June 16, 2006


Wow!  I just went online to Talk! Talk! and they have me listed as one of the best online commentaries for GH!  How exciting is that! Thanks Talk! Talk! You just made my day!  Itís so incredibly nice to be appreciated!  

Iíve been surfing through the various GH websites and again, Iím just amazed.  The effort everyone puts into these sites just floors me.  Obviously they have a lot more patience than I do and they can stay up later than me.  I know most of these people have jobs and/or families so itís likely theyíre time devoted to their site is after all the job and family stuff is done.  For me, thatís my bedtime.  I finish my day and collapse in bed exhausted.  If you read any of these sites (including, of course, EOS) really think about what these devoted fans are doing for all of us.  I hope youíll consider contributing to their efforts either financially or with a written kudos because frankly, they deserve it.  It is absolutely selfless of these people to put these sites together, maintain them and financially support them so people like us can learn more about the actors, the scoops and future events.   Now, with that being said, on to some more thoughts on General  HospitalÖ 

If youíve read anything online as of late, youíll see that Justus Ward doesnít have much time left.  Itís too bad, really.   Again, another character that wasnít really given a chance.  Iím starting to think the soap world is required to have a specific amount of ethnicity present for storyline purposes, but only for a specific amount of time.  Once that time frame is met, the characters leave.  And not by their own choice.  Maybe Iím wrong because there are other soaps that have black, Asian and Hispanic characters whoíve been around for some time, but generally speaking,  itís just odd  to me.   

Justus is going to leave in a dramatic way, Iím sure.  I hope the one benefit of this storyline is more Edward.  John Ingle is back but only in bits and pieces.  We get just enough of him to keep us somewhat happy but not enough to be truly satisfying.   I miss the days of Edward and his cranky misbehavings.  I miss his yelling and inappropriate behavior.  Good, fun inappropriate behavior, that is.   

I recently read something about John Ingle.  I donít recall what exactly it was,  but it gave his birthday and I was surprised to see heís the same age as my father.  I donít know why that surprised me.  My father certainly doesnít seem Ďoldí, nor does John Ingle.  I just thought their age would be different because I look at them differently.  Probably itís because one is my father and one is not.  Who knows?  I was just surprised.  

Another potential benefit to the demise of Justus Ward is the opportunity for ďgirls night outĒ to have something other than sex to discuss.  Okay, so thatís not really a reason but Iím looking for the positives from a negative!   

Surprisingly, Jax really did admit Johnís not his son.  Sure, I read the spoilers.  Itís not that I didnít believe them.  Itís more like Iím completely surprised Jax would actually be so selfless since heís usually so selfish.  Maybe weíre going to see a change in the character?  Probably not.  Jax has shown, time and time again that his life and  everyone involved in it is directed solely by him.  Perhaps this is why heís  not had a successful relationship?  Maybe Carly and her truly new found independence will be a positive for Jax.  Iíve always liked Jax and Carly together.  Any of the Carlyís.  What I like best about this time around is this version of Carly isnít so Sonny oriented.  We can actually see a relationship with Jax as a relationship instead of something to pass the time before going back to Sonny.  Ingo has signed on for another year so we should have an interesting storyline coming; whether these two can make it without John to connect them.  Iím also interested to see how Nikolas will play the Carly card.  Will he keep her in Johnís life to honor Courtneyís memory or will he make it a personal goal to oust her for her recent actions?  I say oust.  Carly needs to start paying for her idiotic mistakes.  

Speaking of idioticÖI have to comment on the Bi Polar storyline.  First, let me just get this out of the way.  Iím finally seeing some solid acting from MB.  Not that Iíve not thought he could act, I know he can.  Itís just that now heís actually given something with some real meat instead of the typical Sonny is angry, Sonny is protecting his family, Sonny is in love stories.   

What I donít like about this story is the lack of truism weíre shown.  I know this is a soap.  I keep reminding myself Iíve got to suspend reality but frankly, if theyíre going to give us stories based on something real, they need to make the story about it something close to real.  Make it believable.  This story, for me, is not.   

I have what one might call experience in the world of a Bi Polar person.  Yes, there are different levels of Bi Polarism.  Theyíre often referred to cycles.  Rapid cycling is when someone is manic (over the top happy) and then depressed (below the bottom depressed).  There are slower cycles where the process takes days and even months rather than hours or minutes like a rapid cycler.  Sonny hasnít been either.  One episode heís a rapid cycler and the next heís a slow cycler.  This is not how Bi Polarism works.  Okay,  maybe the absence of true time on a soap leaves this open for interpretation but if you look at each storyline and get an estimate of how time progresses, his story doesnít make sense.  Again, I know weíre talking fiction here but I canít help and pass judgment or feel my expectations havenít been met when theyíre dealing with something real.  If itís alien  Casey establishing a friendship with Robin sure, I can suspend reality.  But when it comes to something true to life thereís got to be something factual.  Iím sure if  I were to talk with MB about this, heíd agree with what Iím saying.  Actually, he probably wouldnít.  Who wants to knock the people giving them a paycheck?   

I have to be honest, Iím a bit disappointed with the return of the infamous Scorpio.  I love Robert.  To me, Tristan Rogers is better than ever.  I enjoy the comical side of the character but I miss the serious, intelligent, ďIím going to save the worldĒ side of him.  I recall reading something about Robert and Jason pairing to put an end to organized crime in Port Charles (which apparently is the home of organized crime).  Iíd like to get this started already!  I think the chemistry between Jason and Robert would be fantastic, especially considering the history of Jason and Robin.  Bring it on!  Just donít do anything to harm Alcazar because if Ted King walks Iím going to be devastated!   

The return of Helena just makes me happy.  I absolutely adore Constance Towers and I cannot wait to see her next month.  My last trip she couldnít attend and the one previous I was too busy to see her.  I will make time for Helena this time.  I will make lots of time for Helena.  There are so many positive things to Constance Towers.  I envy the woman.  Letís face it, sheís older than me.  I just hope when I am her age I am as hot as she is!  My husband looks at her and says, ďDamn!Ē  I want him to do that with me when Iím older!   

There are some exciting things happening on GH lately and Iím looking forward to how these stories are going to pan out.  Lucky is becoming a drug addict.  Nikolas is going to see the darker side again.  This is going to be fun.  I like the tension and drama.  I just wonder if I have to sit through much more  Sonny and  Emily?  

Have a great week!


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