February 4, 2007

Much as I would like to build suspense, Iíll come right out and say that this is my farewell column. 

Iíve experienced a lot of anger over the firing of Cady McClain and the manner of Dixieís death since I first heard about it weeks ago.  TPTB angered me even further in their lame attempts to make it seem like their decision was about creating good story for the fans.  If you canít hear how stupid you sound talking out of your ass, perhaps you should shove your head up there.   

But this isnít the first time that I as a soap fan have been screwed and Iíve managed to stick with it before.  So, as much as I want to blame the recent events on the show for what Iím about to do, it really isnít about that at all.  I stopped watching GH and OLTL because my schedule changed, not allowing me to have time to watch them.  Now I barely am able to fit AMC in there.  Prime time shows Ė fuhgeddaboudit.  Why am I paying a very large fee to Comcast every month so I can DVR a bunch of shows and then delete them unwatched?  I need the money more than I need to try and keep up with a show that I just donít enjoy as much as I used to.  As someone who was a TV viewer from birth, this is a major step for me.   

Iím also burned out with writing in general.  I saw Thorsten Kaye and Gary Sinise last weekend and I had a total blast - but Iíve had no motivation to write about it.  I have two chapters left to go on the fanfic Iíve been writing, but squeezing out chapters recently has been like squeezing blood from a rock.  I canít even think of good analogies anymore. 

I imagine that at some point in the future my schedule and bank account might shift so that I can watch soaps again.  I imagine my writing muse will come back Ė though Iíll probably enslave her to that romance novel that Iíve been dreaming of writing for decades.  But whatever happens, Iím sure that you will see me floating around the internet somewhere.  If you do, please say hi.

Thanks for reading.  Cheers!


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