January 27, 2006

I think Iíve created a bonding situation of sorts with my daughters.  Since I can only DVR (same as TIVO, different company) my soaps on the TV in our family room, I have decided to take ownership of that TV when it suits ME.   Not anyone else.  Iím taking charge of my lifeÖand my family room TV. 

With that being said, my daughters have started watching AMC with me.  The first few episodes were full of questions.  I was quite annoyed because frankly, I just wanted to watch my trash TV in peace.  Once they started to get a handle on the storyline, their mouths stopped jabbering and we all sat, staring at the TV.  They had a few interesting things to say.   

First and foremost, they love Jonathan.  They feel sorry for him.  I explained his past life and their theory is ďHeís nice now, so none of that should matter.Ē Oh to be so naÔve.  

They do not think Zach is cute. They think he looks old. Funny, Iím thinking heís around 40ish (in real life) which makes him mighty close to my age.  I suggested they re-think this Ďoldí thing before their birthdays next month.  

They love Babe and JR and think theyíd have a great marriage that would last forever.  When I explained their past, one daughter thought all should be forgiven (the younger, more romantic daughter).  The other thought Babe should pay for what she did and not ever have her kid back.  That daughter is old enough to understand whatís happening in her real life with her biological mother, so sheís a bit bitter about momís that donít act appropriately.  

Daughter number one does not like Dixieís hairstyle but thinks Kendall is beautiful and she wants to be that skinny.   

They both think Tad is old and needs a hair cut. I think he needs one too. I admit I may have influenced that decision just a bit.  

They both think the Janet storyline is absolutely stupid and donít understand how I could enjoy it so much.  They canít figure out how sheís got all those costumes and donít get why she makes all the shadow boxes.  Apparently they donít get ďnutsĒ.  

They think Jamie and Amanda are a great couple.  The truth is lost to them on what Jamieís doing.  

They think Adam is old and donít like that heís with someone so young. (?? Tad and Zach are old, but Krystal, whoís likely in the same age bracket, is young? Interesting.) 

They donít think Julia is pretty.  Pretty is important in their world.  Okay, mine too, to some degree at least.  

They think Ryan is cool and loyal and hot.  Though the oldest thinks his eyes can sometimes be a bit buggy.  

Whoís the old woman with the big red hair?  They asked me that about Myrtle and I giggled. I told them sheís a staple on the show and someone Iíd love to sit and have a drink with.  They didnít get it.  Go figure.  

They think Erica needs to have plastic surgery on her neck.  My youngest said itís not caught up to the surgery on her face yet. Ouch. That was rough.  They also think sheís tall.  Theyíre not going to be that tall and Iíve explained her true height, which surprised them.  Maybe we wonít have to deal with the ďI hate being shortĒ issue much more.  

They donít understand why thereís no mob on AMC and how they can wear such skimpy clothing and no coats when itís winter.  This made the argument for my youngest the other morningÖthey donít wear coats in NY in the winter, so why should she in Atlanta?
Thanks, AMC.   

I explained itís F-I-C-T-I-O-N!  

I also told them that this wasnít General Hospital. The mob isnít as big on AMC.  

They think Amanda is the most beautiful on the show.  I think theyíre right.  And they didnít even see her in that bikini scene a few months back.  

After a few episodes, I have to admit, I was quite tickled with their thoughts.  I also found it interesting that they were more concerned with the actors personally and not the characters.  I think thatís an age thing because I used to be more interested in the actors than the characters.  Wait.   Maybe I still am.  

Maybe Iíll let them watch OLTL and get their commentary on that one too.  Itís fun to see a different perspective once in awhile.  

What do I think?  I think if they make Zach nasty Iím going to be mad.  I think if they make it that heís done something to Kendall and sheís going to be destroyed by it, I will be mad.  I think if Ethan and Simone donít get a storyline, Iíll be mad. I think Erica having someone trying to destroy her is funny.  Call me cruel, but sheís manipulative and once in awhile itís good to get a little of what you give.   I think Ryan is going to end up being Ďin loveí with Kendall again and I so hope they donít go down that road.  I think Tad is going to be super-mad when Dixie shows up and sheíll be equally mad when she discovered Di played her role and Tad is falling for her.  Cat fight.  I think Babe is losing control of her ďplanĒ and I like that.  I think the total change in JR is either from Wellbrutrin or some other anti-depressant and I say, good for him.  I like JR this way.  I think Amanda is definitely going to be the new ďGreenleeĒ.  I think someone better come around and court Brooke or weíre going to lose her.   I think Janet is a genius and there are people Iíd like to dump in quicksand if given the chance and of course, if there was no legal recourse or consequences. Is that asking too much? I think Iím over the damaged Jonathan and though I donít want him to be evil, Iíd like him to be more like himself again.  I think I donít care about Duke Lavery or his son Josh.  Does anyone else think Josh looks like Tom Cruise? Weíve got both Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise on AMC.   How fun!   I think I just watched Erica stab Zach, thinking he was Michael and there was no blood on the knife.  Howís that happen? I think Kendall oughta be pretty mad about that.  

And now, I think thatís about it on AMC.  

In other useless and unimportant news, my life is moving along at warp speed and Iím feeling the effects of it.  Iíve actually fallen asleep at 9:15 several nights in a row and canít figure out how I can stay up past that tonight when our out of town guest arrives.  I have been so busy Iíve not had the chance to read and have been reading the same book for over two weeks now.  That pains me.  Weíre in the process of refinancing our house and though Iíve had our past two years of tax returns in the SAME PLACE since we moved here they have disappeared and Iím totally freaked about that.  Go figure.   

Iíve barely worked out and have made a recommitment to myself to get out and get it done.   My husband got me a NANO so thereís no reason I canít start running again.  Except, of course the breathing part.  I like to breath and running seems to make that quite hard.   

I have been reaching outside of my comfort zone and am cultivating a new friendship.  It seems to be going well and Iím excited about it.  We have several things in common and she is also a friend with my best friend so I see a positive thing here. 

I have decided to start working part time, which should be interesting.  Maybe my brain wonít seem like Jell-O anymore.  Iím excited and scared but it will be nice to have some extra cash to play with.  Or pay bills with.  Whichever comes first.  

Itís time to try and watch OLTL for a bit before my son comes home!  Hope yaíll have a great weekend!


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