'Mama and give us a big ol' kiss.  Now there's a good bad boy.  What?  You've been an extra bad boy?  Mama spank!

Ryan:  There are plenty of fish in the sea.  Please find somewhere else to drop your hook.

Erin and Aidan:  No advice.  You're doing fine, kids.

Tad:  Turn around really fast and tell me who you see!  Surprise!



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