OLTL Spoiler Commentary For the Week of October 9, 2006

Everyone gathers for an impromptu Irish wake after John's funeral

Do they do the Irish Polka on top of the grave?

Natalie stays behind at the cemetery

Is she waiting for John Edward to stop by? He does live in NY, which I hear is pretty close to Llanview!

Blair surprises Todd with a romantic evening at the penthouse

In other words: Blair puts on a whore blouse and tries to seduce Todd.

Claudia sees Nash kiss Jessica

Yippee! I can't wait to see Nash kiss Jessica!

Todd hires Rex to find Margaret's baby.

And I bet all he has to do is stop by Marcie and Michael's house!

Cristian learns that Ted set him up

Who cares? Not me, that's for sure.

Evangeline is horrified to see Cristian beating Ted

Well, yeah. I imagine she would be.

Todd tells Blair their relationship is over

Which means they should be back together during sweeps.

Britney is angry when Cole takes a liking to Starr

Ew! I see a Colby Chandler storyline peeking out!

Adriana is determined to make Dorian's life miserable.

And my life, too.

Evangeline is disgusted by Cristian's behavior

Wait, just yesterday she was horrified. She's a plethora of emotions now, isn't she?

Todd is pleased to learn that Evangeline and Cristian are on the outs

I actually almost like Todd and Evangeline together. He's more human and she's less boring. Still boring, but less.

Layla kicks Vincent out when she realizes he is guilty

Add another "Who cares" to the spoilers.

Todd admits that he still loves Blair

Can you hear me saying, "Told you so!"

Dorian and David decide to be friends.

Great. Any scene with Dorian and David works for me.

Nash tells Antonio about kissing Jessica

And his exact words are "Na na nana na!"

Michael and Marcie ask Natalie to be Tommy's godmother

Because then she can stay the Godmother when everyone finds out Todd's his father.

Tommy's christening is held before Eve leaves town

I'll be going to the bathroom during this scene.

David confronts Asa about the photo Spencer left at the lodge

And the story begins!

Starr confides in Viki

Yeah, another 'who cares?'. I'm over Starr.

Todd and Evangeline commiserate over their situations with Blair and Cristian

If it involves them getting down and dirty, I'll hurry back from the bathroom.

Blair devises a plan to win Todd back

What? Didn't the whore blouse and seduction work?

Cristian fears he has made things worse with Evangeline

Well, duh!

Jessica reassures Antonio

"Don't worry Antonio, I won't leave you for Nash for a month or two. I promise."

David tells Dorian his theory about Spencer.

Bet it's the same theory as mine!


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