March 29, 2006


I am an adult.  I know that soap operas are not real.  I know I must suspend my version of reality to enjoy soaps.  I know that aliens are not real, even if they did hang out at General Hospital.  I know that more often than not, people do not come back from the dead.  I know that a mere citizen like Tad Martin would not take control of tragic events, such as the recent explosion, over and above trained authorities.  I know there is no machine around that could dig a hole miles under a frequently used building to make a lab, none the less stock it and have people work in it on a regular basis.  All of this, I completely understand to be fiction and therefore, for the most part, I can enjoy it.   But Dixie walking around town with only her hair covered crosses the line.  I cannot pretend on this one.  

I mean, come on! I go to the grocery store and see someone I know.  I go to the orthodontist and see someone else I know.  Pine Valley is not a big town so someone would see her!  She walks out of Zachís office without any disguise whatsoever.  She meanders around the hospital in a surgeonís uniform, with her eyes displayed for all to see.  After all, it is the eyes that make people most recognizable. I just canít suspend reality on this one.  How is it possible this woman can walk around town with little to no disguise and get away with it? Freezing the world I can handle, this I cannot.  

I just wish AMC would get on with it already.   

Am I the only person who actually likes Babe? I donít know when it happened, but one day I realized I actually liked her.  Not her mother though. I still am highly annoyed by that character!  But thereís something about Babe that I like.  Maybe itís the ĎIím smarter than people think I amí thing.  People often think Iím not as smart as I am so maybe that attracts me to her.  Who knows?  Today while at Fusion offering up the concept of in-work daycare and then defending Amanda, I was impressed.   As white trash as she started out, she really has come a long way.  Look what a bit of money does for a gal. Iíd like to see this character become even stronger and gain the respect of the likes of Kendall and such.  After all, she is very Greenlee like, sans the annoying stuff.  Iím looking forward to seeing whatís in store for Babe.  

I knew we wouldnít have happy-go-lucky JR for too long.  I like JR now.  I like that heís sweet and smiles nicely, yet can be threatening (without the yelling) and not seem like an idiot.  He was an idiot before.  Hopefully he wonít be again.  I didnít like idiot JR.  

Boy, Tad and Di are sure rushing into this marriage thing, donít you think? Could it be perhaps because heís going to see Dixie here any minute and realize Di knew she really was alive?  Do you think it will break them up? Gee, letís think about that.  The odds are it will.  But you know what, I think it would be great if he actually stayed with her and didnít start chasing Dixie around again. Serves Dixie right after faking her death and all. 

Speaking of Dixie (again), obviously Dr. Madden performed some sort of surgery on her after the accident and she thought the baby didnít live, but of course she did.  Dixie died what, four years ago? Okay, if thatís true, and she was pregnant when she died, itís likely the girl would be only three years old.  Are there any three-year-old girls on the show right now? I donít think so.  So does that mean weíre going to have the child appear magically, living locally with her adopted parents?  Or will the writers not respect the time line of age and have her be someone on the show already?   Who could that be then? These are the things I ponder late at night when my husbandís snoring and my earplugs are hurting my ears.   

Last night I had a dream.  I was watching General Hospital and a scene with Lucky came on.  But it wasnít Greg Vaughan.  It was some dorky looking guy who had no idea how to act.  Then Elizabeth was there, only she wasnít Becky Herbst.  Oh, and Amy was there, but she was the real Amy, whatever her name is. I was distraught. I turned to my husband, (remember this is a dream), apparently the all-knowing of soaps and asked what was going on.  He said there were massive budget cuts and the network fired everyone and hired acting school students because they were much cheaper.  I was flabbergasted!  Then a scene with Luke came on.  Only it wasnít Tony Geary.  It was the chimp.  

What is happening to my brain!


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