September 26, 2006 


Why must I continue to be subjected to the ridiculously pathetic life of Colby Chandler? Is it not enough that Iím subjected to Dixie and Erica? How much is one expected to take?  Do TPTB know I have a small electronic do-hickey which allows me to simply press a button and make the show move faster?  This incredible do-hickey also allows me to change the station at any given time.  Every five seconds if it pleases me (like it does my husband).  Sooner or later the little do-hickey is going to get boring and Iím going to just stop watching.   

It bears repeating that summer is over, thus all teenagers have (thankfully) retreated back to their appropriate place, away from the house.  Why then, has this story hit its full run after that fact?  Some might argue the Lulu story is about teenagers too, so why am I not complaining about that?  The reason is two-fold.  Most importantly, these characters are not new.  They are important to GH as a whole and have been a constant focus for the writers.  Secondly, I like them.  

Colby walked onto the scene after my children started school, or at least very close to it.  She represents everything I do not like about the rich, snobby teenagers in my area.  Sheís shallow, inconsiderate, selfish, boring and stupid. In the defense of the reprehensible teens in Forsyth and North Fulton counties here in Georgia, Colby is worse. I have yet to see even one redeemable quality in her.  

ABC Daytime continues to struggle with low ratings.  The tactics used to increase those ratings arenít working.  They bring back solid, well respected characters and use them as background decoration.  They fire quality actors that draw people to the shows. Itís all about money.  Instead of using better, more talented actors, they bring on new Ďtalentí, stick them on the front burner and expect the ratings to rise.  They push the veterans back, making them virtual day-players.  Sometimes weíre lucky enough to see the veterans, but usually only as a frame to highlight the new blood.  Itís all about the money.  

Did I mention itís all about the money?  Hire a bunch of new blood for the price of one veteran.  Bring back the favorites in ways that are obviously financially beneficial to the show, not the actor.  Do you really think theyíre paying Tristan Rogers an arm and a leg to appear in the background every few weeks or so?  

Most fans would take fewer actors with more connected storylines.  Soaps are not about Ďthe more actors, the better the showí.  Weíre about quality stories and quality characters.  ABC Daytime is suffering the consequences of their actions.  Tease us with GH veterans, the ratings rise.  Drop the veterans back, the ratings drop. Are the fans the only ones to notice? Tristan Rogers did! And he took partial credit for the increased ratings, as he should.   

I have not read one positive comment about Colby or her story.  Not one.  I have not read anything even remotely close to positive about the current status of Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane.  Brian Frons has commented many times that heís doing what the fans want.  What fans?  Where is he getting his information?  Iím confident he has internet access and I believe he personally checks whatís being said.  But does he do anything with that information?  It doesnít appear so because nothingís changed for the better and the ratings donít seem to be going up. 

Itís sad to think there are thousands of fans out there busting their collective butts to support specific actors, stories and couples, all for nothing.  I feel strongly that ABC does not care about what the fans want and all of the comments saying otherwise are simply to pacify them.  Itís obvious with the majority of the stories on each soap. 

With that being said, there are some good things happening on the soaps.  Greg Vaughn is doing Emmy winning work as Lucky Spencer.  Itís about time the actor was given something of substance, putting him front and center.  He can act and heís a good portion of the reason Iím still watching GH.  Throw in Luluís story along with a little of Liz and Jasonís chemistry and the hour could be full every day.   Add Carly to the mix somehow (other than with Sonny) and GH is worth staying up after my kids go to bed to watch.

AMC brought together two dynamic characters and Iím hopeful the relationship progresses.  Jonathan and Amanda bust out of my TV when I see them.  Their chemistry is magnetic.  Each character has a dark side hiding behind their do-gooder personalities.  Either way they take these characters works for me, as long as theyíre together. 

OLTL has Nash.  Enough said. No, seriously Nash is a great character.  And weíre starting to see a bit of Tess in Jessica, so we all know what that means.  I still love Rex, even if heís got an incredibly boring, annoying girlfriend.  Hook him back up with Bo and weíll have a lot more fun! 

I go through phases with my soaps.  I watch for awhile.  I donít watch for awhile.  I complain.  I compliment.  But the fact is even though most of each show is trash for me right now, there are a few stories for which I donít dare press the FF button. 

Have a great week,


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