GH Spoiler Commentary - Sept 24, 2006

Monday~September 25th:

Sam will have to choose Molly and Kristina over Jason should Alexis not survive;

So we know Alexis survives and we know Jason and Sam are rumored to be getting married in November.  So why bother with idle threats?

Carly refuses to believe Max's warnings;

"Carly, I'm hot for you and we're going to be together." "Carly, I'm hot for you and we're going to be together."

Lainey warns Sonny not to play games with Carly, who accuses Sonny of trying to run her life;

"Sonny, I'm warning more Monopoly.  No more Scrabble.  Nothing!  You got that?  Don't make me sick Alcazar on you!"

Mac confronts Lucky

Mac? We get to see Mac? I'm psyched!

Tuesday~September 26th:

Lucky convinces himself that busting Jason will save his career and marriage;

Lucky's convinced himself of a lot of crap lately, hasn't he?

Maxie warns Elizabeth of Lucky's plans;

"He's going to love me forever.  He will be with me.  I'm a psycho slut and I'm going to ruin my character so Lucky and I can be together!"

A stoned Lucky lures Jason to the docks and holds him at gunpoint to frame him for possession;

And when stoned, he's got such good aim.

Lulu confronts Dillon

Yeah, well...that's starting to happen often with these two.

Wednesday~September 27th:

Lucky's gunshot does not harm Elizabeth and the baby;

Too bad.  That would have been great juicy stuff for GV to play.

Lucky tells Elizabeth he will go into rehab and turn his life around;

And she heard, "Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah."

Ric disagrees on Alexis' best course of treatment;

Sure he does, he wants to be the permanent DA!

Ric plans on using Sam to destroy Jason

Well, duh!

Thursday~September 28th:

Lucky vows to beat his addiction;

He'll stop taking those pills for Liz, for the sake of his marriage, for his career, for  Lulu, for his parents.  Whatever, let's just keep up the good acting.

Alexis lashes out at Sam and Ric;


Jason comforts Sam after Alexis' outburst;

And looks out with concerned, confused and heartbroken eyes, vividly imagining seeing Sam and Ric doing the hokey pokey.

Sonny accuses Jax of playing games with Carly, who assures Sonny she can handle Jax;

"If Lainey said I can't play Monopoly then you can't either!"

Robin tries to ease Patrick's fears

"I'm not really stoic and bitchy. Honest.  Don't believe those people at the fan event."

Friday~September 29th:

Jax cannot convince Alexis to change her mind about chemotherapy;

"Come on, what's a little hair loss for the storyline? Demi Moore did it.  You can too.  Your cancer is much more serious than Emily's was so you gotta lose your hair!"

Alexis has renewed faith in Ric;

Because she's an idiot.

Sonny and Carly argue;


Jax arrives to see a close moment between Sonny and Carly;

And decides it's Brenda all over again and either decides to win Carly's heart or let her go.  PFFT. SSDD here again too.

Patrick gets his latest HIV test results

Of course they're negative.


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