March 23, 2006

Just a few random thoughts on the soaps…With the latest study out, I figure I’d better say what I have to say before I lose my mind from watching too much daytime TV.   Thankfully I don’t watch Oprah or I’d really be screwed!  

I didn’t think this before because he was so incredibly annoying, but lately I’m starting to think Diego is pretty hot.  

New Lucas just doesn’t seem like Lucas to me. Too tall maybe? I’m not sure what it is, but whatever he’s missing is wearing heavily on my mind. 

We saw a bit of Justus today.  What’s up with that? 

Skye sure got big fast!  Didn’t they just have sex a few weeks ago? Way to work the pregnancy into the storyline.   

I  like Jax and Carly.   Frankly, I’ve like Jax with each of the Carlys’.  He’s oddly less of an ass with them.   Great chemistry.   Maybe it’s the name that works for him.  Personally, I never saw the Brenda/Jax connection but then again I never saw the Brenda connection with anyone.  

Regarding Sage’s rumors…how cool would that be for Jonathan Jackson to come back?  Not that I don’t like Greg Vaughan, because I certainly do but perhaps if he weren’t really Lucky he might have a storyline.  And the ramifications of his relationships with all the Lucky people would be great to watch.  I’d love to see that! 

I don’t like the Sam is Alexis’s daughter storyline.  Just something more for Sam to obsess about.  That’s all that girl does is obsess.  I do think though, they’re sticking her with Nikolas for a chemistry test.  If they like the chemistry, then it’s likely the “she’s not really Alexis’s daughter” rumors will be true.  Then again she couldn’t be a Stavros daughter either. ‘Cause that would just be, well…ew. If they do end up a couple, what would they be called? Sanik? Niksum? Samolicious? Oh, I like that one.  NOT! 

Speaking of names, what’s the Jax/Carly name? I don’t read any message boards, so I don’t know what the name is.  I’ll stab at a guess…Carlax? Jaxly? Jcarl? Carax? How about even more simple…Crax?  Like Kelly, I crack me up.  

Have you seen JR’s face lately? He’s got that Rob Lowe at the end of “About Last Night” look goin’ on.  The look where Rob asks  Demi to dinner and she says she’d like to go to some old joint and he looks like he just let out the biggest fart imaginable; steaming with relief.  That’s the look Jacob Young’s got and it works.  I like it.   

I also cannot believe Dixie is going to show up at the wedding. Way to piss everyone off. I’m sure we’ll see the mean JR back again.  

I wonder if I grabbed David’s shoulder could I make him pass out too? I know that’s  possible because I’ve known people who can do it.  Zach just keeps getting more and more talented. I guess a skill like that is a given for a casino owner.    I’m sure they all can do it on Las Vegas.  

Do you think Kendall and Zach are going to get back together? I don’t want her with Ryan. He bugs me. I like her with Zach.  

Has Simone even been on since the funeral? If so, I’ve missed her.  

Poor  Julia…she’s just got no chemistry with anyone.  They’re either going to have to find someone to bring on the canvas for her or send her away with her sisters.  

Did you catch the scene with Jamie and Babe? My heart tore for the poor guy. He’s obviously still hung up on her.  Personally between the two of the guys she’s got to choose from, looks-wise it’s a tough decision. And they both have cash so I guess the Daddy factor’s got to win out.  

I have no comments on OLTL except I can’t believe how easy it is to become a CSI person on a police department. Had I only known!


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