Random Comments on My Soaps 

My husband works from home. When heís in town (which is rare), he needs speedy access to the internet.  I can understand that.  We used to have Bellsouth and though I never had problems staying online, he was often bumped off.  At the time we had Dish Network and I was able to watch my soaps at my leisure.  Usually, I watched it upstairs in my room while working on my endless loads of laundry. 

My husband, being one into technology and all itís glamour, decided we should go with Adelphia cable because weíll have both internet access and cable TV, which is much better than satellite.  My complaintÖno SoapNet.  I lost out on that argument but let me tell you, Iíve not let him forget that!   

I rarely get to watch my soaps when theyíre actually on because Iím either running errands or my kids are here and itís impossible. I do have DVR with Adelphia, but my husband chose to get it on the family room TV, which I rarely watch because itís either in use by my live-in mother or my kids.  By the time I can get access to it, Iím in bed.  Needless to say, I donít get to watch my shows as often as Iíd like.   

With that being said, I have not had much opportunity to watch a complete episode of anything but it is one of my new years resolutions to spend more time mindlessly in front of my TV watching soaps.  That is something I am pretty sure I can follow through on! 

I do have a few comments about the shows and would like to share them.   


I so badly want Jonathan to be really, really nice like he is and then turn away from whomever heís talking to, look straight into the camera and give that wicked Jonathan smirk.  I hope they make him bad again because he was good bad.  Itís not that heís not good good, but I liked him bad.  I donít want him evil bad but just bad.  No more killings and no more abuse, but another version of bad would be fun! 

Iím looking forward to finding out why Dixie stayed away so long.  BUTÖI donít want her and Tad together. Been there, done that.  I actually like him with Di.  Sheís different than anyone heís been with and I think they have good chemistry.  

Could someone please tell Michael Knight to get his haircut?  I think he looks much better with it shorter.  

The relationship between Babe and JR is really going well.  I like the chemistry and the way they can spar when their insecurities come out.  Iíd like to see them really fall back in love and then deal with the issues of another relationship, etc.  The problem with that is theyíll likely have to break up as all soap couples do and I donít want to have to go through all of the drama again.  JR just gets too mean.  I like him much better fighting his feelings and falling in love.   

I wish theyíd hurry up already and give Zach and Kendall more romance!  Theyíre finally together (and sheís not messed it up yet) and I want more!  I finally realized why I like Zach so much.  He is my husband.  Heís tough in business; tells it like it is; goes for what he wants; gives his all when itís important; is loyal; sees the best in those he loves and is great eye candy.  Now, I donít think my husbandís ever been accused of murder but there could be something heís not telling me!  

Maybe itís me, but Iím not seeing the chemistry between Ryan and Julia.  I think itís sort of forced.  I do like Aidan and Erin more now.  Sheís getting a life and Aidanís getting a storyline, so Iím pleased.  

If they do not expand on the relationship of Simone and Ethan I am going to have to write nasty letters to Brian Frons.  She is hilarious and heís the future James Bond, so give them something to do.  Maybe this wedding stuff will work for them.  Likely heís going to be mad at Kendall for actually falling in love with Zach and Ethan will turn into the frog.  Who knows.   

Not that Iím being picky, but Ethan does need a haircut.  Maybe he and Tad could go to Opal's place.  Does she have it anymore? Or they could take a trip to OLTL and have Roxie cut it for them!   

I like Amanda.  Sort of.   I think once they find a true place for the character, sheíll be a good bitch.  And the girl that plays her is drop dead gorgeous.  She could have been the new Greenlee if she wasnít already on the show.  

I recently saw a movie, I think it was ďMust Love DogsĒ but it could have been ďA Lot Like LoveĒ and Josh (that is the producer of New Beginnings, right?) has a three second spot on it.  Exposure is exposure, even if itís three seconds!   


Iíve always liked David Fumero.  I have a friend who grew up near him and actually was Ďintimateí with him so I feel like Iíve got some secret information that endears him to me.  But he is also in desperate need of a haircut.  What is this with the long hair, hanging in the face thing?  Donít these people know the only two guys on soaps who look good with long hair are Lucky from GH and Nash on OLTL?  

Speaking of Nash, I wonder whatís up with this restraining order? Gosh, I sure hope Jess goes away and Tess stays.   Or, if they canít do that (which is likely the case) can we merge them and give Jess more Tess?  I love her with Nash.  I hope the baby isnít Antonioís.  Itís not like heíd spend any time with the kid anyway.  He doesnít with his daughter so what would be different?  

Bree Williamson reminds me of the original Kelly, Gina T(a last name I do not care to butcher so Iíll just use the initial)Öshe looks better as she gets a little older.  I love her hair, I love her skin complexion and I wish I had her figure.  She does a great job as Tess.  She didnít do badly as Jess, it was just a fairly boring character.   

I hope Al, I mean Michael, figures out what Spencer is up to and calls him on it.  Heís certainly got the kahunas to do it.  And can Blair be anymore stupid? Oh, I know Toddís trial starts but Iím not interested in watching it.  Been there, done that. 

Itís going to be interesting when the Dorian/Viki/Clint triangle starts.  These ladies are at their best duking it out.

DukeÖI  say give the guy a new girlfriend.   I love this actor.  I loved him on American Idol enough that he actually got me to pick up the phone and vote for him.  (I do not normally participate in such events.  It takes too long and I lack patience.) But letís face it, there is no chemistry between Duke and Adriana.  Rex has that one sealed and delivered.  The couple light up the screen and even though she looks about 14, it works.  

I love Kellyís hair.  My husband loves her figure.  Iím not that interested in the story sheís involved in right now.  This Kelly isnít anything like the original Kelly and though I realize that, I still miss the original Kelly.   

Kevinís not as snobby as before and almost seems more loyal too so Iíll keep him.  There is a commercial here for some clothing store (I canít remember which) and itís got a bunch of guys wearing shirts with suits and pants and they keep saying, ďTucked or untuckedĒ.  I swear heís in that commercial, but I havenít been able to look closely enough.  If you have any idea what Iím talking about and know if itís him, please let me know.  

I canít decide whom I want Natalie to end up with.  Probably neither of them.  I used to love her with Christian but I canít get past the hair and itís bugging me.  Iíve never been a big fan of John (again, hair is part of the reason) but heís starting to grow on me.  Maybe Al, I mean, Michael.  They have good chemistry and he needs someone! 


I canít wait for Robert to return.  I canít wait for Robert to return.  I canít wait for Robert to return.   

Did you know I canít wait for Robert to return? Seriously, itís going to be exciting, I just know it.  

Courtneyís gone.   Courtneyís recast. Courtneyís dead.   Courtneyís staying.  Courtneyís recurring.  Courtneyís coming back sans victim status.  If she is staying and itís just recurring, they canít do a whole lot with her but if sheís recast, that is a great time to change her.  I guess weíll just have to wait and see.  

Get Lorenzo and Skye together already.  Theyíve established a friendship; they have chemistry; they respect each other and theyíre both great characters that have nothing to do.  Itís not that I donít like Luke and Skye, because I do.  But Tony Gearyís only on the show half the time and that just doesnít work for a solid soap relationship.   

I like Lulu.  She does look like Laura.  Which is surprising considering she was a dark haired child.  

Nikolas also needs a haircut. 

I donít know what I think about Sonny and Emily.  Honestly, I try not to think about it at all.  

Could someone please give Lucky a storyline? The guy can act.  Heís great eye candy.  Grow his hair and give him something to do before we have to get a nununuLucky.  Please.  

Iím looking forward to Manny being bad again.  He scares me when heís bad.  Literally.  

I hope Sam is Robinís sister.  Not sure how that would work out, but I think it would be quite interesting.    

I like Georgie and Dillon but no young love like that should remain happy forever.  They need Lulu in there to create a break up.  A good break up.  Not just a temporary one.  Iíd like to see Dillon hook up with Lulu and Georgie star on ďGood girls gone badĒ. Okay, not really, but I think you get the picture.

The juryís still out on Laura Wright as Carly.  Itís just going to depend on where they take the character.  TB had great chemistry with Ingo and I would have liked them together but I donít have a handle on LW just yet.   

 Have a great week!  


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