March 12, 2007

Today Jessica told Nash she chooses Antonio.  His comment as he left her loft was, ďWe were not an accident.  Tess led me to you.  And my love for her was never even close to how much I love you now.Ē 

Personally, I donít buy it.  I think the writers are making more of this relationship than is plausible right now.  Nash was completely devoted to Tess and that kind of devotion doesnít fade this quickly regardless of the circumstances.  Iím sure the whole duo-personality thing plays into the situation, probably making it a bit more understandable that Nash would fall for Jessica but it simply doesnít ring true for me.

Jessica and Nash havenít had much of a relationship, per say.  They have some joint memories of her time as Tess and a few close calls in the sex department but by no means does that make a relationship worthy of Nashís statement.  Mostly they fight and even though itís sexual tension, itís still not a relationship. They havenít had enough time together to have feelings so dramatic.  I havenít had enough time with them to be invested enough to forget about Tess. If I havenít, I canít see how the writers can think they can make me believe Nashís statement.   

Tess and Nash fought her emotional issues and she learned to love with Nash.  Thatís not something to be taken lightly or tossed aside because the storyline dictates something different.  If Nash is going to love Jessica even close to the way he loved Tess, there needs to be something more there than a few sexually frustrating interactions.  

I think the writers need to slow down.   Back up a bit.  Give them more time together before they ruin something that just might work again.  Donít make the same mistake with these two as they did with Marcie and Al/Michael.   I loved Marcie and Al.  I fast forward through Marcie and Michael.  I loved Tess and Nash but if they continue to rush the intensity of their feelings I think theyíre going to lose me.


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