January 2, 2008


Happy New Year, my lovelies!

*smooches all around*

Here's wishing all of us the best of the best for the New Year, both in our personal lives and on our Soaps!  To that end, what say we discuss what we'd wish for some of the characters on our favorite Soaps this year.  (I'll go first!)

I'll start, not with a character, but with TPTB - specifically BS Frons.  My wish for Frons is that he will finally be hit with a clue-by-four and actually *GET* that Soap fans really DO know what they want.  That they have minds of their own and know how to use them.  That we like who and what we like and don't need to be TOLD by him who and what to like.  I wish that Frons would finally start to LISTEN to the throngs of fans who take the time to write, e-mail, or call in to share their feelings - be it praise or condemnation - and actually implement those suggestions or ideas instead of ignoring them.  Also - and this is a BIGGIE - I wish for Frons to develop RESPECT for the actors and actresses (especially) who breathe life into these characters.  ABC Daytime's (read: Frons) recent treatment of Sabine Singh is beyond contempt.  Yeah, lots of people wanted Rebecca Budig back, but that doesn't mean that they wanted them to thoroughly denigrate a woman who took on what was probably one of the most thankless tasks ever: the role of Nu-Greenlee.  All the promos touting the "Return of the REAL Greenlee" are the epitome of classless insensitivity.  Grow a heart, Mr. Frons, and a soul.

The Executive Producers - My wish for them is to stand up to Frons and tell him to stop messing with the daily operations of their respective shows.  I wish that they, too, would LISTEN to the fans instead of the talking heads who think they know better than the fans what it is they really want.  I wish that they would GET that we WANT to see the Vets utilized; and not as so much window dressing or caricatures of their former selves. 

The Writers - My wish for them is multi-layered.  First of all, I truly do wish for them to get the recognition and compensation from the studios that they are due.  Theirs is not an easy job and, as much as I complain about certain storylines, I recognize that they have a tough row to hoe.  (Much of that is due to the fact that certain PTBs are constantly interfering in things they ought not to be messing with!)  That said, when I say that I hope the writers get their due from the studios, I don't mean to say that those who are NOT pulling their weight should be rewarded.  We don't expect Sweeps caliber stories five days a week, but we DO expect QUALITY WRITING.  We do expect a modicum of realism and believability.  We DO expect characters to behave... in character!  We do not want to see legacy characters vilified in order to prop up the chosen few.  We don't want to see violence and death all the time, particularly not around the Holidays, when we so desperately need to be reminded that there is still good in this world!

Now, onto the characters!!!

Kendall Hart-Slater; AMC:  For the love of peanut butter, please, please, please allow this woman to catch a break!  Kendall deserves some peace.  She came a long way - experiencing some genuine personal growth - yet they have erased all of that progress and made her into someone else.  Why?  Kendall finally had everything she ever wanted. She finally had a man who gave her his whole heart and soul and accepted her for who and what she was - no strings, no ultimatums, no threats.  The new writers have trashed all of it.  Please...FIX IT NOW!

Greenlee Smythe; AMC:  I wish for Greenlee to get the help and therapy she has so desperately needed, since the death of her REAL love of her life: Leo DuPres.  I wish that, like Kendall, Greenlee will feel compelled to stand up and declare to the world that, yes, she DID Spikenap Kendall's eldest son.  I wish for her to know the inner-freedom and peace that comes from telling the truth and facing the consequences of her actions.  Do I want her to go to jail?  No!  I want her to get HELP!  Also, I wish for Greenlee to be as far away from Ryass Lavery as is humanly possible.  Ryass is poison to her.

Babe Carey; AMC:  Please, please, please, allow someone to buy Babe a clue?  I wish for Babe to stop being stupid when it comes to men and to start back down the road toward being a competent, independent SINGLE mom; successful in business and a good role model for her son. 

Todd Manning; OLTL:  In the name of all that is good and decent on this earth, I wish for Todd to FINALLY get back his son!!!!  I wish for Todd to finally have a little peace for a change.  I wish for Todd to settle in (for a little while at least) with his children (with or without Blair) and just be able to enjoy them before the next crisis clubs him over the head.  I also wish for him to have Evangeline back in his life - lover or friend - he NEEDS her.  And it better be a carefully selected recast, not some passing babe-of-the-moment. 

Starr Manning; OLTL:  I wish for Starr to go back to being the tough, savvy, fearless girl she was before Higley got her poison pen signature all over her.  I wish for Starr to realize that she doesn't have to shout to be heard.  I wish for Starr to realize that she does not have to center her life around her boyfriend, or any guy, in order to have a purpose.  I wish for Starr to lose that manic desperation she seems to have developed; especially when Cole is out of her line of vision for more than thirty seconds.  This is STARR-FREAKING-MANNING we're talking about here, not some wimpy, helpless maiden-in-distress.  Starr has survived so much and is stronger than most girls her age - time for them to allow that to shine!

AdriYAWNa Cramer; OLTL:  A swift exit - not death, but a personality transplant.  I wish for her to go off somewhere, find her inner-Dorian and come back to town (eventually) as the spitfire she should have been all along. 

Rex Balsom; OLTL:  I soooooooo, soooooooooooo wish they could find a way to redeem Rex, as he WAS one of my favorite characters.  Sadly, I don't have a clue as to how they can accomplish this, given that they lowered him to "baby-stealing-tramp-status" by having him decide to play God with Todd and his son and then working as hard as he could to keep them apart.  Hard to come back from that, but I hope they do - somehow.  IF they manage that, then I wish for Rex to go on and live happily with Gigi and Shane.  It could bring out a whole new dimension in him.

Natalie Buchanan; OLTL:  Please, please, please get this girl a LIFE!!  Preferably one that does NOT revolve around a man!  Get this girl a truly deep and JUICY story - trust me, Melissa Archer CAN handle it!   Move her into Todd's orbit, for a change, and let them actually BOND!  Why does Jess get to bond with everyone and not Natalie?  Todd and Natalie would kick ASS working together - as allies, not enemies!

David Vickers; OLTL:  This is easy... just bring him back!  (Also, let the truth about him being Asa's son come out!)  His friendship with Viki was one of the truly wondrous things about OLTL this year.  They sparkled together and they didn't even have to have sex to manage it!  David was good for Viki.  he brought out her playful side and it was wonderful to see!  So this wish is two-fold...

Viki Davidson; OLTL:  As mentioned above, bring back David for her.  Let her keep Charlie in her life (though he has to out his slimeball son to accomplish this!)  And PLEASE, keep allowing her to have a life other than as sounding board to her whiny, pathetic daughters!

GH in general:  STOP THE KILLING!!!!!!  Bastids.

Diane Miller; GH:  Get this woman (Carolyn Hennesy) on contract and then have her start up a law firm with Alexis Davis.  These two are golden - and not just as comic relief.  Both are capable of handling the tougher, meatier storylines.  Let them!

Alexis Davis; GH:  See above.  Also, unless Jerry turns out to be Secret-Agent-Undercover-Man MOVE HER OUT OF HIS ORBIT!!!  Enough with the sacrificing of her to the bad-boy of the moment! 

Lucky Spencer; GH:  *deep breath*  I wish for Lucky to be de-stupidified.  I wish for Lucky to revert to the legacy character he was created to be.  I wish for him to get his dignity, self-respect and confidence back.  I wish for him to get over his inferiority complex and to be the kick-ass son that Luke and Laura used to have.  I wish for Lucky to truly be one of the "good guys" again. 

Sam McCall; GH:  *even deeper breath and count to ten*  I wish for Sam to have a complete mental breakdown and to be "rebuilt" from the ground up.  I wish for Sam to let go of her Jason/Lizzeh obsession and completely become indifferent to them.  I wish for Sam to embrace the enormous potential in her life; and to embrace the family she was gifted with.

Sonny Corinthos; GH:  GET OUTTA DA MOB ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!  (It's a Soap, they can make it happen!)  Then, I wish for Sonny to actually concentrate on his kids FIRST and his girlfriend of the moment second; not the other way around.  I wish for Sonny to recognize and acknowledge how completely and utterly he has USED Jason all these years and I want him to stop.

Jason Morgan; GH:  GET OUTTA DA MOB ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!  I wish for him to have a chance to experience what it would be like to live a normal, happy life with his family.  Whether that's with Lizzeh or some new woman who will accept and love his son as much as he and Lizzeh do.  I wish for him to actually BE a "good guy" for real, not some mobster with a heart of gold. 

Mac Scorpio; GH:  I wish, wish, WISH for Mac to once again be the competent lawman he used to be. I wish that they would turn the PCPD on its head, shake out all the bad and allow Mac to turn it back into a force to be reckoned with.  I wish for mac to finally find a love interest worthy of him and finally be the legacy character he was meant to be.

Felicia Scorpio-Jones, Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio; GH:  BRING THEM BACK!  Let them open a PI firm (or local branch of the WSB or something) and put them to work doing what they do best:  Action!  Adventure!  Intrigue!  Bringing down the big-bad!  To that end, why not have Jason go to work for them?  And (while I'm wishing) Lucky, too?  (They can both be heroes - seriously!)  Maxie is a smart cookie in her own right, she can work there, too!  There is so much potential there - all they have to do is embrace it!

Max/Milo Giambetti; GH:  I fervently wish that the rumors I've been hearing about either of these two being involved in the TMK mess do NOT pan out.  Just... no!

Robin Scorpio; GH:  I wish for her to discover her inner-Scorpio and self-confidence, and for her to lose her fear.  Yes, she comes by it honestly, but she is, by birthright, a strong, STRONG woman.  Let that shine!  Let us see more interaction with her family.  Let us see her be a positive role model for Maxie.  Let us see some of her inner-vamp (courtesy of her mama) come out and catch the notice of some of those hot docs at the hospital - not just Patrick.  Let her have some FUN!!!!

Carly Corinthos-Jacks; GH:  I desperately wish for Carly to stop being so insecure.  Allow the growth she has experienced the last few years to actually take HOLD and show.  I wish for Carly to take a more active role with her children and to actually put Michael in his place!  I wish for her to be happy in her marriage and to not sabotage herself AGAIN.  I wish for her to be happy that Jason finally has a son and for her not to make that all about her.  I wish for her to accept, if not embrace, Lizzeh's (now) permanent place in Jason's life and for her to make peace with Lizzeh - for the sake of their children. 

Vets; GH:  USE THEM!  Not as window dressing, or props.  They SHINE when given the opportunity and put less talented newbies to shame.  Bring them all out of the attic.  All of them!  Bobbie, Mike, Alan, Edward, Monica, Leslie, Mac... ALL OF THEM!

Did I mention... STOP THE KILLING!!!!!?

Now, how about you, my lovelies?  What is it YOU wish for in the New Year?  Let me hear it!  If need be, have a few drinks (on me, as always) at the bar, to loosen your inhibitions.  Until next time... CHEERS!


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