December 12, 2005 - AMC

Kendall and Zach.  Shoot me, but JR and Babe.  All things Aiden.  Simone and Ethan.  Palmer.  Jonathan.  These are a few of my favorite things.   

Zach rescuing Kendall from the hammock, then basically just walking away. Simone holding it together during the Fusion party and Babes announcement.  JR and Kendall clashing at her house, zipping one-liners back and forth. These are a few of my favorite things.  

Babe catapulting the lamp at JR.  JRís quick step to the side and duck move.  Adam scamming Krystal and giving it right back to him.  David threatening Amanda.  These are a few of my favorite things.  

When the dog bitesÖwhen the bee stingsÖwhen Iím feeling sadÖoh, sorry. Got carried away.  

I know, I know.  Sage is not happy with the likes of AMC as of late.  But I cannot let Sage and his opinions determine what I like or donít like.  Iíve got to establish my independence from the Great Sage and branch out on my ownÖthink for myself.  And I think I really like AMC.  Or most of it that is.   

The other day the EOS staff traded emails about JR.  Iím not sure who started it or what exactly was said, but the general consensus was that weíre starting to think that Jacob Young might have some acting skills after all.  I personally think he finally got his ears tested, was given hearing aids and no longer has to yell to hear himself.  Or maybe heís had it in him all along and now itís just clicked.  I donít know what it is but I am really enjoying the new and improved version of JR.   

I like him with Babe. I like that his expressions change now. Heís not always got the ďIím yelling at youĒ look on his face.   He might even be feeling some sort of emotions because I swear I saw the look of angst on his face the other day when he and Babe were wrestling on her bed.  I havenít fast-forwarded past JR in a few weeks now and thatís pretty amazing.  

At first I thought it was the storyline, but I donít think it is.  Yes, I like the way the story is going.  Iím a sucker for romance and the slow, mutual acquisition of feelings between these two is fun to watch.  Where was this chemistry the first time around? Oh, thatís right.  Jacob Young couldnít hear and he was too busy yelling to work at chemistry.   

I fast-forward through anything Ryan, unless Kendall or Zach are on my screen too.  I like to see Zach give it to Mr. Sanctimonious.  Actually, I like to see anyone give it to Mr. Sanctimonious, except Jack.  He might just be even more sanctimonious than Ryan.  

I really, really, really like Zach and Kendall.  I was not a Zach fan in the beginning.  But the almost pairing of these two gives him a chance to be a character instead of whatever it was when he appeared.  Thornston Kaye is a wonderful actor with a natural sense of mystery (or heís just simply stuck up, one or the other) and his talents were wasted during the Maria story.  And there was just no chemistry between them, which made them entirely no fun to watch. But when he finally told Kendall he loved her I saw more emotion come from the character than I ever did with Maria (or any of their flashbacks).

I hope this story takes its time.  Theyíre going away together to get divorced (only in a soap) and of course heís going to turn on the charm.  Since we already know they both love each other, itís going to be fun to watch them figure out the others true feelings.  I still think theyíre a super couple in the making.  Then again, I thought that about Nikolas and Emily on GH and they just became super annoying couple so you never know what the writers have in store for us.  

Iím really looking forward to the new dynamic of Fusion.  I hope that Kendall and Babe become the new Greenlee and Kendall, sans the annoying Greenlee-like personality.  These two have a sensitive history.  Babe messed with Kendallís blood and thatís call for an execution.  The day-to-day activities are going to be flamingly tense and that makes for good soap.   

The other element of Fusion Iím excited about is Simoneís new ownership.   How cool was it for Ethan to give her his stock? They need to expand on this couple more.  Theyíre fun.  And Simone is a greatly underused character with a sense of humor to die for.  Sheís going to add fire to the whole mix.  I laughed out loud when she started relating Fusion numbers to her previous boyfriends!   

Iím not a big fan of Krystal but I do enjoy her getting a one-up on Adam.  Collectively these two are a hoot.  Keeping it all in the family with JR and Babe soon to be hitting the sheets and Adam and Krystal the same, little A is going to think itís almost incestuous! 

Who do you think is screwing with all of the people in Pine Valley? Hanging Kendall from a hammock?  Prepping David for surgery?  The obvious set ups make it clear that itís neither Amanda nor Jonathan, so who could it be? I havenít read any spoilers or rumors to keep the suspense alive so itís really going to be fun to figure it out on my own.  

Iím really enjoying the fact that Greenlee is gone.  Hopefully weíll have less of Ryan now, but thatís doubtful.  Perhaps we can quickly get through the Erica storyline because fast-forwarding through both of these characters stories is giving me carpel tunnel. Just give me more airtime for a few of my favorite things and Iíll be happy as a clam.  

Have a great week!  


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