February 20, 2006

It is always interesting when there is a big social event on a soap and you get to see all these people interacting that usually do not.  Several people came up to Zach and made conversation with him.  Jamie asked him if he had seen Amanda, as if Zach would even know who she was – and then gave him a “peace out, bro” pat on the back when he walked away.  Derek was expressing sympathy to him, even though he and Zach have done nothing but clash on former police investigations.  Last week, Brooke was trying to chat him up on the staircase as he watched Kendall dance with Ryan. 

I have to take Julia to task for her attempt to take Zach to task.  She told him that he took the one unselfish thing that Kendall did in her life and smashed it.  Julia obviously hasn’t been around.  Once upon a time, Kendall tried to shield her sister from a murder charge by hiding Michael’s body and flying to Las Vegas so she could pretend to marry the deceased.  She spent a month alienating the entire town with her claims, before the body was finally found, and then she was charged with his murder.  In order to help her sister cover up her pregnancy, she pretended she was the one who was pregnant – incurring even more wrath from the townsfolk.  While she was doing all this, Ryan Lavery kept screwing her up by sticking his nose in her business.  He was the one who followed her and discovered Michael’s body, he was the one who picked up the sonogram and began quizzing Bianca.  His behavior kept digging Kendall in deeper and deeper.  To be fair, he also tried to help once he realized the truth, but a lot of that was clean up work after messing her up in the first place.  Then Greenlee’s Green Eyed Monster reared its ugly head and did even more damage – which only rendered her a slap on the wrist from Ryan.  So please, Julia, keep your piehole shut from now on, unless you plan to read all the newspaper archives and catch up on what’s been happening so you don’t stick your foot in it so often. 

I laughed at Kendall saying that her baby was created out of betrayal – Zach’s betrayal.  Funny, back at Thanksgiving, Greenlee was saying it was created out of Kendall’s betrayal.  Wow, I’m gonna need my special Ginsu knife for cutting into thick irony – this one is a doozy! 

Ethan must have been smoking Ryan’s special crack pipe as he waxed on about his grandfather.  I never understood Ryan’s regard for a man who was so twisted that he drove one son to fake his death, and fanned the flames of his other son’s criminal tendencies.  I would love for someone to point out that Alexander Cambias was the one who arranged bail for Michael, after which Michael went straight to Myrtle’s house and raped Bianca.  Alexander was also the reason Ethan was in the situation he was in – he frightened Hannah enough that she felt she had to hide her son.  [insert really nasty comment about what bequeathing billions of dollars does for cleaning up one’s image] 

Kendall was really derisive of Ryan handing her a tissue, as if that really fixes everything.  My daughter certainly thinks so!  If she is upset and crying, she’ll ask for a tissue.  As soon as she is done drying her tears, she is all better.  It’s a total crack up.  Except when she insists that the only tissue that will do is the one in a particular box on the other side of the house. 

When Ethan was about to die at the very end of Friday’s episode, and Zach called out in desperation for help, his cry sent chills up my spine.  I just found it a bit odd that suddenly everyone was able to hear him calling out this particular time, and none of the other times.  Maybe it was one of those moments like in Jane Eyre, when Mr. Rochester called out in anguish for Jane, and she heard him miles and miles away.  Sigh.  *a moment while I daydream about TK playing Mr. Rochester* 

Funny:  Amanda telling Jamie she wants to have sex with him because she’s trying to distract him from asking too many questions.  “Total destruction turns you on?”  Not funny:  Krystal pinned on top of Adam and he convinces her to have sex with him before they die.  Fortunately they made it out of the rubble, and I got to see a better situation played out – Adam all fired up with concern about Krystal.  Adam Chandler kicking ass and taking names because he is worried – that I always like. 

Despite the fact that David and Palmer had the same conversation about 12 times throughout the week, I am glad that Dr. David will have his license back.  While he deserved to be punished for his part in the Mirabess debacle, it was a bit unfair that he was the one punished the most severely, even though he was the least culpable in the mess. 

I got a little queasy when Lily started spouting off all the famous couples with a significant age difference.  She brought up Jerry Lee Lewis.  He married a fourteen year old.  Apparently Lily hasn’t gotten to the part in her life skills class where she finds out that is considered a bad thing.   

Wow, Josh is pretty maniacal in his quest for fame and fortune.  It was interesting that Erica had enough maturity to see herself in him.  I would have expected her to be derisive of his greed, and not see the irony in her contempt for him. 

What was even more interesting was how much Joe was taken with Josh during the week.  You could see his eyes gleaming over the possibility that Josh is another Martin possessing brilliant doctor genes.   

This seems like an odd thing to say, but the explosion was beautifully rendered.  It was like a soap version of a John Woo film – a haunting melody playing while extreme violence is played out in slow motion on screen. 

Funny and strange non sequitur of the week:  Tad proclaiming as he sifts through the rubble, “I found my keys.” 

I don’t have any GH commentary this week.  Robert was only on one day that I know of, and I accidentally recorded over that day before I could watch it.  Shazzbat!

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