September 14, 2006

There are times GH does a good job of telling a true to life story (Robin and HIV) and times when they do a really crappy job of telling a true to life story (Emily’s breast cancer).  Lulu’s story hits both ends of the spectrum. 

At first I liked it.  The beginning was strong.  Lulu’s feelings were realistic.  “I’m not ready to be a mother.” “It’s my life.  My choice,”.  Dillon’s feelings were realistic.  “I should have a say.”  “This is my child,”.  In some strange way, Edwards feelings were realistic.   “This is my heir, I want this child,”.   

The story involved people from all areas of Lulu’s life.   Her brothers,  her father, the family of the boy.  I imagine most real life situations are much more private, unless it simply can’t be helped.  Even though a lot of people felt they had a say in the matter, it was handled with grace and valor.  Luke really pulled the fatherly thing off.  I was surprised.  He’s never been much of a parent to Lulu – he used it all up on Lucky.  Lulu was a product of Laura’s desires and her similarities to her mother hit a part of Luke’s heart he’s tried to bury.  Seeing him push his immature feelings aside and step up to the plate was wonderful.  He moved mountains in that relationship by simply saying the right things and putting no pressure on her.   Who in her situation wouldn’t want that kind of unconditional support?  

Nikolas supported Lulu even though his emotions said he wanted her to make a different choice.  Lucky’s just a mess and handled it exactly how I’d expect an addict to.  Excellent acting on GV’s part, by the way.  Actually, everyone involved in the story should receive five stars for their efforts and talents in this storyline.  The emotions brought out some acting skills seeming long forgotten.  

What gets me is the ending.  It left me flat and didn’t go the way I expected.  Yes, I’d like to be surprised every so often by  my soaps.  Yes, I usually predict outcomes correctly, but not this time.  Lulu’s reaction is perfect.   Frustration, pain and the inability to deal are common with such tough decisions.  Whether she wanted the child or not, it was a child and it does have an impact and she’s showing that impact. Luke is doing a typical Luke…trying to help and having to leave to do it. This however was one of the first times he actually explained his actions beforehand.  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.  Dillon’s feeling angst and loss and it’s what I’d expect from Dillon. His anger is apparent and it comes out periodically, which adds realism.  We even got to see more of the kinder side of Carly, something very new to the character.  

What’s not right?  What’s surprised me?  Tracy and Edward.  When have we known either of them to actually lose a fight with grace? When have we actually heard Tracy support someone she really doesn’t like, whether it had an impact on her life or not?  When have we heard Eddie support something he was so dead against?  I’m thinking next to never on all accounts so to have them suddenly drop the ‘bastardly Quartermaine’ attitude for the loving and supportive types went completely against character.  I didn’t like it.  I like Edward nasty and conniving and selfish.  I like Tracy bitching and nasty and untrustworthy.  I don’t like them sticky sweet and full of love. Maybe it’s me, but I want them to be who they are and nothing else.   

It’s not as though I expected Tracy and Edward to tie Lulu down for nine months, surgically remove the baby and then send her on her way.  I’m not exactly sure what I expected.  Maybe a  continuance of their legal  threats.  Maybe an injunction of some sort  to at least postpone the procedure until it could be legally handled.  Maybe locking her up in the basement storage room for a few days (with food and water, or course) until they could figure out some sort of plan. But to basically sit back and twiddle their thumbs and say, “Oh, gee.  Good for you.” Afterwards was just wrong.  It was so un-Quartermaine like.  There’s no other way to say it than like I did before.  It left me flat.  

The story’s not over yet.  Lulu’s going to go through a string of emotions, as is Dillon.  Hopefully Georgie will have an immature, negative feeling or two (she needs to start following her sisters example for that kind of stuff).  Maybe Tracy will lash out or Edward will say something nasty. Who knows.  I just hope something of substance comes from the Q’s because if it’s left like this, I’m not a happy camper.


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