May 24, 2006

An All My Children Carol 

I love Stuart.  Heís such a welcome opposite of Adam.  No, heís not book smart.  He doesnít have the get up and go of the rest of the Chandlers.  Heís got something much better than that.  Heís got common sense and a heart.  Stuart makes magic happen and unlike Bianca, (who brings her own kind of magic) we all love Stuart.  

Todayís episode was exceptionally fun for me to watch.  If Stuart had been a ghost it would have made me rush up to the storage room, grab my Christmas tree, put it up and decorate it.  ĎTis the season and all that.  I felt like Stuart was one of the ghosts from A Christmas Carol, showing JR the truth, helping him change his criminal ways.  

Jacob  Young has a great Rob Lowe face.  I know Iíve said this before but it really amazes me every time I see it.  He gets that look in his eyes and that almost pathetic mushy/sad expression that completely brings back the last scene in ĎAbout Last Nightí where Danny asks Debbie to dinner and she says she wants to go to some old joint.  To this day I would have to jump that manís bones if he gave me that look and Jacob Young is running a close second now.  (Yes, I know heís engaged but so what!) 

I like JR when heís happy.  I donít like mean JR.  Mean JR reminds me too much of mad Lucky.  Been there, done that.  Happy JR is fun, interesting and mushy.  Jacob Young plays mushy well.  He reminds me of my high school boyfriend Ė all sweet and loving, sharing that incredibly intense first love thing where you feel like the world would absolutely end if you werenít together.  Thatís the feeling I get from happy, mushy JR.  He takes me back to a time when things seemed much easier and a hell of a lot more innocent than today.  (They didnít seem that way then but looking back, they sure do now!) 

I hope JR has a true epiphany.  I hope he starts to have real  faith in those that love him and he finally begins to love himself.  Every so often a bit of the mean JR wouldnít be badÖmaybe in a protective sense but Iíd like to see more of the nice JR on a regular basis.  Canít Jamie be mean for awhile?  Heís had a tough time of it lately.  He deserves to let out a bit of pent up frustration, donít you think? 


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