Aug 17, 2006 

Star in Your Very Own AMC, OLTL or GH!

Simply fill in the blanks and you’re good to go.  Copy and paste into an email and email it back and you never know, you might be an online writer too!  


One day, while walking down the stairs at ________________________, I saw ______________________.  Surprised to see __________________, I ran up and planted a big ___________________right on the ___________________________.  I received a _____________________for a thank you.  

It didn’t make me _________________and I continued on with my night.  Stepping into the ladies room, I accidentally bumped into ____________________.  You wouldn’t believe what she was wearing! A ___________________________!  I mean, come on!  Who dresses these people?  I told ________________about it later and had a good ___________________.   

Later, I saw _____________________and  realized ________________________wasn’t really _____________________but ________________________acting.  And not doing a good job of it either.  Maybe if his _______________________was gone, it would be more believable.  Then I’d be more than happy to _______________________.  Or even _________________________, but certainly, I could never_______________________ because that would be _______________________.  

After we finished, I had a quick________________ and left.  It was a nice night and everyone was out at ___________________so I had only a minute to  myself before  I ran into____________________.  We talked about _____________________and _______________________ and wondered if they’d ever____________________.  ______________________over heard us, got mad and ___________________________me but it didn’t ________________________.   Suddenly, someone __________________and everyone ____________________.  I was ____________________and ________________________as ______________as I could.  This had never happened to me before. It lasted forever.  The musical montage played in my head and I half expected _____________________to __________________.   

Just as soon as it started, it was finished and we ________________________.  And  in my head I heard, ___________________________________________. 


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