March 2, 2006

The scenes between Di and Dixie this week were so excellent.  Kelli Giddish held her own very well with Cady McClain.  Love Di or hate her, and I’ve done both, Giddish really knows how to make her so fascinating to watch.  I honestly don’t know what I think about Di right now.  There are characters you hate, characters you love to hate, and characters you love.  I want to hate her for screwing over a character I love – Zach.  Yet, she draws me in so well that I can’t help but enjoy most scenes she is in.  I feel like I’m schizophrenic watching her.  Similarly, whether you love Dixie or hate her, McClain imbues her so well.  I’ve found that in the past I can deal with Dixie if she is in a good storyline, and right now, it is good.  I also have to say that I am actually enjoying Cady’s blog.  I especially love her gushing about Jacob Young, her “son.”  That is just so sweet.  I look forward to seeing their scenes together.   

Simone was lashing out at Zach a great deal this week, but I think under the circumstances she should be cut some slack.  She’s always been a flake, and has had very bad luck with men.  Here she thought she finally found her knight in shining armor, and his armor proved to be defective (you can take that literally or figuratively, be my guest).  Since Ethan hated his father’s guts to the very end - she, in her grief, needed to take Ethan’s side and hate his guts too.   

Death has a way of making people a little bit crazy for a time.  Just take the heartbreaking scenes between Zach and Kendall this week.  Kendall obviously wasn’t thinking clearly, or she wouldn’t have demanded that Zach fix their broken relationship.  Yeah, a guy that is drunk and grieving is going to wax poetic and spin a rosy future for her.   

Kendall’s road to maturity is a bumpy one.  I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Kendall wouldn’t be Kendall anymore if she did everything right.  I can tell she’s maturing, but its like she gets every other thing right.  She recognizes that she still loves Zach and wants to make it work out – but she wants him to be the one to reassure her that it will (when he is not at all in the right frame of mind to do so).   Feeling lonely and vulnerable, she decides to cling to Ryan, yet admits that she is also doing it to try and hurt Zach, to try and get him to fight for her.  What she fails to realize is that he has done nothing but fight for her, and maybe this time she should fight for him. 

Have I mentioned I love Myrtle to pieces?  She’s the only one I know who can tell it like it is, and still admit to being a total mush.  She tells Zach he screwed up the greatest love story she’s ever heard of – his and Kendall’s.  And she says that despite his shenanigans, she can’t help but love him.  That’s my Myrtle – she won’t bother pretending that he isn’t a scoundrel, or pretending that she doesn’t love him just the way he is. 

Finally, we got to see Zach’s condo after such a long time.  Now, instead of just occupying Michael’s condo, Zach has made it his own.  Contemporary, understated, with the occasional bold and dramatic statement.  It gives me goosebumps the same way Zach does.  Kudos to the designer! 

I could care less that Ethan is gone,  but I did care that Zach was grieving.  When he touched his son’s face – it was the first time he got to do that.  The past couple of weeks, Zach has been the proverbial man that is kicked when he is down.  He’d get less of a beating if he was in the ring with Mike Tyson. 

Of course Erica would get the special VIP room at the hospital.  It has a nice sofa and coffee table, and it’s pretty huge.  Erica can be cool as a cucumber.  She was lying helpless in bed while Dr. Madden and her son were hovering over her, but she never turned a hair.  What makes me laugh, though, is that Erica is considering the possibility of not telling Josh that he is her son.  Maybe she should consult Zach about her choice, considering he was hated by Ethan until the day Ethan died, and the rest of the town thought he was pretty heartless for denying his son.  But I guess it’s different in this case – no one would dare think badly of Erica. 

Julia was just sick with jealousy when she was talking to Ryan and he revealed that Kendall wants to get back together with him.  Here’s to hoping that Julia will sweep him off his feet!  She’s apparently made David ga ga over her, she can do it to Ryan.   

Babe was doing a whole lot of spinning as she tried to convince Janet to let her go.  One of the things she got right is how well Janet orchestrated the kidnapping.  By making JR think that Babe kidnapped their son, Babe can’t go back now without JR being convinced that she had done it.  Even if Babe protested that Janet kidnapped her, without proof JR will never believe her.  The only way she’ll be believed is if she is rescued from Janet.  It’s kinda sad that JR is so quick to believe that Babe took their son.  Granted, he has plenty of reason to not trust Babe, but if he loves her the way he says he does, he should have more faith.  Meh, they have such a twisted relationship, I doubt it will ever be hearts and flowers. 

Okay, I’m a bit confused here.  JR’s people inform him that someone fitting Babe’s description was seen entering a cabin that JR told them to watch.  Later we find out that it was in fact Dixie that entered the cabin.  Someone with short, light brown hair matches Babe’s description?  Babe will never be found at this rate. 

Joe Martin, the Big Chief, couldn’t resist offering Josh a job.  And Josh is going to accept!  Good Martin…good boy!  Have a cookie.  It’s interesting to see Joe in a storyline where he does more than vague doctor and grampa duties, only to slip offscreen again.   

Janet has 67 scrapbooks, and I guess that was only for the years she and Amanda were together – oh my! 

On to General Hospital.  I haven’t seen Friday’s episode, so far, but I’ll try to comment on the rest of the week.  I see that the groundwork is being laid for Carly and Jax to be an item.  I suppose I should be glad they didn’t become an item 4 years ago, when Tamara Braun was Carly, and the two of them were working together on her new nightclub.  They really sparkled then, but I wanted him with Skye.  Look how well that turned out.  Sigh.  CarJax works for me.  Her and Sonny are so over.  Jason and Sam are doing just fine, thank you very much.  And she has absolutely NO chemistry with Patrick. 

I was totally loving the Robert and Luke scenes – what a couple of scoundrels.  And I mean that in the Han Solo sense of the word.  Yummy.  Oh, that mischievous smile of Robert’s – THUD!  I also loved the ones where Lucky was introduced to Robert.  Fantastic!! 

So not impressed with Jason getting self-righteous with Robert.  It was totally expected too.  Robert is law enforcement, so he is treated with instant contempt and suspicion.  And then later in the week, when Robert makes the slightest insinuation about Jason, who is a criminal (in case anyone forgot), Carly bites his head off.  Also, Jason was apparently derisive of Robert for depriving his daughter of her father for years.  Yeah, where have I heard that before?  Oh, I remember – it was AJ talking about being kept from Michael.  Deep breaths…in and out…. 

I really do like Jason and Sam, when they are together.  I think their love story is very sweet.  But they both have aspects of their personality that get on my damn nerves – namely the self-righteousness.  Sam was upset with Alexis because Alexis didn’t refuse the antidote and make the doctors give it to Danny.  Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.  Now, some slack to Sam because she is grieving….but seriously.  Lets play that scenario out to its logical conclusion.  Alexis refuses the serum, for Danny’s sake.  Next day the docs come in.  “Alexis, here is the serum.  It was either you or Patient B.”  “Oh no, please give it to patient B.”  Next day.  “Here we are again.  You or Patient C.”  Alexis wearily shakes her head.  “Give it to C.”  Next day.  “You or D?”  Alexis is hallucinating pink and orange polka dot dancing Dalmatians.  “D!  D is for Dalmatians!”  You see what I’m saying here?  It’s one thing for Alexis to be sacrificial, but where does it end?  Who was Danny to her?  Why was he more deserving of the antidote?  I’m not saying this because I like Alexis more than Danny – if one has to be coldly logical like Patrick, one would more likely choose Alexis because she has two young children. 

Well, hell has officially frozen over.  Jax and Sonny were having a polite conversation. 

I had to laugh at Carly recognizing the candy wrapper.  Leave it to the junk food junkie!

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