September 17, 2006

A GH Picture Story

Once upon a time there was a really cute boy     .  He accidentally got a really cute, but rather high maintenance girl , . The girl was scared and ran away to a secret place. .  No worries though.  The boy, getting on with his life as a  man, decided to fugeddaboud her.  So he spent his days doing his job,  around .  His biggest problem seems to be this guy,  and lately even this guy, .  They’re all fighting for the same turf and it seems to be a big old back and forth, just like a .  There were people in PC that wanted to stop this guy.  Nice, smart people.  One of them,  was said to have come back to town specifically to stop the mafia.  Rumor had it he was even going to bring  to his side.  But so far, .  In fact, we’ve barely seen any of  which seems to have a lot of  very .  Another person is also in town to stop  moved back to PC to help rid the city of , but mostly she just stands around or talks to  about her blooming relationship with .  Most everyone thinks having both  &  back has been a wait of .


So anyway, this guy, , when he’s not busy being mean man, thinks about how badly he really wants  in his life.  He wanders around  and even though many, many pretty women like ,  and of course his once love, walk by,  none seem to fit the .  So I was , maybe he ought to consider leaving PC and heading to where another very pretty and nice girl,  lives.  Yeah sure, she’s got a wonderful husband  who treats her like a .  But…perhaps her husband would consider a  type of religion but only where the  gets to have multiple s.  Okay, okay, it’s probably very , but a girl can , right?


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