OLTL Spoiler Commentary - Sept 11, 2006

Monday September 11

Everyone gathers for Spencer's arraignment; Hugh learns the truth about his parentage from Paige;

And he just goes ahead and believes her because she’s been so incredibly honest.

Bo has concerns about Hugh's prosecution of Spencer;

See, this is because Bo’s got smarts. He knows what it’s like to have a father who breaks the law and needs to punished and feels all confused and stuff. But Bo thinks this is an open and shut sort of case, nothing like anything Asa’s been accused of so he doesn’t want Hugh to get off track…a track he’s been on for months and months and months and now suddenly changes because of some info he got from a L.I.A.R.

John is livid when Hugh agrees to a low bail;

And I’m livid because this story is still going on.

Jessica is shaken by a romantic memory of Nash.

Yeah, me too.

Tuesday September 12

Hugh's courtroom appearance is not as it appears;

You mean he’s pulling a fast one? Who’da thunk?

John and Hugh have a private discussion;

“And yeah, if we put out names together we’d be ‘Hugh John’…eh eh eh…get it? Huge John? Now, I don’t care who you are…that right there is funny.”

Kevin attacks Spencer;

In the library with the kitchen knife.

Jessica tells Nash about her memory of him and Tess

“Hey babe, let’s see if you’re as good as Tess thought !”

Cristian and Evangeline hit a rough patch

On whom? Him or her? (okay, so that was kind of disgusting, if you got it!)

Nora gives Evangeline some advice.

You get to be pretty darn smart lying around in a coma for so long.

Wednesday September 13

Kevin accuses Spencer of causing his infertility

Thus making him become an ass, drinking too much, trashing his relationship with his son and ex-wife and soon to be sent away into the Land of Lost Kevins. Yup, I pretty much hate Spence too.

John and Hugh monitor Spencer with a tracking device in his watch

Boy, that police department sure has deep pockets!

Natalie talks to Kelly about Kevin and the baby

And I hear nothing over my own thoughts, “Man, her boobs are huge!”

Starr cannot forgive Blair

Like mother, like daughter, like father, like brother…

Janice tells Marcie there is a problem with the adoption.

“We refuse to let you and Michael adopt this baby because you are totally boring and nothing even remotely close to Marcy and Al.”

Thursday September 14

John seeks Hugh's help in forcing Spencer's hand

“Come on Hugh, push on his hand! I won’t let him kill my father AND beat me at arm wrestling!”

Spencer dismisses Paige's claim


Jack's attitude hurts Todd

Because he certainly taught him to be more hateful than that!

Rex asks Adriana to move in with him

New set! New set!

David reaches out to Dorian

If only he was Elasta-girl, he’d be able to touch her

Marcie pleads with the judge to be allowed to adopt Timmy

Oh please, I cannot handle anymore of that crappy whining!

Friday September 15

John puts his plan into motion as Hugh delivers startling news to Spencer

John’s plan: getting his hair cut

Hugh’s startling news to Spencer: John’s actually gonna do it this time. He’s gonna get his hair cut.

Blair warns Spencer to stay away from her family

And the murder mystery set up begins…

Spencer has a parting shot for Blair

“This is my good angle. Here. “

Cristian prepares for his championship fight

Which one? In the ring or for Evangeline?

Vincent feels guilty


Antonio proposes again

And again we have to listen to his devotion of love even though we know she’s going to end up with Nash.


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