August 15, 2006

Someone shoot me now, please.  Put me out of the misery they call ďColby ChandlerĒ.  


Now Iím not one to talk negatively about an actorÖ(most of the time)Öa character, yes.  Characters I can throw jabs and punches at without any guilt.  Actors, not so much.  Motherís guilt with a twist.  But this is different.  I donít know this Ambyr Childers as an actor (sorry, never  saw Dickie Roberts:  Former Child  Star) and at this point, I donít really care to know her either.  Yes, she resembles Julia Stiles with a hint of Reece Witherspoon after a long bout with a bottle of Jim Beam but thatís about all sheís got going for her right about now.  

Her storyline as Colby Chandler; the in your face bitch who, in the next few episodes will begin to Ďcompeteí with the maid for the affections of the local teen stud is far below my ability to care.  Summerís over,  why start this teen-focused story now?  Havenít some of us already had enough of the teenage drama in our own homes?  I know I have.  Even if I hadnít, I did in high school and I really have no interest in reliving any of it in any way, shape or form.  

Sage is right.  It appears TPTB are making a shoddy effort to imitate the ďLuke & LuluĒ relationship on General Hospital but itís not working.  David Canary (who by the way, looks damn good for just barely 68 years old!) is a fantabulous actor and should be able to make any actor with limited abilities shine.  (Iíd give examples here, but that would be rude).  Unfortunately his efforts with Ms. Childers are in vain.  She just canít act.  Her facial expressions leave me thinking,  ďCanít you do better?Ē.   Her voice simply annoys me.  I canít say it any other way.  I just donít like the character and am not thrilled with the actor either.  

There are always going to be characters I donít like.  I accept that.  But when a character has so much potential because of historic storyline and they bring an actor who just ruins it, I become frustrated.   Itís a waste.  Colby could really push the limits being the genetic creation of both Liza and Adam.   Think of the possibilities and then think of what we gotÖitís just not right.   

Iím hoping, and I know this sounds crazy so forgive meÖIím hoping we see a new Colby soon and if she doesnít work, the character goes back to live with her mother.


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