November 9, 2006

The other day while Babe confessed her sins to JR, I felt for him.  Yes, heís been emotionally detached lately and there was that attempt on Babeís life and all but I canít help it.  He had a perfect Rob Lowe face during the scene and I purred.  Iím a sucker for Rob Lowe in ďAbout Last NightĒ and though I often see a bit of nasty-boy Brad Pitt (whom I have never found attractive) in Jacob Young, his teary eyed face is a dead ringer for Rob Lowe.  The look made me want to pull out my old videos in search of ďAbout Last NightĒ.   

AMC has made Babe their version of Carly Corinthos.  White trash girl from the wrong side of the tracks hooks up with rich dude; their lives are dramatic and heavy yet they canít stop loving each other.  Sound familiar?  I donít think Babeís a bad character but Iím not just not that into her either.  Does she warrant the visibility sheís got?  Iím not sure.  Nonetheless, sheís lighting up my TV on a daily basis and I can either watch or fast forward.  

Iíve got to be honest; Iím starting to lose interest in their storyline. Itís believable that she would cheat on JR given all theyíve been through and itís believable JR would react the way he did.  Iím not sure the dive through the window is true to character but itís sweeps so allís fair, right? Iím hopeful the storyline doesnít repeat all of the past incidents between the two.  Iíve had enough of the custody threats and the whining on both of their parts.  Iíd like to see something different but Iím not sure thereís really much they can do with the characters that hasnít already been done.  JRís life is going to be on the line and Iím sure Babe will sit by his side professing her undying love.  Personally Iíd rather see her say ďYouíre an idiot,Ē and head off to the Fusion rooftop with Josh.  That might add a bit of kick to the story, donít you think?   

Sweeps also bring us the union of Ryan and Greenleeís twin.  Apparently Iím not the only one who noticed the resemblance between the two characters because even the actors have commented on the similarities.  I was never that interested in Ryan and Greenlee and this relationship doesnít float my boat either.  One minute Ryanís in love with Kendall and the next heís devoted to Annie and saving her daughter from the evil Dixie and Tad. Can that guy ever mind his own business?  Their relationship doesnít show up on my believability scale and Iím not sure Iíll ever have anything invested in it.  

A union I am interested in on AMC is that of Jeff and Erica.  No, Iím not an Erica fan now.  I still canít stand her but I like this version of Jeff and itís interesting to see him flirt.  I know Iím getting older when the older men tickle my fancy and the younger men annoy me.  I like Jeff.  Heís just fun to watch.  Iíd prefer to watch him with someone else.  AMC dropped the ball on the chance of a Jeff and Brooke union because Ms. Kane has to be up front and center during sweeps and since she and Jack havenít so much as passed each other on the street, there werenít many other options left.  

I realize once a couple marries on a soap, theyíre doomed.  I actually like that.   Itís what creates the drama.  Jack and Erica took years to walk down the isle but they didnít even have five minutes of happiness before their fall started.  Erica has loved Jack forever yet she acts as though he doesnít exist.  The story was dropped and it seems the writers didnít know how to handle that so they just decided to make them have problems and rush to the death of the marriage.  Jack has been reduced to annoying and Ericaís becoming even more annoying unless sheís around Jeff.  

Speaking of annoying?  What happened to Tom Cruise?  I mean Josh?  He went from nasty boy to píwhipped and itís B O R I N G!  All he ever does is declare his love for Babe.  Oh, wait.  Heís also bonding with Binks because everyone loves Binks.  Iíd like to see him be nasty again.  Eventually he and his mother will become buddies but I hope itís a long, hard road.  Personally, if I knew I was the unwanted baby, I donít think Iíd be willing to even consider the thought of forgiving my mother.  Maybe itís me.  Iím amazed that Erica suddenly loves this childÖthe child she never wanted just because heís hers biologically.  Genetics donít ensure love and after all of the things Josh did to her, she shouldnít love him.  Remember when Kendall first came around?  Erica did not love her.  She didnít want to have anything to do with her.  She never really cared for Kendall until after AM took over the roll and played it for some time.  How then, can she possibly love Josh so quickly?  Maybe itís that mother-son connection?  Maybe itís me, but the whole story just seems too surreal.  Then again, this is a soap opera.  

Iím interested to see what November brings for All My Children.  Iím sad to see David go and I hope heís not totally destroyed in the process.  How fun would it be for him to show up in Port Chuck along side his ex-wives other husband, Robert?  Those two could tango!  Iím not interested in Colby, in fact she would be a wonderful sweeps casualty and Iíd be thrilled to toss in Tad and Dixie for good measure.  Kendall and Zach still entertain me though heís a bit too martyr-ized for me anymore.  Simoneís on her way out and I hope she does it with a bang.   All I can do is wait and watch, so thatís what Iíll be doing.   

Happy watching!


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