February 5, 2007

I wasnít looking forward to this whole Ď24 but in 16í thing on General Hospital.  Honestly, I figured it would be the same as the other catastrophic events of sweeps past.  But truth be told, Iím actually enjoying this one and would even go as far as to say Iím impressed.  Of course there are a few things I could do without, but for the most part, I like it.  

In retrospect I donít think it would be all that hard to do a Ď24í type scenario on a soap opera.  If you think about it, the soaps are sort of that way already. Some scenes that should last a few minutes seem to carry on for days, while the rest of the show moves forward.  Soap fans get that and suspend reality for the sake of the story.  It works.  GH in Ď24í isnít that different so I think the level of difficulty for the writers, actors and crew isnít that high.   

I could do without watching the place blow up each day but I get why theyíre doing that.  Precious time is being wasted with it and Iíd rather move forward than be continuously reminded.  What do I like so far?  Mr. Craig was high on my list of interesting characters but Iím starting to lose interest.  Heís starting to annoy me with his little tactics at passing time.  Yes criminals can be psychotic and soulless but heís starting to take it a bit too far and Iíd prefer to see him use his time trying to beat the clock rather than stress out his hostages.  The fact is, we know who gets killed and who doesnít so the suspense isnít there for me.  Maybe back in the days before the internet, but not anymore.  

I like 3.  I feel for 3.  I think 3 may end up killing Maxie or himself if she doesnít shut her pie hole sometime soon.  That girlís voice just grates on my last nerve and I canít imagine being locked in a vault with her for twelve hours.  Sympathy for a criminalÖsomething unfamiliar to me.  I like 3 because heís got personality.  He listens to Maxie, almost appears interested and then slams her with comments that if she had even half a brain, ought to scare the bejesus out of her.  If the mask ever comes off, I hope heís hot.  I donít know if heís going to do anything to hurt Maxie but is it wrong for me to hope he continues to scare her? She needs a good swift kick in the butt and maybe 3ís the one to give it to her.  

I find hope in some of the selfish characters of GH when theyíll help Robin without gloves to protect them.  Carly does the right thing and Iím glad to see that.  Iím not sure I could accept the previous Carlyís helping Robin sans gloves, but this version is different.  This version has more of a heart.   

I also like that Patrick has realized what an idiot heís been just in time to feel the fear of possibly losing Robin.  I feel the need to stick my tongue out at the TV and then say ďNa na nana na!Ē Mature? Maybe not. Satisfying? Definitely.  Patrick is a great character thatís actually had a heart for the past few months but he does need to be taken down a notch or two on his self-righteous stool and this is exactly the situation to do it.  Iím sure this will take their relationship to a new level which means in a few months theyíll break up.  

Lulu, in the face of this tragedy is still a true teenager and thatís refreshing.  One minute sheís all brass and balls and the next sheís bawling on someoneís shoulder.  I imagine thatís what any self involved teenager would do.   

I fail to understand how Emily, who seems to miss a heck of a lot of medical school, can be so proficient in the care of a gun shot wound.  That girl ought to win the ďSmartest woman in the worldĒ award because she is just wicked intelligent.   

Sweet Sam?  Huh?  

Nikolas and Sonny attempting to top each other while bidding for Mr. Craig to do the right thing was funny.  Sonny still feels heís God-like and Nikolas has thought that of himself lately so Iím hopeful the writers take that and the opportunity for Emily-induced tension and create some form of conflict between these two to annoy Mr. Craig.  I doubt itís going to happen since Sonny gets beat up and/or shot but a cat fight or a few bickering moments would be fun to watch.   

All in all, I like the way the story is moving.  I like the scenes with Skye and Alcazar.  I like the fact that I heard something about Alcazar working for the government (does that mean heís actually doing something good or am I confused?).  I like Luke and Scotty interacting again and though Alan has to die, I think the scenes with Edward, Tracy and Monica afterwards might be of good quality.  Iím also interested to see the ramifications his death has on Jason.   

Oh, I cannot wait for Liz to finally tell Jason heís the father of her baby.  This has gone on longer than my sonís been alive and he turns eight this month!  Move on already!  

So far Iím not really able to tell whose eyes weíre using to see these events.  I recall reading weíd have one characters view.  I feel a lean toward Sam but itís not been obvious enough to annoy me yet.  If this turns and focuses more on her I may have to change my opinion of the whole event but so far I am enjoying what Iím seeing.  

Iíll keep watching and so far I havenít even fast forwarded though all scenes Sonny.  Now thatís a good sign!



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