February 10, 2006

This week I was in Kansas City, supposedly to help my dad recover from heart surgery.  Well, I guess I spent too much time hanging around airports and hospitals, because a bug caught a hold of me and beat the snot out of me.  I spent two days in bed moaning and groaning, and not in a good way.  Even after that, I just didn't have the energy to take notes while watching AMC and GH.  So my column this week will be broad strokes, and I'll include a treat at the end to make up for it.

The mardi gras ball sure is purty.  The set is like a fairy tale, the costumes lush and fanciful, the plots nice and thick.  As usual, the sound people failed dismally to keep the music low enough so we can hear what the actors are saying.  I tried my hardest to find the CC button on my parents' remote control, and failed.

With Zen the writers really knew how to stick that knife in and twist it.  We not only got to witness a train wreck in progress, but they had to make it that much worse by showing their plans for a wedding.  Paris - Bianca as maid of honor, Mimo as flower girl, Myrtle as best man.  I could DIE.  Everything else about the scenario annoyed me so I'm just going to go SHOO!

Poor Amanda - she gave it the old college try.  She underestimated how far round the bend her mother was.  Amanda should watch the FBI profiling shows about the concept of "escalating." The way Janet wheeled her daughter unsteadily away from the streaming gas just gave me cold chills.

I always thought that Jeff Branson resembled Ewan MacGregor, but it was never more apparent than this week in the Moulin Rouge atmosphere of the ball.  The two actors and the writers are really working it to make this couple look Romeo and Juliet-ish.  But come on.  Ryan (I can't believe I'm saying this) was the voice of reason - Lily is a teenager and Jonathan is a grown man.  And that is the least of their problems.  I just LOVED the scene with Zach and Lily.  He was the perfect person to calm her down and get her to go see her father.  Bravo.

I thought Dixie's head was going to fly off her body and float around the ballroom as she listened to her son tell his domineering father off and then woo the woman he loves.  Too bad Babe had to act like an adolescent to get JR to that point.  And too bad that some of her silliness rubbed off on Kendall and she tried the same with Zach.

Finally Josh was brought to his knees, and it was delicious.  Too bad he apparently doesn't know that he is Erica's son.  That would have given his behavior a better motive.  That he just wanted to be a star seems kinda silly.

This week on General Hospital, my prediction came true and the writers attempted to sacrifice Robert Scorpio on the altar of Sonny.  He was cast in the role of Pontius Pilate, and Sonny was the big JC.  Too bad he really wasn't crucified - that might have made the situation more tolerable.  Instead we got to witness Emily's "for shame" speech.  Then she wheeled an ill Ric in to give his "for shame" speech.  I fast forwarded through most other Sonny-related stuff - I only suffered through those scenes because Robert was in them.  The way the writers brought this about was stupid in the extreme.  Why in the world would Robert break protocol of giving the serum to the sickest person and decide on other arbitrary methods?  Poor, poor writing that has one agenda and one agenda only - to prop Sonny.  The virus storyline, otherwise, is very interesting and compelling.  Its only when Sonny is involved that it veers from the sublime to the ridiculous.  The writing was on the wall that Emily would eventually be forced to play God between Sonny and Nikolas.  By sheer coincidence, Sonny and Nikolas are at exactly the same level of sickness!  And Patrick decides that Emily, who is emotionally involved with both patients, should decide who lives?  Either Patrick is the most insensitive, oblivious, clueless, and classless jerk on the face of the planet or it is POOR writing.

One reason I like Lorenzo over Sonny is that he is not portrayed in such a way that his poo doesn't stink. He made a choice for Skye this week that was wrong on so many levels, and he was made to suffer for it (maybe not as much as he should).  I loved how Elizabeth provided turndown service for his hotel room in Hell. 

I got to boohoo some this week watching Tony die with Bobbie by his side.  His words to her about their wedding was so beautiful.  Their romance occurred during the three years that I watched GH in the late eighties.  I got to see their friendship blossom into something more, and it was so achingly sweet.  They captured some of that during their last scene together, and for that I am so thankful.

Okay, here is my little treat.  I made a slideshow to the song Killer Queen (by Queen) featuring ABC soap ladies I have loved.  To keep it real, I included some women that I have loved, and frankly do not any more.  There are also some ladies that are no longer on the shows and are much missed.  Not everyone I've loved is on there because its just a three minute song and there was only so much digging around I could do to find pics that would work.  But enough bitching about it.  Right click on the link below, and Save Target As, please.


PS - the first five ladies featured on the slideshow are my all time favorites: Skye, Kendall, Alexis, Anna and Katherine Delafield.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!


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