January 14, 2007

I suppose like most other weeks, there was a lot that annoyed me, a lot that amused me, and a lot that angered me.  Interestingly enough, there was also a lot that astounded me.  Actually, the word Iím looking for is ďbefuddled,Ē but it didnít start with an A and I was on a roll. 

I spoke too soon last week about Colby appearing subdued during her arrest.  She was back in form this week as the poor put-upon rich girl who canít understand why everyone is bringing her down, man.  There wasnít any screeching, but it was there in spirit.  The only time I like Colbyís brattiness is when sheís turning it on to characters that deserve it, like Krystal.  Whatís really strange is that I should have been annoyed by the interaction between whiny Colby and sulky JR, but the way they play off each other is entertaining.  Itís like theyíre feeding each otherís sociopathic tendencies.  Awesome. 

Now why wouldnít I be similarly amused by the sibling antics of Kendall and Josh?  Maybe because, as Kendall was opining, I wish they would rise above their baser instincts.  Josh had no problem switching tactics at will in order to mess with Kendallís head.  Grrrrr.  I do not like people that mess with my Kendallís head, encouraging her to make poor choices.  On the other hand, I hope Kendall does get Josh and Babe together.  The sooner these two get together, the sooner he will tire of her and move the hell on.  His devotion to her at this point is just creepy.   

I have to say I adored Babeís taunting of Erica, when she waxed poetic about the prospect of becoming a Kane woman by marriage and being present at all the Kane family gatherings.  Although I was less than thrilled that Erica didnít recognize that she really isnít any better than Babe.  The fact that she hasnít slept with Jeff is really just semantics at this point. 

I was expecting to be annoyed by Jonathanís rampages, but he has shown signs of actually being horrified by his anger and wanting to do something about it.   On the flip side you have Ryan, who is outwardly calm.  He seems to be keeping it under control.  Except heís not.  I really try to like Ryan, but then he pulls crap like he was pulling this week.  I said last week that I could understand why he would feel resentful of Zachís as yet unknown role in his sisterís death.  But, as I also said last week, and as Kendall pointed out this week, Zach is not the one that killed Erin - it was some twisted psycho that killed Erin.  The capper though, what really had me yelling at the TV and telling Ryan to shut it, was when he was going off on Derek for letting Zoe escape.  He just went on and on with his contemptuous little rant.  What the hell?  The manís daughter was fighting for her life after being victimized by the killer.  What, does Ryan think that just because Dani is still alive, Derek doesnít have as much incentive for the killer to be caught? 

Speaking of the general belief that Zoe is the killer, I am completely and utterly wigged out by the behavior of my beloved citizens of Pine Valley.  Iím not talking about the fact that Zoeís strangeness seems to feed their suspicions.  Granted, that is enough to warrant my disgust.  What really makes me want to run for the hills is the way they are turning into a lynch mob.  Watching angry villagers whipping themselves into a frenzy always makes me break out in a cold sweat.  And in another moment of befuddlement, Bianca is becoming one of the villagers.  Eh?  So Babe is the only voice of reason?  And Bianca is making her out to be a sap?  It is moments like this that made me wonder if I was watching Bizarro AMC this week. 

A minor nitpick.  If the killer had enough v-tach to poison the entire contents of a refrigerator, I donít think his makeup bag would be a sufficient hiding place for his supply.  And while it is certainly an eyebrow-raising coincidence that Zoe had a picture of Amelia - it was only one picture, and it was interspersed with dozens of magazine pictures of completely unrelated women.   

For crying out loud, Linda, would you please just DIE already!?!  Seriously, the more they drag out her final days, the more it highlights my complete distaste for the way TPTB brought about Kateís return to the fold.  Julia feels waves of guilt that her Christmas wish resulted in the deaths of her friends.  Aww, Julia, this isnít just about you, dear.  This macabre scenario is playing out in order to fulfill two Christmas wishes.  God bless us, everyone. 

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