January 25, 2006

Why do they build me up just to shoot me down so quickly?  I loved the declaration of love between Zach and Kendall.  It was heartfelt and the fear AM showed seemed pure and real.  Next we see them cuddling; telling each other their dreams; announcing their love to the world and then, BAM!  In walks Ryan (insert nasty names here) and his all-high-and-mighty-self-righteous-I-can-tell-everyone-how-to-live-their-lives-but-I-donít-have-to-listen-to-anyone attitude and suddenly Zachís walking around making mysterious phone calls, making comments about ďembezzlingĒ Kendallís money and working at all hours of the night.  Plus, he never even gets UNDER the covers in Kendallís bed!  I get he wonít sleep with her (was that explained while she was hospitalized and I missed it because I remember having sex during pregnancy).  I get the whole ďSheís having someone elseís babyĒ thing but why do we have to be subjected to another bad guy turned good turned bad again? PFFT.  

Hello? Didnít Terri Ivens have a child recently? Iím pretty sure thereís a child under two years old in her life.  How on Godís earth did she get so skinny?  Watching the other day while she tried to convince Ethan and Ryan to not destroy Kendallís life, wearing that silvery-white, sparkly dress she turned sideways and I lost her on my screen.  She simply disappeared.  I do recall seeing a toothpick floating around.  That may have been her.  How did she do it? Honestly, that just ticks me off.  I wish I had that kind of self-discipline.  

Kate Collins deserves an Emmy.   Iím starting to think she might truly be psycho.  Her expressions are priceless and her quick-witted ability to add comedy to each see amazes me.  Iím starting to wonder if she killed her husband.  Heís never available and recently she mentioned heíd turned rather cold.  In the world of soaps, thatís saying something.  Poor Amanda.  Not only has she been accused of every bad thing happening (her and Jonathan, that is) but now sheís realized her motherís a nutcase and sheíll figure out her Ďfriendí Jamie was playing her to see if she was guilty and itís now likely her fatherís iced somewhere out of state.  I feel for the girl.  The good news is itís likely Jamieís going to decide he really does like her and sheíll be the bad-gone-good Amanda, similar to Greenlee.  

More odds and ends on AMC:

I never knew there was quicksand in NY.   Iím sorry about this, but I still donít like Erica.  I think Julia might have a personality if they keep her with David.  Any David screen time is worth it to me, so Iíll bite.  Iím getting a total kick out of Palmer and his crush on Krystal.  Iíve decided Alexa Havins is not pregnant.  Her New Years Eve dress made me question it, but the rock hard abs on the Ďbeachí changed that idea quickly.  

How come Jacob Young couldnít play Lucky the way heís playing JR? He and Rebecca Herbst might have had some chemistry after all. 

Iíd like to say Iíve been watching OLTL and provide some kind of commentary on the show, but I havenít.  Iím over the Todd trial.  I donít like Spencer.   I like the actor and I think they could do wonders with the character but all he does is walk around all smarmy and creepy and itís boring. The little Iíve seen makes me think Natalie is going to end up with John and I still think Jess should stay Tess.  If they make Nash a bad boy Iím going to be upset. Heís been too fun and sweet to be bad.  His crazy-psycho ex-girlfriend is one to be beckoned with though, so it will be interesting to see where that goes! 

This Friday is the day Tristan Rogers is supposed to be back on GH.  I think I read that somewhere.  If my lovely six-year old son bothers me between 3 PM and 4 PM that day I will become some alien being poised to attack with a box of Saltines, a few strawberries and tons of chocolate to keep him busy. No one messes with my Robert time.  

Iím glad Manny is bad. Heís good bad.  That man scares me.  Iím sure heís a nice guy and I have a tattoo so I have no right to pass judgment, but you gotta wonder what kind of person can get needles poked into him over 99% of his body and not have any built up anger from it.  I know the pain of a tattoo and heís had billions so heís gotta be holding something back!  And mine is tiny.  

Did I mention Robert Scorpio comes back this week?  

The jury is still out for me on Laura Wright.  Iím interested to see what Courtneyís like when she comes back.  And Iím not a ďSoilyĒ fan.  Ew. Thatís like my late twenties neighbor dating my early fifties brother. Yuck.  

The virus is going to be interesting.   GH has a knack for starting storylines about nasty things happening in our worldÖat the wrong time.  Can anyone say Bird Flu?  

Skye and Lorenzo? Sounds great to me.  Itís about time BOTH of these characters had a solid storyline with a mutual attraction instead of a more one-sided thing.  Both actors are extremely talented and have been wasted. Skye needs to stop hanging around high schoolers and start hanging with people her own age.   

Did you know Lucas and Maxie used to date? In real life that is. That showís full of actors coupling.  Never poop in your own backyard.  Thatís what I say.  It sticks when you have to work in it.  

Every so often I canít find the time to really sit and watch the shows.  Actually, most of the time I canít find the time to sit and watch the shows.  I try to get bits and pieces here and there and paste them together based on what I read on EOS and what I read in the magazines while waiting in line at Target.  Iíd like to say I have the time to sit and watch them, or that I tape them and watch them late at night.  But I donít.  And I donít eat bonbons either. I wish I did though.  I hear those are good.  Lately things have been crazy busy; errands seem to pile up; laundry never stops and someone somewhere always needs me for something.  Things for me come last.  And unfortunately Iíve not read a book in weeks nor watched a full soap in that time either.  My New Years Resolution should have been to watch more TV instead of the traditional lose ten pounds.   

Hereís to hoping I get to see what you get to see and that I have enough to say about it to write a column. Have a great week.

 Have a great week!  


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