December 27, 2005


100 Things That Drive Carolyn Crazy 

  1. The 75-year-old Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds commercial.  We all know she’s practically over 100 now, so take this darn commercial off the air!
  2. Wearing night teddies as day clothes
  3. “Like”
  4. Jack Montgomery
  5. My crows feet (the kind on my face, not my pet crow, which by the way, I don’t have.)
  6. People who take digital pictures and never do anything with them
  7. Grocery store and Wal Mart checkout lanes
  8. Skinny women who eat like pigs
  9. Jasper Jax
  10. Speed traps
  11. Science fiction anything
  12. Sonny Corinthos (don’t send emails please!)
  13. Burned popcorn
  14. People who don’t turn off their cell phones during movies
  15. People who answer their cell phones during movies
  16. Emily Quartermaine
  17. Insomnia
  18. Ryan Lavery
  19. Erica Kane
  20. Keeping up with the Joneses
  21. The instant love of Courtney and Nikolas
  22. Scented candles you can’t smell when lit
  23. Julia Santos
  24. Taking down Christmas decorations
  25. Mahi Mahi
  26. People who drive below the speed limit
  27. Alan Quartermaine (what happened with that man? His character has totally changed)
  28. Foot fetishes
  29. Erica Kane's voice
  30. Fusion products at Wal Mart
  31. Saints on soaps
  32. Laura Wright as Carly
  33. Flat pillows
  34. Snow
  35. Beginning a diet
  36. People who can successfully complete a diet
  37. Mean dogs
  38. Live Christmas trees on the side of the highway
  39. People who feel it’s okay for them to have an opinion but don’t think I should
  40. Danielle on AMC  (How did she get involved with Fusion anyway? Isn’t she supposed to be in high school still?)
  41. Soap magazines that try to trick us with their covers (For example, I just read one that said “Tamara Braun back in her old role!” but it’s the role on the Freddy Prinze show, not GH.
  42. Long lines at Starbucks
  43. The too quick firing of a great nu-Carly, Jennifer Bransford
  44. Actors that pretend t o be nice but are actually total jerks (I will not name who I feel this pertains to)
  45. Too little Coleman; too much Emily
  46. The fact that it’s taking forever to get Zach and Kendall together (though I noticed that will change this week! Yippee!)
  47. Did I mention  Ryan Lavery?
  48. Cold coffee
  49. Cooking fish
  50. People who complain about the price of gas, yet they’ll pay $4 for a drink at Starbucks
  51. Trying to think of things to put on this list
  52. The fact that in practically every strip mall there is a nail salon and a dry cleaners
  53. Left overs (except pizza)
  54. Getting something in my eye
  55. Putting on my 74 year old mothers earrings
  56. Michael and Marcie (Tell me, how can two actors have great chemistry as one couple, but absolutely none as another couple? Must be the storyline.)
  57. The way my butt feels after getting off the bike from spin class
  58. Simone and Kendall not getting along
  59. Botox
  60. The mall (any mall, not just one in particular)
  61. Antonio and Jessica
  62. Too little Helena
  63. My old neighbors
  64. Too much mob action on General Hospital
  65. Jacob Young when he yells
  66. Too little Aiden on AMC
  67. Saint Bianca
  68. When the voices don’t match the people on my TV
  69. Did I mention skinny women that can eat whatever they want?
  70. People who take sides in fights without having anything to do with it or all of the story
  71. Tamara Braun's dark circles (I would have had them too with the amount of hours she put in on GH!!!)
  72. Silly phone calls to the non-existent Trevor on AMC
  73. Constipation
  74. “Brain damaged” Jonathan
  75. Elephant ear plants
  76. Erin Lavery
  77. News breaks during soaps about apartment fires miles away from my city
  78. The media (liberal and conservative)
  79. The docks on GH
  80. The tattoos on Manny’s body
  81. One stall women’s bathrooms
  82. The lack of Robert Scorpio on GH
  83. Rap music
  84. Alcazars obsession with Carly
  85. Not enough David on AMC
  86. Too much Krystal on AMC
  87. Cops who give tickets for going 5 miles over the speed limit
  88. Not being able to tell if Babe is faking her feeling when she’s with JR
  89. The name “Baby A”
  90. The drop of Cathleen Hickman to recurring status
  91. Luke not getting over Laura
  92. The constant rumor that Vanessa Marcil is coming back to GH (she will never come back, she’s moved on to prime time TV!!!)
  93. The big stink about Eva Longoria
  94. The cancellation of Joan of Arcadia
  95. The amount of commercials during soap operas
  96. Game shows
  97. The killing of Edmund
  98. When no one replaces the toilet paper roll and there’s none left in the basket in the bathroom
  99. Garage door batteries
  100. Nutty Janet (didn’t she used to be sane before the character left, or am I missing something?)

 Have a great week!  


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