February 24, 2006

Again I have several things to say, yet formulating them all into a column seems some how impossible.  Iíve sat staring at my computer screen for 30 minutes now trying to figure out my first sentence.  Then I realized Katrina wouldnít care what my first sentence was and would simply appreciate the fact that I wrote a sentence in the first place! Today I sent her an email with a family picture and she wrote back saying something very sweet.  I have to be honest, I had never met someone whose choice of words can have such an impact on a person. I canít exactly explain what I mean by that because honestly, youíd have to read some of her personal emails to the EOS writers to understand and Iím not at liberty to share those.  But there is just something in the way she puts her words together that can make you feel wonderful or show you something you didnít see before.  Oh, and she can also say, in the most nicest way, to shove it where the sun donít shine.  And youíd never even realize she was being nasty because it comes out so darn nice.  I, on the other hand, have not been blessed with any tact.  

Oh, that was a Ďtangentí if there ever was one! 

What I had really meant to start writing about was the soaps.  So I best get on with it.  


I hope, with all my might, Dixie feels like total pond scum for abandoning those that love her.  Today while JR was Ďtalkingí to his mother I felt the urge to smack her.  I realize this is a soap but none the less, it still amazes me that someone can be so selfish. Her reason for playing dead had better be a damn good one because itís going to take a lot for her to be redeemed in my eyes.  

Iím completely aggravated theyíve broken up Kendall and Zach so quickly. Couldnít they just have given them a little more time together? I liked what Kendall said to Zach today about making everything like it used to be.  Poor Kendall, she canít catch a break to save her life.  

I really enjoyed the scenes between Simone and Julia when Ethan died.   Julia could completely relate to what Simone was feeling and there is no one else who could connect with her in that way.  I hope they allow them to be friends.   Simone needs someÖand a storyline.   If they play it right, they can really take this character far with the death of EthanÖgive her his estate, which gives her powerÖshe deserves it.   

My husband thinks Amanda is absolutely beautiful.  And heís right.  I think she and Jamie should actually end up together once he realizes what a total jerk he is.  Not without reason, though.  Iím sure she deserved some of the distrust.  Janetís offspring hasnít had an easy time but I have a feeling the character is going to really flourish here soon.  Did you hear her comment on the message to her dad? ďYou havenít gone this long without calling meÖĒ  Iím thinking heís not calling because of all the dirt in his mouth from the makeshift grave Janet likely gave him when she offed him.  No, itís not definite but I bet Iím right!

Letís get the ďHeís my sonĒ storyline over with.  Itís a bit too much for me. And Iím a bit tired of the constant back and forth of Babe and JR. Either hook up or shut up.  Enough already.  

Uh ohÖAdam showed some true emotion to Krystal when he found her on that gurney.  Hopefully weíll see less scam and more reality from these two. I actually like them together.  

Since everyone else has commented on the attire at the Marty Gras, I wonít.  Except I do have to say I agree with each statement regarding Opal. How pitiful.  

I liked the whole explosion event but Iím ready for it to be over.  It just amazes me that all these professionals, the firemenÖthe policeÖthey all step back and let good oleí Tad take over.  And Iím sorry, but the ďDixie?Ē thingÖthinking she was trapped was just a bit much for me.  Not a clever way to start the storyline.  


Iím sorry. Iíve not been watching much.  Iím so completely over Blair and Todd and all their angst I just donít turn it on. I tape it everyday but Iím to the point now where I canít even watch it. I just automatically erase it. Iíd like to see some Nash and Tess but thatís about it.  I did catch a glimpse of them today, where Jess started to come out and Nash kept telling Tess he loved her and she was able to regain control.  It was very ďYour love brought me backĒ and I enjoyed the mushiness of it all.  

Other than that, Iím tired of most of the rest of the show except for Rex. I like Rex.  But honestly, everyone else is just getting on my nerves.  


Well the death of Courtney was Ďblahí.  Not that I expected it to be an amazing scene, but I thought it would at least have a bit more drama to it.  And the concept of Helena kidnapping her was just pathetic.  Like Helena couldnít handle a pregnant Courtney. Right.  

Jax is just a pompous ass. (I know Iíll be getting several emails on this comment!) Come on folks, the guy switches blood tests out of pure selfishness. He has NO right to interfere in his ex-wifeís life or the life of her child.  Who made him God? He doesnít get to dictate the lives of others.  He so resembles his worst enemy!  

Robinís sick. They could go so far with this storyline.  I doubt they will, but they could.  Skye finds out sheís pregnant next week. Iím so excited about this! Ted King has a REAL STORYLINE coming and it DOESNíT INCLUDE CARLY! Enough said.  

Luke and Carly working together is quite interesting. Maybe they really do care about it each other after all.  

Am I the only one who really doesnít give a rats-butt about this Maxie? To me, sheís just not Maxie. Now donít get me wrong, I donít usually take too much issue with recasts because itís just the way of soaps but I just donít feel Ďití with this gal.  I canít really say why, but something is just not right for me.  

Same with Lucas. Somethingís a bit off. Canít pinpoint what it is, but as Randy from American Idol says, ďIím not feeliní it dawg.Ē  

Iím starting to think Dr. Drake Jr.  does have a heart after all.  Guess itís time to give the character some depth, which means heís going to be around for a while.  

Tracy had a heart too. Thankfully that went away quickly.  

Man oh man! Can Holly be anymore nasty? Bitterness is not becoming on her, thatís for sure.  

Rumors are saying Robert Scorpio is likely to stay around for a bit.  Hereís hoping itís true.  

Honestly, I havenít watched much lately.  Which is upsetting because I was so excited about Tristan Rogers coming back.  Itís not that I donít want to watch, itís more the fact that I am so busy running my kids around until 9:00 PM every night that by the time I can sit down to watch the shows, Iím just too tired.  

My husband recently informed me heís heading out of town for nine days straight. Part of that time heíll be skiing and playing golf.  During that time Iíll be running kids to tumbling, cheerleading, chorus practice, doctors appointments and dentist appointments.  Iíll also be doing homework, monthly school Ďfamilyí projects, running my mom to her various appointments, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping.  Iím thinking I got the short end of the deal hereÖIím just sayiní! 

I hope Ďyaíllí have a great week!


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