December 15, 2006

Tidbits on the Three 


Let me first just say both Simone and Erin look hot dead.  I hope when Iím dead, I can look hot too so all of my ex-boyfriends who come to pay their respects can look at me and say, ďDamn. Sheís even hot dead. Wish I hadnít blown it with her!Ē   

Today while Green-Annie-lee was sucking up to Ryan I almost said verbatim the words from Ryanís mouth.   Green-Annie-lee told him to mourn his sisterís death and Ryan said he didnít deserve to.  Here we go again; another Ryan-martyr fest.  I will make a point to fast-forward through his scenes.  

Anyone else notice Kendall actually smiling at Babe? I love how they hate each other then suddenly theyíre united for Fusion.  Definitely a soap because the real world doesnít work anything like that.  

Zarf is going to be a very pretty gal, donít you think?  

I foresee Binks and Babe being buddies again.  (say that five times fast, see what happens).  Binks told her she tries to hate her but canít and all that other yada, yada, yada and you know where itís heading.  Babeís going to have her best friend back and soon her husband and her life will be all peachy-keen again.  How wonderful for her.  

Personally, if I were having trouble with my marriage, the last thing I would do would be take care of my ex-husband (or in my case, ex-boyfriend since Iíve only been married this one time).  Is there any chance in Hell Erica will ever realize how incredibly stupid she is? Probably not.  


ďWhatís your type?Ē  Jessica did not really ask Nash that.  Um, his first response should have been, ďWell, duh! Tess.  What else?Ē Itís certainly not Layla or whatever her name is.  She is so unimportant to me I donít even care to remember her.  

I was shocked at Toddís growth. He actually told Blair what heís doing to Spencer.  The man is growing. He should be proud.  Oh, but wait. Then he went and lied to Evangeline and his maturity level dropped a few notches back.  Go figure.  By the way, every time I say ďEvangelineĒ I think of Matthew Sweet.  Anyone know what Iím talking about? Just a little music quiz for ya! 

Ding dong Kellyís gone!  Itís time to party! 

Can we just get Clint and Viki back together already? I like nu-Clint.  Heís cute.  


Sonny and Carly #4.  Thanks but Iíll pass.  Yeah, Laura Wrightís great but itís time to move on and past the Carly and Sonny stuff.  Didnít she go through a nervous break down and serious therapy because of this guy? Well, apparently it didnít work because sheís likely going to end up back with him.   

Is Tristan Rogerís year contract up? Sure seems like it.  Wasnít he supposed to attack the mob force on in town with the help of  Jason, who was apparently going  to become a good guy? What happened to that storyline? Oh, right.  They canít make Robert do anything serious like he did in his first run because then they might have to use him more  and that would simply be tragic.  

Itís nice to see Laura Wright is getting to wear clothes that donít make her look like she weighs 200 lbs more than she does. The girl is thin.  Not Tamara Braun stick thin but thin and youíd never know it by the potato sacks they make her wear.  Carly is clearly a candidate for ďWhat Not To WearĒ .  (The show I happen to aspire to be on.  Please submit me!  Please!) 

Sam and Alexis need to take a long walk off a short pier.  Thereís plenty of them in Port Chuck so it really shouldnít be that hard.  

Iím interested in seeing the Georgie/Pete thing.  Either Georgie is going to leave or theyíre going to break up the high school sweethearts and stick her with Pete.  Originally I thought Pete and Lulu would hook up but it would be much more interesting to see Georgie take on a  new challenge.  Maybe sheíll even get him to wash his hair.  Miracles can happen, right?  

I still say  Ric is not long for this world.  Rumor has it  Ted King is looking to leave but that rumor goes around about every six months so who knows.  I think since thereís going to be some big event in 2007, itís either Rics or Alkies murder.  I love TK but his character is wasted and Iíd understand if he left. Besides, Iíve not talked to him since the first event when I asked him if it really does look bigger when itís shaved. Not that heíd ever remember that, but I do and  I hit my embarrassment max so Iím done talking to him. Now, sit me down  next to Tristan Rogers and I bet I would have a hard time shutting up.  No wait.  I meant drooling.   

I am off on a seven day cruise  with the family tomorrow so I wonít get the chance to write any smart-aleck spoiler comments for two whole weekends.  Iím bummed about that but Iím looking forward to lounging at the pool on the boat and  soaking in the 80 degree sun rays.  Hope everyone has a great holiday and stays safe!  Thanks for all of the wonderful emails! You make me feel special!   

Happy Holidays!


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