February 6, 2006

I am writing to you from frickin cold Kansas City.  You may laugh, but it was balmy in Virginia when I left. I am visiting my parents and giddy as schoolgirl over their high speed internet (I have dial-up at home).

Speaking of schoolgirlish behavior, when I told my mom that Robert Scorpio was back on GH, I could barely get the words out, I was just so aflutter. More on that later.

After Zach was stabbed and bleeding, he reminded me of the old British stiff upper lip joke - “Its nothing really! Just a flesh wound! Carry on!” The good folks of Pine Valley are continually saying that Zach only cares about himself. That scene, and a few others during the week, pretty much tanked that theory. Zach is a control freak, but he’s not a self-absorbed control freak.
Jack is all about forgiveness. He was so touching as he urged Zach to forgive Erica. It might have carried more weight if he was capable of forgiveness himself. Also, a little proselytizing to Erica about social graces such as “I’m sorry.” and “Thank you.” might have helped his case. It really made me kind of sick when Kendall bent over backwards apologizing to Erica for assuming that she stabbed Zach deliberately.

Zach’s Cambias nightmare was one of the best things I’ve seen on the show in awhile. I really was on the edge of my seat, my eyes wide, chewing on my fingernails. It was awesome.

Loved how Zach demanded to know where his flowers were when Kendall came into his room. Unfortunately Kendall couldn’t appreciate his humor because she was consumed with her thoughts. All of the potentially poignant hospital scenes between Zach and Kendall were severely diminished by the stupid blackout revelation.

I’m beyond annoyed by the blackout because it has been speculated about for months, and it was executed poorly. Tripping over plugs? Empty calendars with lightning bolts? At this point I just want it over with.

Ethan is a tool. Ryan is a bigger tool. Simone has a big mouth. The first two I won’t waste anymore breath on. I feel sorry for Simone - she has no idea how dysfunctional her relationship is. She tells Kendall that she doesn’t hate Zach, but asks Kendall not to mention that tidbit to Ethan. She doesn’t want to have to defend her stance, so she prefers to just not say anything. Then she apologizes profusely and prostrates herself before Ethan. She seems to forget that the plan she supposedly ruined was one she hated in the first place. Remember Simone, urging Ethan to drop all the revenge stuff against his father?  Remember telling Ryan he should just let it go? But what does she know, huh? Simone is just a bubblehead female. I guess enough people told her that, so now she believes it.

I think I would have enjoyed Ryan and Di’s playacting if the purpose of their charade weren’t nauseating. I am still in awe of how little Di seems to care about what she’s doing. Tad even commented that she was really enjoying her work. The funny part is that she was the third person to ask Ryan if he really wanted to be opening this can of worms. Di, you handed him the frickin can opener, what do you expect?

I’m a little bit surprised that Aidan didn’t know what Ockham’s Razor meant. I was also a little bewildered when Lily assumed the simplest explanation was that someone was dressing up in costumes to try and gaslight Jonathan. Wouldn’t the simplest explanation be that he imagined the whole thing? Whatever.

I kinda had to agree with Erin’s frustration over Lily not getting to the punch line. She’s a regular Hercule Poirot with her grandstanding. Tad and Aidan have apparently been watching CSI. They have the forensic skills down. Except, Josh threw his cup in the same trash can into which Tad had poured the contents of Erica’s cup (backwash and all). So Josh’s cup was swimming in Erica’s DNA. Or maybe I’m
overthinking it.

I thought the scenes between JR and Babe in the park, when she discovered the loophole in the prenup, was well played. Babe made very good points about why the prenup would prove to make her life hell, even before they divorced. JR made very good points about why he would want such a prenup. I guess the point is that they are both toxic, and now its back to the drawing board.

Okay, I admit it. I liked Amanda on Friday. She took control over the situation using sheer bravado. She refused to back down from everyone. She put them in their places. She figured out Josh was the real culprit. She reigned in her mother. Good job!

I can’t say what Tad and Joe were discussing because it is still a spoiler at this point. I will say that I think Josh knows the whole truth, and that is why he is scheming to decimate Erica.

Janet sure went quickly from adoring Jamie to hating his guts when she realized he was playing her daughter. Jamie Lucifer Martin.

Another unexpected witty line from Dr. Madden. “The most talked about pregnancy since the Madonna.” Truer words were never spoken. The metaphor is spot on.

Skye is still the best looking woman on GH. She has always been incredibly sexy. The white off the shoulder outfit - only she could pull off something so sultry. I was also glad to finally see sex between a couple I found interesting. But I have to complain about something - it was too short. I still fondly recall when Skye and Jax had sex for the first time.  Oh, how long I waited for that - and the payoff was awesome. Most of the episode was devoted to their romp. Le sigh.

I’m trying to figure out how the monkey got in Jason and Sam’s apartment. Did he scale the building?  Inspired from watching King Kong? My daughter liked the monkey scenes. Tony Geary was a total crackup with him.

Poor Luke - how was he supposed to know he was bringing back a disease? “No germ can live in this petri dish I call a liver.”

Oh my lord, Mac. That was one of the fakest punches in the history of fake punches. But he made up for it with his words to Robert about raising the girls.  “Half the time I got it wrong and the other half I screwed it up.” Wow. Of course, I have to cynically joke that he could just as easily have been talking about taking over Robert’s role as police commissioner.

Robert, Robert. Still soooo Robert. *stares dreamily off into space* Did I mention he was my first soap love?

Thanks for reading. Cheers!


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