May 4, 2007

I do a lot of searching about the soaps.  There are so many sites with so much information and almost every day I find something new.  Some of them are outdated.  Some hold absolutely no credibility and some make offers that are really hard to refuse.   It concerns me because EOS is a simple, yet worthy place for spoilers, gossip and news and I worry weíre going to become buried beneath the mounds of more progressive sites.

Take a look at some of the sites out there.  These sites are throwing their abilities in the face of EOS, laughing at us.  Itís breaking my heart and I just wish there was something I could do to change this situation.  Make things better for EOS.   

Hereís what Iíve found.

If you have any interest in purchasing a GH, AMC or OLTL spoiler you can do so buy simply shopping on Ebay.


Browse a huge selection now. Find exactly what you want today. 

If youíre interested in winning money, you can do so by checking out this site, all about soap operas. (Not really.)

Soap Opera  

 Test Your Knowledge & Take A Soap Opera Quiz. Win $5,000 Every Hour! 

Hereís where you can purchase any and everything spoiler oriented.  This site will most certainly satisfy your biggest spoiler needs.


Everything to do with Spoilers 

Here you can find all sorts of information (for free, at that) on spoilers.  Not spoilers specifically, but information on spoilers and where to find them.  For free. Cool, huh?

Find Spoilers

Spoilers Multiple Resources. Free Info. 

This site will provide you with all kinds of hospital oriented spoilers.  This site is only for fans of General Hospital.  You know, itís got the whole hospital connection and all.

General Hospital Spoilers

The ultimate guides on General Hospital Spoilers 

Here you can have your spoilers shipped directly to your house.  No need to get on the internet and search for them yourself, theyíll come right to you.  

Spoiler Express Spoilers

Free shipping OEM factory spoilers. Save now on high quality spoilers

The internet provides millions of ways to get your spoiler fix.  Hundreds of sites will ship your spoilers to you, while others will allow you a chance to win your spoilers.  Some will sell them to you for download and even show you how much cash you can save with buying your spoilers from them instead of their competitor. Go for it.  Youíre sure to be satisfied.  If you search extra hard, youíll be able to find the same offers for gossip and news too.  Itís really the most incredible opportunity around.  Wow, what the internet can do! 

So hereís the deal.  Eye on Soaps wonít sell you spoilers.  We wonít ship them to your house and you wonít save any time or money with our spoilers. You wonít win any spoilers from us and though we may test your soap knowledge, youíll get nothing but the satisfaction of playing the game.    

The same goes with our news and gossip.  Weíre not simple, like Ebay.  We donít give our spoilers in express format.  With EOS you get the whole sentence, not just a word or two.  EOS even makes things more complicated by offering commentary with our spoilers.  I realize itís asking a lot, but I hope youíll continue to read our spoilers and suffer through the commentary included.  I ask that you continue to read our gossip and news instead of having it all delivered to your house.  Sure, itís old school.  I get that.  As a matter of fact, Iím continually complaining to Katrina that we need to move with the timesÖget out of this slump weíre in and start delivering our spoilers direct to our readers.  And without shipping costs, just to keep us competitive.  Unfortunately Katrina feels the site is on the right track and no matter what I say I canít get her to send a spoiler to anyone.  Hell, she delivers mail and still wonít do it.  

Just stick with us.  One day weíll be allow you to bid on our spoilers and weíve be able to offer you them fresh and delivered directly to your home.  In the meantime, please be patient and keep reading the old fashioned way.


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