August 22, 2006

Just a few comments on the soaps: 


Babe looked much better today.  Less dark circles under her eyes and much better wardrobe.  

Previews had Tad saying “JR’s lifeless body”…hmm…anyone read anything about Jacob Young leaving? Not me.   

David is now becoming a total ass.  I like him when he’s mean but not plain hateful like this.   

Please someone, send Jack away.  He’s so close minded and opinionated he doesn’t have a clue about the damage he’s inflicting upon his daughter.  

Kill Colby.  

Love Jonathan.  I’m so glad he’s around.   

Terry just gives me the creeps.  I hate the storyline.  


How come all the adults have to be made to look stupid?  Starr can fool them all into thinking she’s got selective amnesia yet Spencer is so smart he can bring a man back to live from  an execution?  It’s about balance writers,  B A L A N C E.  You can’t state one thing and make us believe it to then just tear it away and try to convince us of something else entirely.  

Could  Natalie’s boobs be any bigger?  Those things gotta hurt.   

My husband has never lit candles for me like Christian did.  Evangeline is so anal I’m sure she was  freaked out there would be a fire…okay, maybe she wasn’t but she should have been.  I know I would have been!  

Trevor St.  John needs to grow his hair longer again.  I liked his comment to Blair today about giving up on him.  Sliced right through her, even though she is ‘doing this for  Todd’. 

Marcy just annoys me.  ‘Nuff said.  


Personally, if I were broken up with a  boyfriend, the last  thing I would do is go to him in a time of crisis and break down.  Show some strength girl!  

Also, I would never be that nice to the woman he slept with, regardless of if I’d just slept with my stepfather.   

Most people, when they stop doing drugs and start going to NA, should go to rehab first.  Withdrawal isn’t physically easy and a whopping 99% of the people who try to go through it at home fail. (Yes, that is a  fact, I didn’t make it up.) 

Maxie is a ho-bag.  

I am starting to like Robin, as long as Patrick is in the room.  I hope they’re really dating in real life.  He seems to be a sweetheart and might be able to tone down her jaded attitude a bit.  

Did I just write that for real?  

Sonny is still a saint and I feel like puking because of it.  

Stay tuned for more unimportant opinions from Carolyn!


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