November 28, 2006

The writers of All My Children have proven without a doubt they can turn any storyline on a dime.  Ryan is Emma’s father?  Now is that convenient or what? I personally think it would be amazing to begin to fall in love with someone and come to find he’s actually the father of my child.  Oh, wait.  That sort of already happened to me.  Of course I was pregnant and already in love but those details are minor at best.  And to think, David found this out with a simple click on the hospital computer system.  I wonder what he’d fdnd out if he typed in my name?  

Poor Kendall.  David threw the information on her lap and then leaves town, leaving her with the decision to tell or not to tell.  Spike is supposed to be Ryan’s first born. How dare Emma change that?  Spoiled brat.  Always wants her way.  I imagine we’ll see all kinds of scenes with Ryan and Emma playing or bonding while Kendall watches in the background, steam blowing out her, uh…ears.    

I’m sad to see Brooke leave but at least we’ve seen her.  The writer’s pair her with Jack reminding us of the spark that once was, yet they’ll do nothing with it.  Yes, it would be a story repeat (like that’s never happened before) but I would enjoy watching Brooke and Jack hook up and throw it in Erica’s face.  If we could get her off Jeff, that is.  I’m not a fan of Jack or Erica (they’re just a tad bit annoying) but I do like any story that slams the Queen of Pine Valley.  Doesn’t matter anyway since Brooke’s last airdate is tomorrow.  She’ll probably just quietly go hang with Opal and Palmer.  Goodbye Brooke, you’ll be missed.  

What exactly does Babe think JR means when he spits water in her face?  “I’m going to fight for our marriage.” Blah. Blah. Blah.  I’ve not swam naked in a kiddie pool with the local hottie but I’m pretty sure if my husband spit water in my face I would stop professing my love.  I get that she wants it to work.  I really do.  Unfortunately very few others want the same thing and I happen to be one of the masses of viewers who want the relationship to end.  Now.  Please.   

Oh, and someone please tell Babe her efforts to squelch the recording David dropped off were hideously obvious.  Even Babe is smarter than that.  I’m hopeful once Adam finds out Tad is the father of Krystal’s baby, he’ll boot her and her daughter out the door with a steal toed cowboy boot.  Krystal will run straight to Tad, of course and the love triangle will ensue.  Ew.  Note to Katrina:  this would be something I would fast forward through.   

Things on AMC that make me go hmm…Binks bigger boobs.  A transgender character.  (I do not see the storyline going well.  I see TPTB taking a risk and just missing the target but I could be wrong.)  Adam’s attraction to Krystal.  Why they let VI go.  How many other kids Ryan may have fathered.   Erica’s obvious lack of maturity being tolerated by those around her.   

Spoilers say there’s going to be a holiday serial killer in December.  Budget cuts require the loss of two characters, maybe more.  I’m sad to see Simone go but at least she’ll be with her fiancé now, right? Erin is a different story.  Something about the character doesn’t ring true for me and I’m not all choked up about her leaving.  I’m surprised they didn’t add Brooke to the list of soon dead, but apparently her contract ended too soon.   

That’s all for now! 


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