September 27, 2006

I admit it, I’m a sucker for a guy in love.  Watching JR talk about his pain with Babe, telling her how much he loves her with that look in his eyes?  It takes me back to that one time when I was in band camp.  (I know at least a few of you are laughing right now!)  Okay, so it really doesn’t take me back to anything (I wasn’t in band) but it reminds me of what it’s like to have someone feel that way about you.  You know, what he feels like after he tries to kill you but decides it was a mistake?  Yeah, that kind of feeling.  True love.  

After that I got to see Nash drunker than a skunk (who knew skunks drank?) in bed with Claudia.  Even I imagined she was Tess!  He did the half-lid look with his eyes and I couldn’t help but think, ‘Yeah, he wouldn’t have to say my name. He could call me whatever  he wanted!’ 

Fast forward to Jason protecting Liz today, with concern covering his face (the part I could see, since he always does the ‘Sonny Slant’…head down, slightly tilted up with one side) and today was a winner soap day.  

Watching soap men in love (or at least those who think they’re in love) is fun.  They’re like your boyfriend in high school, romantic, innocent (except for the killing you part, which by the way, my boyfriend in high school did no try) and truly naïve.  Can’t get any more fun than that.   

I remember my senior year in high school (back in 1985, officially the ‘retro’ days now) and my boyfriend that year.  Actually, he was my boyfriend for about two years, but senior year was the start.  It was a long time ago and  though I don’t remember a lot of the details, I remember the feelings.  Nervousness, excitement, anticipation, drama…all the makings of a great soap opera (hint to AMC for Colby’s storyline!).  People may call relationships at that age puppy love or crushes, but I really believe he was my first love.   

Soap men in love don’t last long. Surely not almost two years!  Life gets in the way, usually in the form of an affair.  Thankfully real life (for me, anyway) hasn’t gone down the soap road.  My relationship doesn’t have a lot of drama or nervousness but does occasionally rate high on the excitement and anticipation scale.  Yes, I enjoy good looking men in love on  TV.  Their expressions, the mushiness in their eyes…it’s all good.  They’re fun to watch and those intense emotions remind me of days past. But no matter how hot they are, or how fondly I remember my first love, nothing beats what I share with my husband.  Not even Jacob Young doing his impression of Rob  Lowe in the final scene of About Last Night. 

Have a great week!


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