July 25, 2006

Recap:  The Kickoff Party  

The pre-party ended with mixed reviews…99.99% of the people who attended had a great time.  (Now here’s where the mixed review starts) I on the other hand, did not.  I would have I’m sure, had my feet not hurt like the dickens and had I not developed large bubbly blisters on my toes.  I imagine if I’d been able to walk like a normal person my experience would have been much better!  

My suggestion to Debbie Morris for next year would be to make it a “leave your shoes at the door event”.  Then I’m sure I’d have a lot more fun!  Walking seems to add several  benefits to being at a party.  

Here’s my take on the event: 

Jason Thompson was scared out of his mind.  He’s not used to the fans and wasn’t sure what to expect. He did well.  Kimberly McCullough helped him through things.  I’m sure by now it’s all old hat to him.  

“Nacho” (Ignacio Serricchio) sang with his band and surprisingly he did a good job.  He’s earned points in my book.  Not that I didn’t like him before because since his return to GH, I’ve started to enjoy him but after meeting him and talking a bit with him and his band, I realize he’s a good hearted guy with a lot of diverse talents.  And he’s a lot more attractive in person too!  

John J. York was his normal flirtatious self.  I had my “Eye on Soaps” sticker on my chest, which has a picture of he and I on it.  He commented on how he liked being on my chest. Later, after the stickiness of the sticker wore off he asked where he went.  In my pants, of course.  Now that got a smile out of him and he told me he was really going to have to think that one through.  

Dirk Cheetwood came to the party and had a huge line to see him.  Go Max!  See what a little fantasizing gets a guy!  He’s a friendly guy and a lot smarter than they make him appear on the show.  

I’m sorry that I don’t know his last name,  but Adrian (the Detective) came and after the event, I walked him out.  He said he’s adjusting to the show and really having a good time.   Everyone is very nice and he’s a bit overwhelmed by the fan reception because it was unexpected but he’s enjoying it.  He’s 30 and married for those who are curious.  And he likes to kiss girls…on the cheeks! 

We got a visit from Faith herself and she’s still as sweet and pretty as before.  I’m hoping they bring back Cindy Preston in the form of Faith’s twin or something.  She should not have been killed off.  

Greg Vaughan came in a ski hat and stayed to introduce the band. He left within seconds.  

Rick  Hearst came and flirted and spent a lot of time mingling with the fans as did Lindze Letherman.  They both seemed to have a great time and the  fans loved the interaction.  

That’s about all the actors that showed, unless I missed someone while complaining about my feet.  The fans seemed to have a great time.  They danced to “Nacho’s” music and appeared thrilled to have conversations with the actors.  I’d say the party was a hit!   


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