July 7, 2006

GH Fan Event Coming Up!!

Two weeks.  There are just two weeks until I head out to Studio City, CA for the annual General Hospital Fan Club Luncheon.  There are more of us going than the last time I went in 2004.  Iím looking forward to meeting in person the writers for EOS Iíve yet to, officially.  Kathy and I will again be sleeping togetherÖsome things are just too good to pass up!   

Iím only attending two events this time around.  The luncheon itself and the pre-party on Thursday night.  I expect Iíll be running around like a crazy woman helping as I did a few years ago and between you and me, thatís a lot more fun than sitting in a chair and watching people talk.  Not that I donít enjoy sitting, because I know I will once Iíve started running around like a crazy woman!  But it will be much needed rest, well worth the wait.  

My non-soapy friends continue to laugh at me for my dedication and love of all things ABC soaps.  It used to embarrass me and I would often forget to tell people what I was doing or even that I write about the soaps.  Finally, after years of therapy and self acceptance I said, ďScrew it!Ē and now I can say Iím proud to be an ABC soapy!  Okay, thatís a bit over the top but self acceptance is a good thing, right? Actually, I do tell people now, with a small giggle and flushed cheeks.  I shouldnít be embarrassed, but I am.  I donít get it.  They all watch Lost, Desperate Housewives, Greyís Anatomy and all that other primetime crap people wonít define as soaps.  Hello!  They are soaps!  Remember Dallas and Dynasty?  Primetime soaps.  Theyíre the same thing, just on only once a week instead of every day.  Iíve started reminding people of this fact and though theyíve yet to agree out loud, I know in their heads they know Iím right.  I refuse to let them get to me though.  Where else can I be totally opinionated and express myself without judgment and ramifications?  If it werenít for the soaps, Iíd have no Katrina and no Katrina means no EOS which means no self expression so Iím happy to have the soaps in my life.  Iím sure if my friends took a look at the likes of Greg  Vaughan, Ted King and a few other soap men, theyíd become hooked.   

Iím excited to go this year.  The break from the family is much needed and the ego boost I get from helping will be a welcomed emotional plus.  Iím not down or depressed, just anxious to get the school year started again when I can have a bit of peace and quiet in my home and get my life back on schedule.  Summerís always so hectic I find I donít do half the things I want to and thatís tough on someone as anal retentive as  me.  I love my kids but Iím all for the 12 month school year.  I know Iíd get a million things done!  

Iím going to write a wonderful recap of the events this time around.  Iím going to take my time, add a bit of humor, some drama and a few little surprises (if possible).  Iíd like to attack the whole recap differently.  Instead of writing from my point of view, Iíd like to try something different.  Iíve thought of writing from the perspective of an actor on the show.  Not one in particular, just a no named, no faced actor but being a bit on the sarcastic side, it would probably come off a bit crass.  I certainly donít want to offend or upset anyone so I think I might need to find another way.   

As much as I love these events, Iím always nervous to attend.  Not because Iím nervous to meet the actors.  I was initially but now I realize they all sit on the toilet the same way as I do, so why get excited?  Theyíre only human, only doing their jobs.  What makes me nervous really, is the fans.  They really scare me.  Most of them are wonderful and nice and a pleasure to be around.  Then youíve got the few totally devoted fans who call the actors by their characters names and run around the events as if itís their last days on earth.  They cut in line, bump you with their huge fan scrapbooks and are down right rude when it comes to their favorites.  Iím a petite woman and I know if I were to get hit with one of those fan scrapbooks on the top of the head, Iíd be down for the count!  As always, I plan to stay clear of the fans with that special spark in their eyeÖthose are the ones whose books are the heaviest, so theyíre the most dangerous!  

All of the staff has offered our help in whatever way is possible.  Weíll be drink runners, chaperones, ticket takers, list readers, security guards, gophers, you name it.  Weíre all highly trained by former WSB agent Robert Scorpio to handle such a serious event.  Dr. Monica Quartermaine has re-certified all of us in CPR for those fans who have heart attacks at the sight of Sonny or Alcazar. Max has shown us the best body guard techniques he knows and Iíve already been practicing standing straight with my hands clasped together in front of my private area.  I think Iíve got that down.   

Once lunch is completed and the actors are at their assigned tables, weíll be able to use our server skills Bobbie trained us in last week.  I can serve a drink without dropping it, which is a good thing.  Who knows what would happen if I spilled a drink on Jason Morgan! Heíd likely double fist it with a set of rapid fire guns and Iíd be shot down in seconds.  Heíd have to go to jail of course but not until after heíd finished with his fans.  Heís committed like that.  If necessary, Iíd be willing to use my bartending skills taught by the wonderful Coleman.  He and I will likely need to review those skills some time during the eventÖpreferably in a private setting so weíre not disturbed.  Hey, cut me some slack, learning drink ingredients isnít easy!  Geez!   

After the event is finished, Iím hoping Sam and I can hang out and talk about her wardrobe.  The gal has an amazing body but frankly, the choice of clothes of late has left little to the imagination.  If she wants to get Jason back, flaunting it isnít the way to go.  Oh, and I do have to have a quick talk with Lucky about that kiss.  It really wasnít smart!  

Iím very excited to be going, but I still canít help but be scared of those few fans who donít live in the real world and canít remember the characters arenít real, but the actors are!

Have a great week!


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