February 14, 2007

I have always taken Harry Burnís theory on male/female friendships.  You know Harry Burns, right?  Billy Crystal from ďWhen Harry Met SallyĒ.  Yeah, that Harry.  One of his lines was that men and women could never really be friends because no man can really be friendís with a woman he finds attractive.  He wants to have sex with them.  He wants to have sex with women he doesnít find attractive either, or so says Harry.  And I agree. That being said, Iím over Sonny and Carly.   Iím over Jason and Sam.  Iím even getting bored with Jason and Liz and Iím most certainly over Jason and Sonny.  I think itís time the one couple that clearly has chemistry finally hook up.  

Jason and Carly.  

Jason gets into the hotel and prepares to save all of the hostages and whoís the first person to see him?  Not his girlfriend.  Not the woman carrying his child.  Not his sister.   Not even his best friend, with whom his relationship is questionable.  Carly.   Carly sees him first.  Of course I could recognize his eyes through the black ski mask so really, this particular incident doesnít say a whole lot but taking into consideration the fact that no one else noticed him helps justify my theory here.  

Carly knows what Jason feels, when heís feeling it. Jason knows what Carly feels, when she feels it.  They have this psychic connection married couples get from spending time together. They finish each otherís sentences.  They know when the other is lying, scared or feeling something so obvious to them but not to a single other person.  They fight.  Like cats and dogs.  Then they make up and all is forgiven within seconds.  Theyíve had sex and liked it so whatís missing?  

Maybe itís not whatís missing, but whatís getting in the way.  Or whoís getting in the way, that is.   Of course thereís a simple solution to that problem.  After all, most of them are hostages right now and a few bullets strategically placed, quick and painlessly (or painfully, depending on the person being shot) would knock them out of the playing field.   

Okay, okay.  Maybe Iím asking for too much.  I realize that.  The dynamic shifts in General Hospital as a whole would be damaging to most of the storylines if Carly and Jason hooked up.   HmmÖwait a minute.  I think I might be on to something here.  Isnít Guza always claiming ďLives will never be the same.  Couples will be changed forever,Ē when the newest Ďbig eventí is coming?  Maybe a Carly Jason hook up is just the big event GH needs for a major shift in the canvas of GH.  Iíll  give Guza a call later today.   

Iím still impressed with this storyline.  I like that Lucky is in cahoots with his father instead of following the word of the law.   I like that Patrick belted the Mayor and I like that Mac said he would have done the same thing.  Iím sad to see Monica decide Alan is the man for her after all  (after all the years theyíve been together, she should have figured this out by now) even if itís too little too late.  I like that both Tracy and Edward are wearing their hearts on their sleeves.  Iím seeing the past here; when the Qís banned together to support their family when the chips were down.  That saddens me but things change and Iíve moved on.  

My son, the almost eight year old that thinks General Hospital is worst than Okra, cannot stop watching.   Okay, thatís not true.  He stopped watching just now but only because he fell asleep on the couch.  Cut him some slack, he had a late night.  Heís decided Jason is his hero.  The other day he asked me, ďMama, why does Jason always save everybody?Ē  

The kid knows the soap, doesnít he?  

Today Maxie pulled off Threeís mask as he slept.  Slept.  What a criminal, huh?  A cute one at that.  Something about Three reminds me of Lucky.  Or Greg, that is.  Iím exactly sure what it is (not the hair, that much I know) but itís there.   If you figure it out, please let me know.  I actually sort of, almost, just barely can stand Maxie with Three. 

Did I just write that?  

Maybe Three will be saved from death and jail because of Maxie.  Maybe Maxie will actually have a heart and think about someone other than herself for a change.  Okay, think about someoneís betterment, that is. Maybe Three will be the one to actually make Maxie human again.  Who knows.  

Iím surprised Iím enjoying this edition of GHís Ďbig eventí.  I have to say itís the first one in a long time Iíve liked.  And thank God for that because I canít even make it through a full episode of AMC or OLTL lately.  


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