September 4, 2006 


Here we go again with the Kendall and Ryan thing.  Which only leads me to believe weíre also getting a Dixie and Zach pairing too.  Iím not sure I like that idea.  No, I donít want Tad and Dixie together again.  The truth is, I like a little variety in my couplings.  Enough of the same old stuffÖgive me something new and different.  Nothing against the die hard fans of certain couples but isnít the idea of a soap supposed to be the drama of love and life?  How many couples do you know who actually break up and make up repeatedly? Okay, donít answer that.  

Is it me or does this Annie chick bare a striking resemblance to Ryanís most previous wife?  

Is anyone going to agree with me about Josh looking a lot like Tom Cruise or am I the only one who sees it.  

Is the whole goal of this Lily and  Jonathan break up specifically designed to make Jack look like a bigger ass? Because if so, itís totally working.  A man who once was totally devoted to the love of his life, finding that fine balance between her crisis of the day and his own family has now become an over-protective, obnoxious and selfish jerk.   I donít like Erica but recently found myself rooting for her when she called Jack on his current lack of giving a shit about her life.  If I start to feel empathy toward  Erica Kane, somethingís not right.   

Explain to me how it is that Fusion can be even remotely successful.   

I have to admit, I really like the pairing of Babe and Kendall.  The two have a lot in common, yet are very different personalities.  I can see them becoming best friends without even realizing itís happened.  Kendall needs a friend and even though her sister is coming back (apparently thereís a lot of competition in Los  Angeles, huh?) itís always better to have a best friend outside of the family.  

Speaking of Binksí returnÖwhy? Iím just asking!  

Ever notice how when a couple gets divorced in real life, the woman usually looks great and the man seems to look worse for the wear?  Thereís one particular actor on AMC going through a divorce that needs to take better care of himself now that heís on the market.  

Now that itís more than obvious Babe and Josh are going to hook up, what does that mean for JR? Will we see the drinking and murderous attempts again or will he deal with it all nice like?  I like nice JR but I think there needs to be a bit of nasty JR too just to balance things out.  

I still donít like Colby. And apparently no one else does either.  


How great to see Blair give it to Spencer!  

And  I have to agree with Sage, isnít Bree Williamson doing a great job with the mixed character scenes?  One second sheís Jess then the next sheís Tess.  I love it.  When she winked at Nash the other day  I smiled.  Great effect.  My  heartís going to break when Nash realizes Tess is gone.  Actually, my heartís breaking already because Tess is gone.  I  really liked the character and it just goes to show itís often not the actor but the character that makes an actor look bad.  No worries though, weíll have  parts of Tess in Jess so hopefully itíll be the fun parts and weíll have a new  Jess.  Plus, we all know whatís going to happen.  Jess will have all of Tessís memories and theyíll flood her and soon enough sheíll be unable to stop thinking about Nash (who can?) and theyíll hook up.  Antonio will  go all nuts on us and be  Angry Antonio again and all will be right with the world.  Okay, only  if Antonio leaves PA, but one can dream, right?  

I still think Trevor St.  John is hot. I like the longer hair much better though.  Whatís up with that? Iím suddenly going for longer hair on men.  (Because I go for so many men, being married and all).  Iíve even been forcing my husband to grow his hair longer. Withholding sex sure has a lot of power!  

I do not see or feel any chemistry between Evangeline and Christian.  And every time I say her name, it reminds me of Matthew Sweet. (If you get that connection, Iím very proud of you!)  

Natalie failed her CSI exam.  Whoda thunk? 

The whole Adrianaís been kidnapped thing is getting O-L-D!  Speed it up folks, speed it up!  

Asaís coming back and Iím thrilled.  I hope PC is okay.    Personally, if I were him and I read what Nancy L. Grahn said about not wanting to shave her head and such,  Iíd have flown to CA and spit on her bad foil job.  Tact is not her middle name. 

Okay, come on, I know Iím going to get blasted with emails for that but letís be honest hereÖhow many people in the US currently have or have loved ones who have cancer?  And what are the odds that at least half of them watch ABC soaps and read the mags?  Think about it people, what she said was not even CLOSE  to appropriate.   If youíre a fan, thatís greatÖwrite her a letter and tell her to shut the F&%! Up.   

I have decided that Blair is running a close second for Biggest  Boobs on the show.  Ainít it obvious whoís in first place?  (or is it first and second with Blair in a close third and fourth?)   

Please God, make someone comb Rexís hair. Please. Weíre not watching the Brady Bunch are we?  


I thought Tristan Rogers signed on for a year?  

Lulu is pregnant.  Like we didnít see that coming.  But what a great twist with the condom problem and the owners of the condom company being the Qís?  Love that.  Also love the way the story is playing out and the way each actor is responding.  All around so far, so good.  

I really, really like Laura Wright as Carly.  Theyíre obviously changing the character (less bad, more good) and thatís not entirely a bad thing.  The triangle starting is going to be entertaining but likely, sheíll end up back with Sonny and thatís a bummer for me.  I like Carly and Jax.  Actually, Ingo has had chemistry with each Carly (except JB who I canít count what with her being the all psycho Carly and such) and itís nice to see him with a character that doesnít seem flat to me.  He and Courtney never worked in my eyes, probably because the actors didnít get along well in real life (or so the story goes.) 

I donít believe the rumor about JJ coming back as Lucky (or even as someone who thinks heís Lucky, etc.)  If it were true, that would be great but the fact is, heís so involved in other projects right now, he wouldnít commit to any long term deal.  I know heís got some things coming up and heís always just below the lead so eventually the talent this guy has will hit some producer over the head and heíll be the next leading man on the big screen.  And Iíll be right front and center.  I love JJ. Heís got class.  

Sage is right. Maxie is a whore.  Iím happy to say Iím glad RR is gone.  She is far too classy to play Maxie this way.  Boy, if Iím not careful, someone could read between the lines in that sentence huh? 

I still think itís funny to watch NL and TC together on TV.  Knowing they broke up and seeing them together in  CA, (the tension was obvious) it cannot be even close to remotely comfortable for the two of them to act together.  And if the characters get back together, Iím almost certain their kisses wonít have the intensity they did a few years back.   

I do not like the drug addiction storyline at all.   

Loved how Liz convinced Bennyís brother  (I can never get his name right) to leave her there alone.  One question, Iím pretty sure they had sex in Brendaís room, not Jasonís yet when she pulled open the drawer, it wasnít Brendaís room.  

And why oh why do we have to keep saying Brendaís name?  She isnít coming back!  Stop saying her name and sticking her face all over the soap rags.  It drives me nuts!  

Love Edward. Love  him.   

On a sad note, I feel terribly that Steve the Croc Hunter passed away.  For what itís worth, he died doing something he absolutely loved and if youíre going to go, thatís gotta be a lot better than any other way!  

Have a great week,


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