October 7, 2006

Originally this column started out about Tad Martin.  

(I honestly did not expect the twist on the murder of Greg Madden.  I didn’t think Dixie and Zach pulled it off and felt stuck on who could have killed him.  Typically the person  (or people) accused isn’t actually guilty. Soaps aren’t that original. My hopes centered on Erica, thinking maybe miracles still happen and she’d be permanently sent off to prison.  A good can dream, right? Needless to say, I knew she didn’t do it.    

I’m not a fan of Tad but I don’t dislike him really, either.  He’s just part of the scenery that sometimes annoys and humors me.  I can see why he would want to seek revenge on Dixie…I’d feel the same way if I were in his shoes. But AMC couldn’t make Tad a murderer without a conscience, it would ruin the character.  Instead, they had to make him vengeful yet loving and unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.  

Tad was crushed to learn his daughter hadn’t died.   His whole world had been turned upside down repeatedly in the few months prior to learning Dixie was alive.  Di faked being Dixie, Dixie returns, his daughter’s alive.  This would likely drive anyone to the brink of insanity. But committing murder?  Tad?) 

I don’t know how it happened, but I started thinking about things on General Hospital and I couldn’t suddenly the words starting coming out of my fingertips.  I finally gave up on my Tad issues.  

I’ve always said a soap is a fictional production and I still believe that.  I am completely capable of suspending my version of reality for an hour or so and imagine people do return from the dead.  I have no problem with shows that take ridiculous circumstances and twist them into a story for entertainment purposes whether it’s a daytime soap or a primetime drama.  My problem (one of the many I seem to have these days) isn’t with the true fiction of the soap genre, it’s with the reality based stories and their complete disrespect for the facts.   

Lucky is a drug addict in a drug rehabilitation facility.  No, I’ve never been an addict and I’ve never stayed in any type of rehab facility but I did have a brother with a serious drug problem who practically had a permanent room in drug rehab.  I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I feel confident I’m on target; drug rehab facilities do not have individual rooms where the addict has a personal phone and is welcome to come and go as desired.  There is no way any drug rehab allows visitors open access to an addict’s room.  Rehab facilities are highly structured, with each moment of the resident’s time filled, often several moments with withdrawal but apparently he’s already been there, done that.  Take an alien, fly him to earth and let him pretend to be human.  I’m good with that.   Screw up the basic facts of a real life situation and I am not entertained…I’m annoyed.  

Other things annoy me too.  Take Dillon.  Cute, funny, loyal, with a case of decent morals, albeit a few loose noodles every so often, he’s a great character.  Wait…he was a great character.  I understand he felt the need to grow up fast.  I imagine getting a girl pregnant could shock maturity right into the heart of a child.  I do not think Dillon would go from the person he was to the person he’s become.  Historically speaking he’s gone against most everything the Q’s have stood for.  Yes, characters change.  I understand the process.  I understand it doesn’t have to be realistic and it doesn’t have to be consistent.  It’s entirely possible for Dillon to be one way on Monday and the opposite on Tuesday.  But understanding and enjoying are two separate things.  I do not enjoy Conservative Dillon who looks like a college professor (and by the way, the real college professor doesn’t look at all like any college professors I had!) and talks in monotone. Conservative Dillon is just boring. I hit the fast forward button through his whole conversation with Lulu recently because he was so disappointing. Bring the fun Dillon back.  He wasn’t annoying.  

While we’re on the subject of college professors…I know what this guy (who’s name I’ve yet to catch) is doing.  Reverse psychology.  Something I’m sure 99.99% of college professors practice.  (Not.)  I remember college and most of my professors considered me a number with a notebook and were not remotely interested in my success in their class.   I either passed or failed and that was it.  The story is built on sarcasm and proposed chemistry (“I hate him so much I love him”) that for me, makes what could seem real about the story, well…annoying.  

More things that annoy Carolyn:  

Why does Sonny always get to be the ‘good’ bad guy and Lorenzo the ‘bad’ bad guy? Add it to the list of “Things that Annoy Carolyn”.  

Why does the wardrobe department insist on dressing Laura Wright in shirts that are so incredibly unflattering? The girl is beautiful and T H I N but you’d never know it from watching the show.  

Apparently they hair and make up department got a new Chi straightener…what female didn’t have her hair straightened this week? 

Is Carly the nu-Amy?  


This week is over.  Next week is another week closer to November sweeps so I expect things to continue to heat up.  I hope as they simmer, they burn all off all of the annoying-ness! 

On a side note, I’ve got 35 days of my 30’s left.  I can already feel the age spots forming!

Have a great week!


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