May 16, 2006


A Few Comments on General Hospital

I wonder what actors make for special appearances on TV shows? I ask this because Ms. Finola Hughes has been one busy gal these days. Sheís back on GH, back on Charmed not to mention, ďHow Do I Look?Ē and anything else I obviously donít know about. Regardless, if these things pay well, sheís raking in the bucks these days!

I have to admit, the reunion of Anna and Robert was a blast! Just having Anna back makes a big difference in the whole ďreuniting of the 80ís crowdĒ thing. Somehow, even with the missing Laura, Sean and the ever fashion-conscious Tiffany, having Anna back brings balance. Too bad itís only for a week.

I wondered how GH would deal with the relationship between Anna and Robert this time around. How would they handle the death of Robert and Annaís life in Pine Valley? So far itís only been addressed in a round-about way; Anna apparently lost her memory. Honestly, I canít remember if she came to AMC with a memory loss or not but if not, this is the world of soaps and Iím willing to go with it. Will they mention the fact that since Robert isnít really dead, theyíre still married or is there some sort of ďIf youíve been dead for more than ten years, your marriage is legally overĒ law Iím unaware of. Who knows? It doesnít matter, I just hope the next week is full of Anna and Robert. The chemistry is still hot and having Anna back makes Holly look and act less like Jessica Rabbit.

Today, Anna talked to Robin about the love between she and Robert and Robert agreed. The sparks flew (but none of them caught Robinís shirt on fire) and it made me sad that Finolaís only on for such a short time. The scene was priceless and I know each fan of the couple wiped a tear off their cheek just watching. I know I felt the love!

(One of these girls does not look like the others!)

I like Laura Wright as Carly. I loved Sarah Brown, liked Tamara Braun, saw great potential in Jennifer Bransford and I like Laura Wright. Surprisingly Carly the ďnever can be recastĒ character has had a good flow of recasts. Iím enjoying the strength of Laura Wrightís Carly. Sheís tough and fun and loyal but she isnít weak. I canít find any weakness in this Carly. Sarah Brown played Carly with weakness hidden under the tough gal act. Tamara Braun played the obviously weak type and since Jennifer Bransfordís Carly was nutty as a walnut, which some might consider weak. The current Carly must have learned a lot in the hospital because sheís got strength.

I like Carly with Jax. But really, whatís the rush? Can we take it slow and enjoy the ride, please? Iíve never been a Jax fan but each Carly has always had chemistry with him and Iíd just like to see them take their time.

Iíve read recently that Sonny is starting to slide down the emotional hill from manic to depression on the Bi-Polarism roller coaster. I canít tolerate Sonny and Emily (and not because of the age) so Iíll be honest, Iím fast-forwarding through them, but the brief shots Iíve seen, itís clear the manic phase has started.

A manic phase always brings about a really, really bad depression and I hope they play this out. I wonder though, if playing this is hard for MB? I would think acting depressed would be tough, could bring a person down. My bet is MB submits the coming storyline scenes for the Best Actor Emmy.

I found it interesting that Sonny went to help Jason. Personally, if I were Jason I would have told him to screw off, but thatís just me. And did I miss something? Did Emily quit medical school? She seems to be with Sonny or at his place 24/7 and never at school or the hospital anymore.

Forgive me all of you Georgie and Dillon fans (Dillie? Georgon? Who knows?) but I like Dillon and Lulu together. I like Lulu in general. She interacts with everyone well and has great chemistry with Luke.

I laughed at the fantasy of Max and Carly. During the whole thing Max barely looked at the road and all I could think was ďHeís going to crash!Ē I know if I kept my eyes off the road for more than two seconds Iíd likely whack the car in front of me!

I am completely over the whole Alexis/Jason/Sam is sick thing. I hope, once Sam is well, she lays into Alexis about moving her from the hospital and taking the medical decisions from Jason. I donít want them to bond. We already had the mother daughter reunion with Bobbie and Carly, letís try something different for a change.

Whereís Edward? Johnís back and I havenít had nearly enough.

Off to be mom again! Take care!


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