OLTL Spoiler Commentary - Sept 25, 2006

John is involved in a massive highway pile-up, in which a Llanview cop appears to have been killed;
This should instead say, "John is involved in a massive contract negotiation in which is appears a Llanview cop was killed".
Natalie has a feeling something happened to John;
Good Lord, now the woman is pyschic too?
Nash wants Vincent to invest in the vineyard;
Carolyn wants everyone to know she doesn't give a rats ass about Vincent.
 Todd does not reveal what he knows.
Boxers or Briefs? He'll never tell.

Bo and Michael go to the crash site to examine the badly burned body that was found;

It's STILL there? Ew.

Michael finds the St. Jude's metal with the corpse and concludes that John was killed in the accident;

The Forensic Medical Examiner he is and all, such conclusions are easy!

Jessica's Tess-like behavior concerns Antonio.

And thrills me! Yippee! 

Bo's heart breaks as he tells Natalie about John;

If I actually liked John I might care about this.  Nah, I take that back. I still wouldn't care about this.

Natalie refuses to believe Bo, but eventually faces the facts and grieves alone;

She's gotta realize one of these days she's cursed. Men who love her die. Some come back, but all die.

Michael tries to find comfort in his family;

Because they all wish he were still Al?

Antonio and Jessica are shocked about news of John's death.

Won't they be shocked when they find out he's resigned and isn't really dead after all!

Jessica tries to comfort Natalie, who confronts Spencer;

Yada. Yada. Yada. Let's move on with this people. Let the dead be dead, even if it's only for a short time!

Michael tells Eve about John's death;

Guess I'm not watching much of this episode.

Marcie and Michael believe Natalie should know John's plans;

Yeah, maybe then she'll realize she's cursed.

Nash regrets sleeping with Claudia,

Who wouldn't?

 Who hopes it is the start of a new relationship

Again, who wouldn't?

Antonio restrains Natalie, who holds Spencer responsible for John's death;

What, did Spencer screw with traffic that day? Is he responsible for all that's evil in Llanview? 

Layla comforts Evangeline over John's death;

Because it would be tacky to go to Christian with this.

Cristian seeks out Natalie;

To tell her "You should have picked me!  Look! I'm still alive!"

 Nora does sleuthing.

At least she's doing something these days


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