January 3, 2008

The “Real Greenlee” is coming back.  You know how I know this?  Because of the incredibly tacky and inappropriate commercials displayed constantly throughout All My Children.  Which by the way is currently using the “Fake Greenlee” until the “Real Greenlee” returns.  Personally, I didn’t know there was a real one and a fake one to begin with.  I’m sure Sabine Singh didn’t look at it that way either. 

Nice move ABC Daytime. 

I’ve attempted to write this commentary several times and each time I find I have to stop and re-evaluate what I’m saying.  In my opinion there are just so many things wrong with this decision and the way ABC has handled it that I don’t know where to focus my comments.  Unfortunately I lack the finesse of writers like Katrina who can make a point without sounding angry or bitter.  When I’m bitter it just spews out of my fingertips and lights my laptop on fire.  Maybe that’s why this is my second laptop in a year?  

There are hundreds of Rebecca Budig fans chomping at the bit for the return of their “Real Greenlee”.  Good for them.  I hope they’ll be very happy.  Me?  Not so much.  I have never been a fan of Rebecca Budig and really, I’ve wasn’t a fan of Greenlee until the ‘Fake’ one came along.  I’m not saying I don’t like Rebecca Budig so please don’t get your undies all in a bunch.  She’s a fine actor who played the part well.  It just wasn’t a part I particularly enjoyed and I cannot help but relate the actor to the annoying, whining, self-serving Greenlee she played.  Hey, everyone’s allowed their own judgmental opinion and that’s mine. 

Any time a recast comes onboard, a character changes.  Lucky Spencer from General Hospital is a perfect example of the good, the bad and the worse.  Jonathan Jackson was Lucky.  Jacob Young came on board and they changed the character to fit the actor.  It didn’t work for me.  Then enter the next Lucky, Greg Vaughan.  He is a fine actor but the writers have changed the character so much the Lucky I knew and loved is virtually unrecognizable.   Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, characters change when a recast comes on board.  It’s simply the way it is.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  For me, it worked with Sabine Singh. 

I like Greenlee now.  She has a heart; something I felt was missing with Rebecca Budig in the role.  Greenlee has never had much of a conscience until the Sabine Singh gave her one.  She has played the role of the hurt and jilted Greenlee with appropriate anger and bitterness but infused a sense of longing into it that made me almost sympathize with the character.  I was never able to do that with the “Real Greenlee”. 

I realize the show has suffered some serious damage as of late.  Storylines have bordered on pathetic and ratings have suffered because of it.  Brian Frons doesn’t have tenure with ABC and Disney.  He is not indispensable.  His job could very well be on the line if certain things don’t happen.  Welcome to the real world, Mr. Frons.  I imagine him sitting at home at night with a cigar and a class of good scotch, contemplating ways to improve ratings.  Rosie ended up being a bust so let’s see if Rebecca Budig can improve ABC daytime.   I hope it works out for him, I really do.  I just think it could have been handled differently.  Lord knows it could have been handled better, at least where Sabine Singh is concerned.

Several soap magazines and internet sites have reported that cast members and TPTB have been happy with Sabine Singh as Greenlee.  They’ve been quoted saying she’s done well in the role, made it her own and that she fits right in.  One would think all of that would be taken into consideration when she was fired.  One would think that her firing would have been handled with tact and professionalism instead of well, not. 

One would think. 

Comments have been made as to how the show fired Singh, saying it came out of nowhere for the actress and that even though she was upset she handled herself in a professional manner.  I don’t know exactly what happened or what the true facts are, but I have to believe that most actors would not burn a bridge for the simple reason that they need to find another job.  With that being said, I’d like to think that Singh did handle herself accordingly and that ABC in fact, did not.  Why do I think this? 

Have you seen the commercials? 

The whole “Real Greenlee” spin being played while the “Fake Greenlee” is still on the show reeks of inappropriateness and inconsideration.  It’s rude and insensitive and it lacks good taste.  It reminds me of middle school when two best friends would fight and one would find a new best friend to shove in the formers face.  Tacky and hurtful.  Way to go, ABC. 

The character of Greenlee is going to change again.  She’ll be back to the self-serving and snotty character so many people love and love to hate.  People are actually looking forward to that.  I however will likely use the FF button on my DVR.  Unfortunately this is something I’ve started doing more often with All My Children.   ABC may think they’re doing the right thing by bringing back the “Real Greenlee” but for those of us who actually like the “Fake” one, we see things differently. 


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