December 4, 2007

No longer writing the news and gossip column has been somewhat painful for me but admittedly, I donít miss the stress.  I miss being able to get decent gossip and information ahead of time (albeit, some of it a bunch of crap) and I miss having the ability to say what I think (even though it tends to piss people off).  With that being said, I have to decided to toss out a commentary column with a pinch of already known spoilers and gossip about what does and doesnít interest me on the shows right now.

All My Children

(I havenít been able to write anything on this show because Kate does such a wonderful job of covering it and really, I canít top her commentary but Iím going to add my two cents just because)

First and foremost I have to congratulate Jack on his decision to dump Erica.  Yes, I know there are those that love her and appreciate the character for what she is; a self-centered, egotistical, annoying pain in the ass.  But then thereís the people like me, the ones that canít stand her.  Sheís so over the top about everything and since my last nerve has been used up by my almost 16 year old, I just have no space left for Erica Kane or whatever last name it is she goes by now. 

It was time for Jack to dump her, really, it was.  Thereís an unwritten rule in relationships that says if there are children from previous relationships, you cannot in any way, shape or form talk shit about them repeatedly.  Once or twice, sure.  Daily, during virtually every conversation?  Nope.  Really, itís in the contract.  Google it.  And if you canít talk trash about them, you sure as hell canít try to have them arrested and committed to a psych hospital.  Iím thinking those are just big no-noís in all worlds, including the soap world.   Jack did the right thing.  Good for you buddy.

Speaking of Jack, Iím liking the slow but steady walk he seems to be taking to Julia.  I recall knowing something about Tad and Julia hooking up and maybe thatís still an option, but I like how Julia listens to and supports Jack.  I bet he likes it too; itís got to be something new to him.  If this is a couple of the future it will be interesting to see how Erica responds to them.  If itís just a chemistry test, so be it.  Iíll take anything over too much of Erica on my screen. Maybe not much more of Greenlee and Zach trapped in a bomb shelter, but some of the other stuff isnít too bad. 

I have completely enjoyed Adam and his attempts at being a better man.  Adam with a heart is always so great and I a pure joy to watch.  I can do without the whole ďKrystalĒ part of the story, but Adam is certainly worth watching. 

I am still shocked at the difference between Ava and Lily.  It truly amazes me that the characters are played by the same person.  For years Iíve associated the personality of Lily with the actor and now my heads totally screwed up.  Good for Levin Rambin.  She deserves an Emmy.  I donít particularly like Ava, but I know when to appreciate great acting.

One Life To Live

I really am not enjoying anything about this show right now.  I fast forward through anything with Marcie in it (unless Davidís in the scene, then I suffer through the Marcie parts).  I fast forward through anything with Sarah, Antonio, Todd, Blair, the newbies, John, Jared, Natalie and sadly, Dorian in it too, unless of course itís Dorian and David Clint.  Those scenes Iíll watch.  Iím also cautiously optimistic about Clint and Nora, though I think itís kind of odd with the whole, ďMy brotherís ex-wifeĒ thing going on.  Really, for a soap that has generally had a decent storyline or two at most of the time, I find it to be incredibly boring.  If they drag out the Marcie/Todd story much longer I will have to consider shooting a big hole in our brand new flat panel TV.  And that would really piss off my husband.  Not to mention my kids.  My son would be devastated if he couldnít watch Sponge Bob on the big screen.  HmmÖshooting the TV doesnít sound so bad after all! Question: Does someone actually think this is a GOOD picture?

Things I miss about OLTL:

1. When Jessica wasnít just a caricature of herself

2. Same goes for Nash

3. Nora and Lindsay 

General Hospital 

Where to start with this one? Iím interested to see what happens with the Emily storyline.  Iím disgusted with the fact that theyíre killing off Georgie and likely making Cooper the killer.  That really ticks me off because I like these characters.  I am not a Trevor fan and frankly, no matter how good of an actor he may be, something about him just gives me the heebie-jeebies.  I have had enough Lucky to last me a life time and wouldnít be sad if he tipped the scale of his addiction and had to go to rehab for an unspecified amount of time.  I like Liz and Jason and wish theyíd hurry up and make a real decision about their relationship.  I donít like Jerry and Alexis and wonder if they ever resolved her cancer and I missed the episode or sheís just cured?  Robin needs to give Dr. Drake a chance to grow up and he needs to realize once you want to be a mother, that feeling really doesnít go awayÖit kind of sits there and grows and festers until you finally do something about it. But in his defense, heís really, really hot so she ought to just give him another chance.   Speaking of growing up, are we to expect Kate to start acting like an adult any time soon?  Kudos to Jax for his incredible patience with her Ďfly by the seat of her pantsí at every whim wife, Carly. Speaking of Carly, please God, can someone talk to the wardrobe department and give Laura Wright a more flattering wardrobe?  She is so incredibly cute and has such a great figure but youíd never know it with the potato sacks they stick her in.  She looks 30 lbs heavier than she is.  If I were her, Iíd be on strike until they got me better clothes.  And one more thing, rumor has it Sarah Brown is coming back to GH.  Iím sure itís not to replace LW, because frankly, she owns the role now and who Carly is now is not the character SB once played so whatís she coming back to do?  This will be interesting. I love Luke and Tracy but canít help and hope that GF comes back as Laura. Sheíll always hold a special place in my heart. Spoilers say Monica sees something in the hospital that freaks her out and my guess is this bride bears a strong resemblance to Emily.  I donít have any information to substantiate that theory, but I bet Iím at least close to correct.   

Wow.  What a ramble that was, huh?   

I feel better, thanks.   


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