January 6, 2006

Oh no.  Kendall gave the speech about how blissfully happy she is, and how she is never going to be doubtful again, and she’s found heaven and never wants to leave.  Yep, that’s the kiss of death right there.  No soap character ever makes that speech without paying dearly for it.  

I suppose if someone had to come along and horn in on Zach and Kendall’s good time, Bianca and Myrtle are acceptable.  I was doubled over in laughter for five minutes when Zach choked on Myrtle’s bloody mary, and she explained how it was the hair of the dog.  That must have been a pretty big dog.  As I said last week, what a woman! 

The other reason I wasn’t upset over them showing up was because they weren’t really interrupting anything *cough* except balloon resolutions and sand castles.  I had to brush my teeth, those scenes were so gaggingly sweet.   I don’t mind sugar, but can I get a little spice, please?  

Oops, it sounds as if I’m complaining about my favorite couple.  I did enjoy all the kisses, all the flirting, the sweet meaningful words - like when Zach tells Kendall, “When I knew I loved you, and I didn't want to; and when I knew I loved you, and I had no choice.”   I loved when Kendall told him to go do what he’s good at, and he planted one on her.  The playing with the straps thing – I adore that because the very first Zen love scene I wrote started out with strap playing.  And I did love how Kendall gushed about Zach to Bianca.  Someone actually gushed about Zach!  That sounded a bit strange to my ears.  

Jamie Martin is probably the only man (we know of) who has seen both Babe and her mother naked.  That’s quite an accomplishment, given their reputation.  The one liners were flying over this one.  My favorite was “Open bed, insert slut.”  And when Amanda mockingly said, “I'm naked against my will. Runs in the family.” 

Babe ripped Amanda’s dress off!  Wow, that hasn’t happened in Pine Valley in, like, two whole years.  I bet the men folk were thinking, “It’s about damn time!”  I’m sure they were hoping for a wardrobe malfunction – the camisole must have been so disappointing. 

The scene between JR and Jamie was very good.  JR was so bitter, and he did a good job of not just being angry, whiny bitter.  He was cut to the core, knocked down every time he tries to get up, I never want to be hurt again bitter.

I wasn’t as enamored of the JR and Kendall scene.  For one thing, it icks me out that he keeps sucking on her face.  Most of the time I buy into the JR and Kendall bestest friends pep talk, but she was pretty hateful to him their last encounter, and then he was pretty hateful back.  When they have to keep going on to each other about how they are such good friends, that smacks of desperation that the audience isn’t buying it. 

Why does Julia keep throwing herself at men that are married to other women?  Although, except for a few initial tears, I haven’t heard Ryan mention Greenlee in Julia’s presence – so I guess it’s understandable if she thinks he may have forgotten her already. 

It didn’t take Tad long to go from “get the hell out” to “where the hell have you been?” with Di.  I’m back to feeling uncomfortable about them again, now that we and she knows Dixie is alive.  I suppose this is going to turn into a triangle.  I hate triangles with a passion.  In this particular case, I’m sure Di isn’t going to be the winner, and will just get flamed again, so lets get this over with quickly so she can move on.  This is actually a less invested version of the Edmund/Brooke/Maria is alive reveal and the Jax/Skye/Brenda is alive reveal (on GH – still hurting from that one). 

When Tad cued up the video tape and said, “With any luck, its porn,”  I kinda wish it had been.  I didn’t mind so much the voguing and the outfit.  But the “Erica, Erica, Erica, Erica,” was driving me frickin nuts.   

I was laughing at Tad examining the stool in the fishing shed – it did look a bit like it belonged to a toddler instead of a grown man. 

I’m glad Simone is finally happy.  She’s a bit of a flake, and a bit shallow, so now she has a flaky, shallow fiancé.  On the flip side, she’s funny and can be loyal, whereas Ethan – not so much.  

Well, it is a short column because we didn’t get a show on Monday, and I won’t get to watch Friday’s show till after the weekend.  On Friday I’ll be carpooling with another AMC fan down to Florida for a Thorsten Kaye public appearance on Saturday.  ROAD TRIP!!!!!  I am going to have such a blast – there are at least 10 regulars from his website message board that will be there.  Wheee!!!!  I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I get back!


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