May 15, 2006

What The??? 

UFTA!  OY!  Or whatever other exasperated sound one might make when feeling confused, frustrated, annoyed, ridden with angst and trepidation.  Regardless, thatís how Iím feeling right now.   

Typically this feeling focuses on one soap at a time but in the last few days itís become all three.  I know Iím supposed to suspend reality and simply enjoy but letís face it to some degree we become involved (some more than others) with the storylines and the characters and when they do or donít do something that baffles us, we canít get it.  Isnít there something to be said for being true to the show and true to the character?  

Letís start with AMC.  Iíve started watching the show more again (though I still tend to fast forward through some parts) and generally speaking, itís enjoyable.  Iím happy Zach and Kendall are together again though I felt she gave in just a bit too soon for the likes of Kendall.  Maybe itís hormones.  Anything can be contributed to those, right?  I still unfortunately fast forward through Aidan and Erin but only because theyíre so

B - O - R - I - N - G!  How can someone as hot as Aidan have such a boring storyline over and over and over?  Women love this guy, give him something exciting and enjoyable for us to watch! Heís far better than Ryan in my book. When they do, I promise to watch.  

I really like how the Dixie story has begun to focus around JR and not Tad.  Iíve been down the Tad and Dixie road one too many times and frankly my dear, I donít give a damn.  Do I really like Di and Tad?  Maybe.  I think I did before but lately sheís becoming such a weakling my tolerance has lessened.  Simone is lonely. Give her and Tad another chance.  They had some decent chemistry.  Wait.  Is Simone even around anymore?  Ethanís dead and sheís been on what?  Maybe five times total? What a waste.  

What really gets my goat on AMC lately is Babe.  I like Babe.  I may be one of the chosen few in that category, but I canít help it.  Sheís tough and caring at the same time.  But come on, weíve all got our limits.  She KNOWS her husband tried to off her yet instead of taking aim, sheís supporting him and wants to help him.  Is this love or co-dependency? Iím not sure but what I am sure of is I donít like it.  Babe is loyal to those she loves, yes and maybe Iím supposed to believe she loves this man enough to totally forgive everything heís done to her in the past and love him enough to stay with him after heís tried to drop a load of bricks on her head.  But I donít think Iím quite there.  Maybe itís my inability to trust once Iíve been scorned but I just donít see Babe having reached that unconditional level of love with JR quite yet.  Then again, this is a soap and I really shouldnít expect things to go the way I expect them to, should I?  

I havenít watched a whole lot of OLTL.  Iíve even tried to write about the show but all that comes out is my absolute frustration and annoyance with Things All John and Things All Todd.  Iím over John.  I never really liked the guy in the first place but come on!  Could he be just a little more ridiculous?  Itís all about John and all about what John wants.  Itís never about reality (in the soap world type of reality, that is) and honestly, he just completely bugs the poop out of me.  Then weíve got Todd who, though I like him, I canít stand this story anymore.  Itís been going on, what?  Five years now?  Get it over with already.  I think his son has aged at least ten years since this started and if it drags on much longer I will have to shoot my TV.  I do not care if heís back with Blair.  As a matter of fact, I say letís let everyone know the truth and then when Blair is sorry and such, have Todd tell her to stick it.  Blair has got to be the biggest idiot on the face of this earth.  Iím sorry but I just canít stand her and her ignorance anymore.  Sheís got to be deaf, dumb and blind to not see what an idiot she is.   

Oh, and everything I just wrote about Blair and the Todd storyline?  Change the names, adding Kevin and Kelly and I feel the same.  

What I still like about OLTL is Tess and Nash.  Whatís going to happen to Tess?  Initially I thought theyíd join Tess and Jess together but Iím starting to wonder.  Is there anyone out there that actually likes Jessica?  I know people love Tess, which says a lot about the ďItís not the actor, itís the characterĒ theory.  Tess is great.  Sheís real.  Jess is boring and annoying and very much Emily-like with quite a few less ďumsĒ.  Maybe there will be no integration.  Maybe Jess will simply disappear?  Or if there is an integration can Tess be the main personality?  I like her and if thatís the only way to keep Nash around then Iím all for it.  Letís put Antonio with someone else.  Preferably someone who lives in another country.   

Now letís go to the most disappointing show on the planet in my eyesÖGH.   

I realize I am most likely the only one who does not enjoy the ďold timersĒ being back.  Donít get me wrong, I am a die hard fan of Tristan Rogers and was so happy to hear he signed on for a whole year, I think I may have cried.  I just donít like what theyíve done to the character. 

Robert and Luke are what those of their era consider human superheroes.  They could do anything, handle anything and achieve anything they set out to.  Now theyíve been reduced to some lesser version of themselves.  The version that is just old, almost stupid and can be Ďhadí by a bunch of kids.  I donít like that.  I want my human superheroes back.   I want the strength and the sexiness along with the comedy.  I donít want lumps on the head and stupid fights with kids.  And Iím sorry but who is this Holly person?  Is she a bad joke or what?  This is not Holly.  This is some sad version of a comic character gone pathetic.  She was loyal.  She was smart and she was coy but she was never a blatant idiot.  (Again that word comes up!)  Itís like Iím watching my favorite characters though a carnival mirror. Theyíre all twisted and warped and I donít like it.  No, I didnít see Anna arrive yesterday and honestly, Iím afraid to watch.  Will the fact that sheís a bigamist even come up while sheís here?  Will Robert love her still or will he continue to be the shell of a man he once was and continue the ga-ga eyes for Holly?  Please God, get me out of bad writing hell and give me back my characters.   

Donít even get me started with Lucky.  Yes, Iíve wanted him to have a storyline for years.  Yes, I wanted him with Liz for years.  But NO!  This is not what I wanted.  Stupid Lucky who has no clue is not a good Lucky.  If this is what weíre going to see of the character, bring back Jacob Young as Lucky and make Greg Vaughan someone who thought we was Lucky for Helenaís purposes.  Then give him a real story.  Is that too much to ask?  

I canít begin to comment on any possible fun with tequila night because I had no emotional attachment. The only people I knew for a fact were friends that night were Liz and Emily.  I donít recall the others having ever really shared any decent scenes together with any bonding so to me it was forced and fake.  Gone are the days of Flea, Chloe and Alexis having a connection.  If the writers want us to believe these gals are friends then give them something to connect with other than a walking penis and a few shots.   

I do sort of like that Jason told Alexis who her daughter is but I donít like the reaction from Alexis.  Just because you gave birth to someone and after giving her up, found her again, doesnít mean you will automatically love her.  Especially when that daughter is Sam, who has truly been a pain in the butt for Alexis for quite some time.  The story would have been much better if there would have been no emotional connection and we had to watch Alexis deal with that instead of the silly ďSam might dieĒ story weíre getting.   

If someone gave me all of the flowers Sonny had for Emily I would have turned red, swelled up like a balloon and sneezed for days.  The gesture may have seemed nice to some but it verged on contrived to me.   

When do you think the car will be wrecked?   

I really need my soaps right now.  Prime time is ending for the summer and I need something new and refreshing to soak my mind when the kids are driving me nuts.  I rely on my soaps for this but Iím concerned.  Iím worried they wonít live up to my expectations.  Does this mean Iíll have to start watching Judge Judy?  

God help me.


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