February 9, 2006

Things have been crazy in the world of soaps and in Carolynís World too!  I really cannot stand winter.  Not only is it cold (and yes, we did have snowflakes here in GA recently) but it gets dark so very early. Makes me want to sleep. I find getting out and about to be almost impossible this time of the year. Usually I find things to do like organize my kitchen, re-organize my storage rooms (which Iím in the process of doing as we speak)Öthings that keep me busy and inside at the same time.

The weather here has been tricky and itís really screwing up my winter routine.  Last week it was 70 degrees and yesterday it didnít get past 47.   I started to feel a hint of spring; thought about what I needed to do in the yard and even planned time for it.  Then these big snowflakes hit and there I sat, going through storage containers. 

Add to the crazy weather the crazy schedules and I find myself falling into bed each night exhausted.  The weather messes with my (previously repaired) sinuses, which lend to my exhaustion.  Iíve rarely been awake after 10 PM and itís starting to mess with my routine too.

This is the best time to be watching GH because Robertís back.    Iíve been so excited and actually look forward to turning on the DVR to watch GH at night. The more of Mr. Scorpio I can get, the better.  His scenes have been wonderful to watch.  I canít help but feel like the teenager I was during his first round on GH.  Seeing him takes me back.  I feel like digging out my Izod shirts and my Calvin Klein jeans, sitting on the couch with a box of Nerds and a TAB and walking up to the TV and turning on GH.  Instead, I sit on my couch in my flannel jimmies with a glass of water and a sinus tablet, click the remote and watch GH.  Different, but it still works.

A few years ago at my first GH Fan Luncheon, Debbie Morris surprised everyone with a visit from ďRobertĒ and ďSeanĒ.  Katrina and I both about wet our pants.  The history in those two men tore at my heartstrings more than the rest of the actors there combined. I wanted to jump up and scream ďPick Me! Pick Me!Ē even though there was no picking going on.  Iím sure every single woman there who watched the show during the 80ís couldnít get the smiles off their faces.

Unfortunately, I had a job to do and I didnít get a chance to offer my gratitude and respect in person.  Even embarrassing Ted King couldnít provide the excitement meeting Tristan Rogers could have created.  Iím hopeful Robert Scorpio sticks around for a while.    I canít help but think if the character is still on the canvas in July, TR will show up at the fan event.  If that does happen, I will make sure to get a minute of his time.  Iíll likely not be able to speak (similar to Kathy Hardeman and Steve Burton years ago), but at least I can get up close (and personal?)

Iím not sure where I got this information, but I seem to think since having left GH, TR has been selling real estate, rather successfully in CA.  It truly amazes me that a person can leave a career, start a new one, then jump back into the old one so easilyÖlike heíd never left.  He fell into character so easily I wonder if heís really playing himself instead of a character.  Not that he is a Federal Agent, more that his true personality is as charismatic, energetic and flirtatious, not to mention authoritative and demanding (in a good way).  If heís even remotely like his character, heís just even yummier than I imagined.

In all seriousness, TR has stepped back into Robert Scorpio full throttle, like he never left.  His chemistry with every character heís had scenes with is clear and strong and frankly, he takes over each scene heís in. 

When Robin walked into the file room (which makes no sense, but thatís a whole different column) and realized who was sitting at the computer, both of their faces spoke with more emotion than I pictured.  How fun was that scene? Both actors were superb.  Need I say more?

Iím looking forward to each and every scene Robertís in.  Iím hopeful the fan reception is greater than Rick Springfieldís and itís convincing enough to encourage him to stay longer.  Iím just having so much fun watching GH these days.  And in all honesty, itís fun to see someone on the canvas that doesnít give a hoot about Mr. Be-all-and-end-all-Sonny Corinthos.

Now for a few sporadic comments:

Have I mentioned how much I hate the soap magazines? Theyíre misleading and if I didnít have access to the Internet, I might actually believe what the covers say. ďTamaraís back at her old job!Ē Tell me what you think that means? Sure, if you donít have access to the scoops, it might mean, ďSheís back as CarlyĒ, not, ďSheís back on that Freddie Prinze showĒ.   Teasers stink, whether theyíre women or magazines.

In the recent SOD I read a letter from a fan who stated how much she loves Ethan and Ryan on AMC.  Does this woman not have access to the internet? Perhaps someone should purchase it for her so she can know whatís going to happen before it does.  Iím not one for surprises so reading what I can online comforts me.  I hope she finds out about the various sites devoted to the soaps so she can be prepared.  Sheís going to be one unhappy woman here pretty soon.

Who do you think is the third person thatís going to die on GH? Itís supposed to be a Ďheroineí.   Rumors of NL leaving are rampant, but itís likely not her. Then weíve got NununuCarly, who people seem to have affection for, so itís likely not her either. NLG is tight so Iím thinking itís Courtney. Weíll have to wait and see, but Iím pretty sure itís her.  Weíre losing Edward, who I felt we lost a few years back. Donít get me wrong, I love the actor, but the character isnít nearly who he once was.

Is Jonathan going to be like this forever?

Can Ryan have surgery to reduce the size of his forehead and stop his eyes from bulging out? Iíve watched CM on other things and I truly believe the size of his forehead and his bulging-eye issue is completely character driven.

I hope Simone gets a huge storyline what with the upcoming event and all.

Doesnít Josh look like the Tom Cruise we all remember from ďRisky BusinessĒ?

Do you think if you played dead for many years and then showed up at a mask party with a hand held facemask, someone might recognize you?  Call me crazy, but Iím thinking Iíd be found out pretty damn quick.

Is it too much to hope Tess stays and Jess is the one whoís hidden in the combination?

When was the last time Antonio saw his daughter?

Could Rex be any sexier?

Who else cares that Margaret is still alive? Can we just get the story over with for chrissake? Itís been dragging and dragging and draggingÖ

Skye and Alcazar make me smile.  Itís so nice to see both of them happy and enjoying each other (sans the whole deadly virus thing right now, that is).  Theyíre the next super couple. Iím sure of it.  Both actors are wonderful and their chemistry is amazing. Though I must admit, it truly ticks me off that RC looks like she never had a baby.  Life is just not fair.

Anyway, Iíve got to get back to my boxes.  Storage sorting calls!

 Have a great week!  


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